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How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy

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A Step by Step Guide to To Teaching your Puppy or Dog:

How to potty train your dog and get him or her comfortable with a crate:

How to socialize your puppy:

62 thoughts on “How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy”

    1. Haha my I was doing that too but now I train him he is getting better 😅 he still run home doesn’t wait for me lol but I am training every day

  1. This is the list for those who also have a poor short term memory:
    *Mistakes to avoid:*
    5. Getting frustrated too early 2:38
    4. Lack of proper supervision 4:44
    3. Not adequately socializing your puppy 07:22
    2. Underestimating the amount of exercise that many dogs will require 07:39
    1. Letting your puppy off leash in uncontrolled settings 08:03

    It would be awesome if this reference were in the description 🙂 I like to refer back to advice after I have seen it and it is nice to have short cuts!@Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution

  2. Your training tips have been so helpful! I have been able to change some of my puppies behaviors in a matter of day. It seems that the trick is finding the right treat for him/her. Thanks so much!

  3. Why is everyone asking what breed it is? Zac obviously tells what it is three times, a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Tetriever. 😐😐😐

  4. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

    1. I have a 2 yr old double doodle and 6 month ago had a 6 year old join our family. And about a month ago he started to jump and snap at him. We are trying to train both child and dog how to act around each other but do you have any tips? Anything could help!

  5. I’ve watched several puppy training videos this last week and I have to say I really love your positive approach to dog training. I just adopted a boxer puppy. He is honestly so well behaved but I know these early month are fleeting. I’m excited to put some of this knowledge to use. Thank you for making these.

  6. When my puppy first arrived and was so cute and small, he was a total Angel and it was so easy to deal with him. When he started to become playful, bity and well too energetic, I thought I did something wrong that might have affected his behaviour and would mentally affect him negatively. Now I’m relieved😌. Its only natural

    1. Yeah I was so upset at first at the amount of biting and barking at what seemed like aggression but of course I knew it wasnt. I’d read to expect it but its its different actually being on the receiving end. Reading comments like these were so good to ease some of my anxiety. They will grow out of it and its nothing personal

  7. just wanted to quickly say that I am enjoying these videos so much. I recently got a puppy and tend to feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Your videos show me that her behaviour is completely normal and I can’t wait to set your tips to training. Thank you so much!!

    1. @D o o d l e I’m having the same issue…. With two puppies😂 I know they don’t know any better right now because…. Well… they are puppies! 😂 I don’t know how to correct them. I keep giving them toys and it works until I start walking around!😂

  8. How do you socialize a dog, when you are in a season of social distancing? I want her to be loving to children, I want her to get along with other dogs, and other adults.

    1. I have my grandparents come over and some of my cousins who I know social distance and quarantined. I socialized her to children and elderly that way, I am waiting 2 weeks to go and meet some dogs bc that’s when the pargo shot is completely settled, I guess go to a neighbor, family, friends who have a dog, take them to pet shops, walks etc.

    2. I’m having the same problem. My dog is only 12 pounds, and I got him from a rescue. He wants to play very rough, and he’s aggressive about the weirdest things. I think I’m going to have to start from scratch. Good luck with your pup. 🐕♥️

  9. Bring Life Indoors

    Thanks Zac. I am supper glad I came across your channel. We just got a puppy Friday the 8th. It has been with now for 5 days. It’s a girl, 8 weeks old. I love your channel, it is very educational. I am busy potty training and so far it is going well. I am trying to get play bitting and jumping under control and this video comes in handy. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for the great advice I’ve got a suluki pup now 11 weeks and your advice on training has helped so so much already moving on leaps and bounds lol even with the nibbling and the days of dog deafness! Happiness is paws!

  11. Hey Zak, we just got a puppy 5 days back and like you’ve explained in this video she is extremely clingy. I’m struggling to potty train her but your videos have been helpful and I have a long way to go. Thank you 😊

  12. My puppy does fine with his crate, potty training and walking, but the biting is another story altogether.
    His behavior seems to get worse after rewarding good behavior.

    How much reward treats do you end up feeding your puppy for following a command? I wonder if I stop the reward too soon, yet sometimes it seems like I could feed my little guy a half a cow and when I stopped he’d still jump up and bite me. 🙁

    1. When my puppy does this I turn away and stop playing for a minute or so. After a couple of weeks of reinforcing the positive and turning away from the negative she pretty much had it down. The only time I have trouble with that now is when I run with her, but we are working on that XD

  13. I was so annoyed being bitten by those sharp puppy teeth!!! I reacted poorly, mainly negatively. “Noooooo, baaad dog” was my way. I lost my best friend Spencer in 2020 and when I adopt another dog I will be a better trainer due to you. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for confirming my decision keep my small 4 month old dog on leash even indoors! I was chided by a friend the other day who suggested I let him run free without the leash more often…this was at another friend’s house. So new territory! I let it off occasionally in a controlled area of the home, but otherwise that curious little rascal gets away from me too easily!

  15. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

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