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How to STOP your dog barking/ lunging at visitors & dogs; aggression

"In this video, I am working with a German Shepherd dog called Jazz. Jazz constantly protects the house and garden by barking and lunging at visitors. Next to that, she shows aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.

I show you the methods I use to build Jazz' confidence in her environment and in me as a leader. Resulting in calm, more relaxed dog that doesn't feel the need to bark and lunge anymore.

How to STOP your dog barking/ lunging at visitors & dogs; aggression by Nigel Reed

Disclaimer: if you have any aggression issues with your dog be sure to complete my online course on nervousness and aggression before implementing any advice given on my YouTube videos as a complete oversight of the method with careful management is needed.

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My goal is to better the lives of #onemilliondogs in my lifetime. It is clearly impossible for me to do this on a one to one basis. I have seen that with around every thousand views on my videos, I get a comment or email thanking me and letting me know the video has helped. So working on that basis, I have to make videos on how to address every problem behaviour and accumulate ONE billion views in order to help 1,000,000 dogs.

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61 thoughts on “How to STOP your dog barking/ lunging at visitors & dogs; aggression”

  1. I nearly cried watching this. My one-year-old German Shepherd is exactly like this, and today was just horrible when we tried to go for a walk. Previous trainers always told us that dogs will behave with enough exercise, but we couldn’t get exercise because of the lunging + barking on the leash. He also barks constantly to “defend the house”. I watched this (and the video on heeling) and started working with him immediately. The first time he barked at the front door, I went up to him, thanked him, and “scoped out” the situation. He instantly stopped barking and walked away with me. Thank you SO MUCH. This has been a struggle for months, and you might have just saved us a lot of stress and extra money.

    1. I’m glad this video helped. I’d be very upset if they had to take the dog away. Dogs are precious. This video could save dogs from being put to sleep. Thank you so much.

  2. So lovely to see the way Jazz looks to you for trust, and at the end when she comes to show you what a great time she is having with the other dogs. Great video, Nigel thank you.

  3. I had the same problem with my 2yr old shepherd, barking started at 6.00am every morning. The first day started doing your techniques and noticed an immediate change. The second day, there was a few little barks in the morning. Third day, no barking. Just shows how smart these dogs are. Thank you for saving my sanity and my my boy.

    1. I’m doing the same thing he did and started in the early evening! Lucy has already improved, and yes they’re so extremely smart dogs!

    1. wow you ever come to HOlland? i have four dogs 3 westies, one mixed two of which are rescues. try to control them but in the groups become a pac when out. in the house good and not so good when out leaving them home they can bark and howl. Poor neighbours. Amanda x

    2. I purchased your book titled “your guide to a happy well behaved dog”
      Only just started it but so far so good. As you well know there are literally hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube. Yours was the first I came across that was made by a UK trainer, and does not use negative reinforcement methods. I agree with you that they are not necessary. It was because of this that I chose your book and your online videos to use as instructional material. Liking what I’m seeing so far.

  4. what a beautiful dog. It brought tears to my eyes seeing her transform into such a confident dog with so much personality.

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna lie. I was like how could you cry. I ended up crying. This is just so beautiful. I love dogs 🥺😭😭

  5. This video made me truly emotional. They just want to protect us and themselves. We have to trust them as well as allow them to trust us. It’s all about understanding.

    1. Yes thats wat i want ppl to know……my gsd is sooo protective …….whenerever someone comes to visit us he becomes so aggressive

    2. She is always barking at people for no reason and sometimes she always barks for half an hour it’s noisy for my neighbours if we tell her to stop barking she always barks louder and louder if we didn’t tell her it didn’t stop tho

  6. OMG! THANK YOU! I’ve been trying all kinds of methods to stop my dog from acting as a guard dog. He randomly barks at people when we’re on walks, especially at night, and barks at the window and door at every sound. I started using your method barely 4 days ago and IT WORKS FAST! He’s completely changed indoor. He still looks at me when he hears something outside but he doesn’t bark anymore. I’ll get up and look out to show him I’m here and it’s ok. I still have to do the same work outside but I’m finally confident I’ll get through this! *He’s 90lbs and he really scares ppl when he barks so it has been very problematic. Thanks again sooooo much!!

  7. Good work! It’s just wonderful to watch how the dog changes in her way of approaching other dogs and becomes so much more relaxed and happy.

  8. I watched this video in desperation after my BC/heeler mix terrorized my father-in-law when I opened the front door the other day. I started the exercises immediately, practicing heel on our walks and thanking/removing her when she barks at the window. In a matter of days, she’s started to calm down and realize that I have the situation in hand. This morning a tree service crew was working in our front yard, and when they rang the doorbell, she went wild at first, but calmed down when I told her everything was okay. She didn’t rush the door, trying to “get” the man. While I’m not ready to invite strangers inside just yet, this is remarkable progress. Later, when he knocked, she barked once, then stopped when I reassured her, again, that everything was okay. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m feeling hopeful that we can help calm her anxiousness and reactionary fear. Thank you, Nigel.

  9. One of the best videos I have seen so far about GSD behaviour. I own a 7 month puppy and we had exactly same issue. This helped so much, he is very friendly in the house and dog parks, but when on the leash he is pulling and barking like crazy. Thank you for your video!

  10. Best dog training video, technique and method I’ve seen, and I’ve seen many! Love 💗 that you’ve incorporated group socialization in nature in the end, that’s important! But you’ve forgotten to mention one VERY important aspect: How long to isolate the dog during training. I was told to never leave them isolated longer than 3 minutes because after three minutes they won’t have a clue (or forgotten) why they’ve been placed in the bathroom in the first place. The woman who told me forgot her dog in the bathroom for three hours and felt terribly bad for it.
    I tried your techniques and it’s worked for us! We didn’t even need the isolation part and it still worked. Thanks for the video!

    1. Does it have to be isolation or can I sit with her? My dog is anxious and will freak out if I close her in a room alone

  11. This explains perfectly the problems we have with our two small dogs. Great video and explanation. Need to do some work now!

  12. The fact that Jazz immediately felt safe & bonded with this man shows how talented and educated on dog behavior he is. Amazing!

  13. This is the best training video , I’ve ever watched ! Absolutely brilliant! Patience , repetition and reward .. what a lovely dog too!

  14. Omg, you have literally CHANGED my life!! It hasn’t even been 2 days, and my dogs are showing SIGNIFICANT difference! All these years I’ve relied on putting negative aspects on it, but in all actuality my dogs were only trying to protect me when I should be protecting them!! I really do feel they trust me, and it warms my heart so much to see the impact 🥺 I’m recording my journey to so once it’s all done, I’m going to post!!!!! In hopes of inspiring others as well and letting everyone know THIS is the true and HUMANE method of teaching a dog good behavior!!❤️

  15. This method of training is working on my GSD (10 months old) She’s getting calm more and more day by day. This is amazing!!!!!

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