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How To STOP LEASH Pulling From Start to Finish!

How do I get my dog to stop pulling on the leash? Leash Pulling can be challenging! Here’s how I train it! Thanks PupBox for sponsoring this episode! Go to and enter discount code “ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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32 thoughts on “How To STOP LEASH Pulling From Start to Finish!”

  1. So helpful! My puppy pulls a lot. This is way to helpful! I also signed up for the 30 Day Pupford Course 🙂 This is amazing, thank you!

  2. Hello Zak :

    Wish to SINCERELY thank you for being so open about sharing your knowledge and experiences as you train Inertia. Your videos have helped me understand the nuances of training like nothing else –

    I have purchased both your books that will re-enforce/support the YouTube videos – All in anticipation to when I invite a pup to be part of my life in the coming year or two.

    Can you confirm if these videos will be available on YouTube for the next few years ? Once the pup is with me, I would like to review them at each stage of the training thus this question.

    With gratitude for everything!

  3. Had to train my 12 week old Border Collie not to get the zoomies when a car drives by. Repeated sit and stay and it worked.

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  4. I have learnt so much from you, and my relationship with my dog has gotten so much deeper and better as a result. thank you so much!!!

  5. I would say exercising or playing with your dog prior to leash training is the ultimate key without it is futile. It frustrating at first to tire your dog out just to train the dog on the leash but it’s essential

  6. You are so helpful!! Thanks so much for all the amazing advice!! I’m in Anchorage, any chance you’d be interested in doing some one on ones with our two dogs?! We’ve got a 3 year old that we have successfully trained for our home, but outside is a whole other story. We’re trying to avoid the same mistakes with our 12 week old puppy.

  7. Zak, you make everything seem so easy and possible! I lost my four-legged friend early this year and watching your videos kinda makes me wanna get another one soon. I’ll be sure to train my dogs to come your way! Amazing work you’re doing here!!

    1. Exactly. I think people like that are younger and never had to experience having to use an encyclopedia or go to the library if they wanted information about something lol.

  8. Zak’s videos are always so encouraging and calming when I am feeling a bit frustrated with the training. I appreciate them so much!

  9. I’ve been trying and trying for over a month to push past the plateau with my dog. I go out today and use what you just said and ten times better already!

  10. This is the first training video that I actually sat through without loosing interest. I have a 10 week old puppy and she’s a puller. You gave me genuinely helpful information!
    I’ll be trying your tips out ASAP!

    Thank you 😀

  11. When I first got my big guy this was a HORRID problem. Though I didn’t teach him to stop pulling on a leash. When I set boundaries, guidelines and expectations and fixed our relationship, he just stopped on his own. LOOOOOOTS of love went into this, too.

    Also one of the things you never seem to mention is that dogs will tend to progress until around a year old, then will typically regress a little. This is a normal thing and many people find it discouraging to the point of quitting or feeling like a failure. This is normal behavior and should be expected.

    This is also why service dogs don’t start full service work until around 18-24 months if they begin training at 8-9 weeks old as puppies. Slow is fast sometimes. Expect the regression when they hit their phase and keep on working through it.

  12. great encouragement mate!! Progress not perfection. Love the way you break it all down and most of all, demonstrate. Nothing better than that and I appreciate your effort, passion and consistency.

  13. Man, thank you for that. We currently have a 6 month old foster dog here. Things are going smoothely, but sometimes, she just wants to go home and pulls like crazy. I watch a lot of your content but hadn’t watched this one, but I did things very similar to that. I was just frustrated that it didn’t seem to help. But now I know that I’m on the right track and that my understanding of training is overall pretty accurate. I’m motivated again! <3

  14. Hey Zak! I’ve noticed in some previous videos that you would do a walk on the levy in the mornings to get some energy out. Would you tolerate pulling on these walks and focus on the training aspect later? Thanks!

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