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How to STOP PUPPY BITING! (Cesar911 Shorts)

In this Cesar911 Episode, I help a family with an over excited 5 month vizsla who has been causing chaos in their home.

The family is scared for the safety of the children in the house and may need to give their dog away.

Learn how to set rules, boundaries, and limitations early in order to prevent unwanted behaviors and habits for the future!

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50 thoughts on “How to STOP PUPPY BITING! (Cesar911 Shorts)”

  1. She did extensive research into breeds and got a dog she had no idea how raise and care for. Right. She could have watched a single Cesar video and be more prepared.

    1. @corporal smith xx If you look at the majority of those in the comments you will see that they are grateful for the help given even though they have not met Cesar and his tribe. They have been helped because his techniques work. Its obvious to me that there is a block within some viewers around who he is or what he does. Every teacher has such students. Thats why I said what I did without pointing the finger. Its not for the teacher to change that…maybe another teacher is better for those people. But the question is why they are needing to still be watching and interacting here. One would imagine you get something from watching.I am not interested in continuing this conversation, so if you reply do not expect me to respond.

    2. @wikedwhich1 His techniques are abusive, he has no idea of dog behavior and is the main cause of disinformation about dog training . There are lots of trainers out there that are a thousand times better than him but sadly nat geo decided to do a series on him and people got sucked in because they know as much as he does, which is zilch.

    3. @wikedwhich1 Good because your ignorance is just typical of what has become the American way of life just accept what you are told because you lack the ability to do any research.

    4. @corporal smith xx ha ha good job I am not in America then…if you have to do research here it might just save your life…The thing is beyond research there is gut instinct. …and while it may not be something that people commonly say ….this is actually of far more importance,….there is something we have called Spirit…and this is age old and universal. I believe in such things as this…So I will stick with my own intuition about the matters that I truly believe are ones that make my world work…you choose your ways Corporal…I am not seeking to change your views …though I wonder why you need to speak up so strongly in such a very aggressive way . Please understand that I am not interested in any further talk. You do not know about boundaries…or at least have a lot to learn . I am not really able to go any further in conversation with you. All the best.

    5. @wikedwhich1 There are good and there are terrible trainers the person you are trying to protect is an abusive uneducated twit. Intuition comes into play when you know about a subject not when you pretend you know. Like I have said you can not desensitize a dog to a trigger in 20 minutes it is impossible but this fool makes out as if you can and he sucks in people like you all the time. I certainly know about boundaries but this person doesn’t deserve any because he causes more problems than what the dog first exhibits and then people follow what he suggests then they have to go out and find a real behaviorist to fix what he has caused. Surely your so called spirit would have to ask why was his show canceled , maybe it was because there were too many complaints about his so called training methods or why was he sued for abusive training wake up and smell the roses .

    1. @James’ Miniature Space Here’s the thing- he’s not even a year old. This puppy just needs some training, he’ll be fine.

    2. Even though she said she did her research, she obviously was starting from ground 0 with canine experience. I keep saying I WISH we could create mandatory,PRE-REQUIRED introductory basics FOR MOMS getting a dog that the children will grow with, and become a loving, loyal, teachable MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. Because its mostly the moms that get the dog, and they have absolutely NO CLUE how to start this very important process of selecting the appropriate breed that is going to fit the combined dynamics of your family and household. She claims that she picked this breed because they are high energy. And THEN, these dogs EASILY, EASILY disrupt the home daily with a barrage of annoying, UNRULY, UNDISCIPLINED behavior if not properly worked and exercised. and they never EVER do what’s physically required to fulfill the dogs needs, NOR do they ever take the role as leader of the pack seriously!!! Meaning, DISCIPLINE YOUR DOG, because if not its DANGEROUS CHAOS!

    3. @James’ Miniature Space Aggression does not really start like that…in some ways it can but most likely it wont. Aggression starts from people jumping up at the dog hitting the dog and not setting boundaries, ETC.

  2. this happens so often. people are in way over their heads then the dog ends up being alienated from the family and kept outside all day 🙄

    1. People need to research the breed thoroughly before getting a puppy. And be brutally honest about your family and lifestyle before buying or rescuing. You need to be a good fit. There are really no bad dogs, use bad owners and behaviours. We spent almost 10 months going to the German Shepherd Association and learning about the breed,meeting the breeders and picking up training tips before agreeing to get a pup and being accepted by a breeder. My daughter loves them. We have had a working dog before but not this breed so we are learning every day with him. Of course we make mistakes but at training, he is possible the best behaved there due to just how much time my daughter spends with him, training him and bonding with him.

    2. @Pro Justice you’re wrong. People should inform themselvs before getting a puppy home. You can’t wait for vizsla to be 5 months old to ask for help! That dog is stronger then avarage adult female and this woman most probably can’t take him to a walk, jumping and biting aside.

    3. @Pro Justice it’s common knowledge you don’t keep a dog outside when it’s supposed to be your pet and companion. No excuse.

  3. Love Cesar 😊
    I think, this is the wrong kind of dog for this family.
    People do not take the time and effort to find out which dog would be
    the best fit for them.
    That dog needs a lot of exercise.
    The Grandma seems to have some unrealistic expectations. Although, I fully understand her concerns regarding the children.

  4. This somehow doesn’t work for my dog. When I touch his side, he just continues to be excited. And If I’m too firm, then he can get aggressive. Any ideas?

    1. @Rebecca I’ve showered him with many toys but he prefers my hand but it’s alright now. He’s getting better. I don’t smack him ever again. I saw animal video of an adult dog taking care of her puppies. And she drags them by their ears to correct her puppies behavior. So I do same nowadays. Just pull bit of ears of my puppy.

    2. @BrCaBe I so agree with you. You only have to hear him and see the scene to feel that this was probably someone out for mischief and money…and many people ride on this energy as its similar to their own…ie jealousy and anger which has nothing to do with ANYONE but themselves.

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