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How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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Video: How to teach your dog to leave something alone

79 thoughts on “How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE”

  1. One tip my vet gave me and it worked well. When you do get bit by your pup is to yelp in high pitch, and turn your attention away from him for 30 seconds. In time he will get the hint, you have to be patient. It took about a month for me and my dog to understand each other.

    1. When our golden retriever was brand new we did this. I maybe yelped a dozen times that first week, then never again. He figured it out soooo fast. Just such a gentle guys – you could see it in his eyes, “oh shoot! I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you.” He passed away last winter at 12+ yrs old. We are about to get a new puppy – if she even has half of his smarts and temperment and we’ll be super happy. Sure do miss that guy!

    1. @_ Pan•Pancakes _ same and since she’s fast I cant shut the door quickly so i end up jumping on furniture because she can’t jump up on it yet

  2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

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    1. There are a few factors in house training a dog. One place I found that successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful plan that I have ever seen.Check out the super information .

  3. Subscribed! We got a new Chihuahua and your vids are definitely straight to the point. Now, if only the fellow members of the family are also into teaching the puppy..

  4. A tip for house training that has helped with my dogs is to make sure they are taken outside after they eat. Also having a routine/schedule for “going” outside for potty is extremely important. Lastly using cue words such as “do your business” and “hurry up” are cue words that work well for me. If you say these when your dog is going they will make the connection.

  5. I literally say ouch or stop and my German Shepard puppy gets more mad and thinks I’m playing AMD STARTS GROWLING SND LEAPING AT ME PLS HELP

    1. Omg me too! My puppy is 2 months! And she thinks it’s funny and I’m playing around with her. When she bites me. she’s in the moment that she likes to bite my feet, shoes, pants or hands and I’m afraid it’s gonna get into a habit. Sometimes I push her off , give her tap on the head to stop, I say stop or ouch and nothing. Help me!

    1. You’re probably not doing it right. I’ve been using his techniques from other videos for 3 days and it’s working wonderfully

  6. Why didn’t I see this video a month ago? It took me 10 mins to teach my puppy not to bite from Zak’s teaching. What a great video. Thank you!

    1. Thanks but that seems like an insult to the guy because everything he said before 5:03 it useless or something, but hey thanks

  7. I really love your method of training. It seems so compassionate and logical AFTER you explain and demonstrate the concept. Thank you!

  8. I’ve been trying for months to train my dog to stop biting!!! I’m so glad I found this video! He learns so quick with treats! I can’t believe I never tried this before

  9. *I chose this guide **** in the beginning because we have a six month old Yellow Lab named Stella. We are older and she is a bundle of energy. We were beginning to think that we were in over our heads and then we found Brandon McMillan and he taught us how to really enjoy her by training her to be a well-mannered puppy. It’s been a lot of work , both on Stella’s part and ours but Brandon made it so down to earth and easy to understand. His love for dogs is apparent on every page of this book. I loved this book!!*

    1. I like that book, I forget the name, the one that ends when you get run over by a bus. Is this all you know how to do? Promote Brandon on Zak videos? Give it a break. You’ve chased me away from anything Brandon.

  10. I love how most of Zak’s training is making the dogs think the good decisions are their ideas. I love the positive, inside-out training in contrast to physical corrections. I’ve seen the results of physical corrections with other dogs vs. the positive/reward-based training I’m doing with my 3-month-old husky pup. It is proving more concrete results and I can tell he is really starting to understand what is expected of him instead of being afraid if he does something wrong. Love your videos Zak! 🙂

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