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How to Train a Dog to Pay Attention (

Our LIVE dog training classroom is here:

32 thoughts on “How to Train a Dog to Pay Attention (”

  1. Love the videos….got a lot out of them….really to the point and very clear….do this, don’t do that…I need to keep it simple so I can get myself trained first’

  2. Blessings! I am going to use these techniques going forward! My emergency adoption lab mix is 4 months old and needs overall training.

  3. Finally, a concrete channel with concrete examples on how to do these things right. Thank you ever so much! You have made our lives so much easier. 😉

  4. I’ve watched a few of your videos. You’re incredibly helpful thank you so much. would you say it would take my puppy less than a day or two to learn commands such as sit, stay and heel? he’s 4 months old and is very smart. already sits at door before I leash him.

  5. Thank you for sharing training sessions!!  Greatly appreciate it!!  My got 2 Doberman and they will be coming home April 8th.  They will be only 10wks old.  I am really exited.  I always watch your videos and they have been wonderful learning for when the dogs comes home.

    1. I’m no dog expert and you can take this with a grain of salt. But I would think as many times as necessary for your fur baby to catch on 🙂

    1. The Online Dog Trainer Review

      I found one of your really old videos and I couldn’t be happier to see that you’re still uploading! Very useful

  6. Excellent! Clearly you know what you are doing! Keep up the great instruction. It’s about training the people on how to train their dogs.

  7. I signed my dog up for a training class, the first thing we’re working on is focus. My dog has zero focus, but somehow I taught him lots of tricks. Focus should have been the first. I like your method as it explains how to do it a bit more. I’m very excited to continue training with him, especially with the distractions later on.

  8. Love the videos love how you guys train love everything about you guys!!!how long do we practice this before moving on toThe next lesson?

  9. imagine if the dog understands his name is “ good boy” instead of “spike” becuz “good boy” is said the same number of times as “spike” lol

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