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How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

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How to Stop Jumping:

Teaching your dog to walk without pulling can be one the most challenging parts of training a dog! While every dog is different there are some basic concepts that you should know. In this video, Nina the 6 month old LA-SPCA rescue dog, learns how to walk nicely on the leash and I'll demonstrate how simple it is to teach a dog without using a prong collar, choke chain or shock collar.

59 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!”

  1. my dog pulls so hard that she chokes herself and I stop and make her sit and she keeps doing that its so frustration. hopefully these methods work

    1. @mydogissmartandwellbehaved 10 Prong collars only “work” if you’re impatient and bad at training your dog. You’re literally inflicting pain and discomfort on the dog where as you can train the dog within a week to walk off leash.

    2. Rellykz you are very wrong prong collars are very good for training. Think of how an parent dog corrects a it’s pup. Or how an adult dog corrects another adult dog. They usually will grab the neck to correct a behavior. Same concept with a prong collar or leash pressure. Obviously prong collars should only be used when needed, but there is nothing inhumane about them.

    3. Interdimensional Steve

      The harnesses with the buckle thingy on their chest helps – you can make pop corrections, startling your dog to turn around without hurting them. The correction should only ever be annoying to the dog.

    4. Interdimensional Steve

      @Isabel Zoe Prongs are generally not useful UNLESS you have a dog that’s older and never trained or abused (wild as hell) – then sometimes prong is the *only* way to control them on a leash. That said, if you’re using a prong “because it’s faster,” then you’re a terrible puppy parent. Patience is SO IMPORTANT. I would argue the level of out of control that requires a prong would be a very, very low % of dogs. Most people who think they have problematic dogs have NO IDEA what a really problematic dog with a ton of psychological issues can be like. Edit: I just realized your comment was a year old. /shrug…

  2. I just want to say that I love your way of training dogs! You make sense to me, and you treat the dogs with respect and love, while you teach them to obey you. So great to see, instead of the dog trainers who insist on using more brutal methods. THANK YOU!

  3. I will be implementing this on our training starting today! My daughter’s Queensland mix is also named Nina and wears us both out with pulling! I would love to see more videos on Nina’s training.

    1. This is great! I absolutely abhor pinch or electric collars😡🤬🤬 patience! If you don’t have any, then get help. A trainer can help YOU understand what the dog is thinking or Why it’s behavior is occurring

    2. @Juvenile Snow always found harness don’t work to stop pulling, makes it worse in every situation I’ve had.

      It just made pulling easier for them.

      At least when the leash was attached to their collar, the chocking was a bit of a discouragement.

      Edit: Great for keeping the dog secure though.

    3. Other person with their dog sees me and my dog and so many IMMEDIATELY yank on the collar pulling them away and holding them back and a gut reaction…It makes my eyes roll so hard it hurts. Great job guys, teach your dog every other dog is a threat, that will keep them calm around distractions.

      Or maybe they could try TRAINING THEIR DOG instead.

    4. Interdimensional Steve

      the harnesses with the attachment point on their chest seem to help with training them not to pull without the possibility of accidentally hurting them. The pop can turn them around really easy without pain – just enough to startle them or annoy them.

  4. every day is extraordinary

    Zak, you are an amazing human being! Your love for dogs just shines through! Thank you for your excellent videos and even more important, the reason behind these videos. I am adopting an adult dog and looking forward to start our training session and to bond with him while we are at it!

  5. I’ve used all his videos to train my pup and everyone tells me how well behaved my little guy is. Zak deserves more credit.

  6. Hi, love your videos. Been learning and implementing your ideas for a long time now. Though I have been able to use the techniques for my dog to stop pulling while on a walk, she still is uncontrollable coming down and going up stairs. It’s like she has just one mode when it comes to stairs, there’s no time to stop and correct. Any suggestions?

  7. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

    1. I found an abandoned dog. She’s part German Shepard, a beautiful girl. A few things I would like to correct are the tugging, I tried the a snack to distract her, BUT her whole body stiffens like a board and is SO focused and I just cannot get her to respond when she sees other dogs. She bites snacks out of hands, so not a gentle transition, and lastly…how can I reach her not to follow me everywhere…I feel terrible when shes asleep and I get up, she’s half asleep and…but no matter what I tell her, so he insists on following me.
      Help me help Gabby adjust better…overall she’s God sent perfect!

    1. Dont think about it as patient more like he knows the more he teaches the dog the more he will have his dream dog wich is what we all want and aspire to have.

    2. I cried today because I sat there watching my dog choke himself with the amount of pulling he does. Definitely decided to invest in a no pull harness.

  8. Frustration is my weakness. I have 0 patience, I just want to enjoy walking with my dog but it always ends up with me being angry (I know its my fault) I get pulled left and right, And i end up ending the walk ten minutes into it becuase it becomes impossible and embarassing. I realize I just jumped into it and had high expectations that he would do it straight away when he is only a puppy and its our first time. Now I know its me who is causing the frustration, these videos are saving my life.

    1. Glad you are trying to fix the problem. We have had trouble too! Our 6 month old dog pulled me over in Dec. Saw a person and was excited! We are working on training! Good luck with yours!!

    2. @William Pettit same, and the worse for me is that when they see strangers or animal, especially other dogs. They’ll bark and try to chase them. Last time when I try to train them to walk, a stray dog passed by, and they chased it, bite it. It’s embarassing.

  9. We have a new puppy, this is my first time really working hard to train a puppy properly. Ive been watching your vidros ever since you posted your Experience videos with Inertia. Our puppy is 13 weeks now, and your videos have been absolutely life saving since we’re just getting back on our feet and missed puppy training class. You teach so many concepts i never thought about!!

  10. This seems perfect for walking with multiple dogs. I have been struggling to eliminate tension in the leash. I find it difficult to turn the pack around when reversing direction while staying on the sidewalk. Your method of walking backwards seems to be a perfect method of reversing direction quickly with minimal complication. Thank you for teaching me.

  11. Dude I don’t even know how to thank you. I have been dreading walking my little puppy each day because of his excessive pulling. It has been so stressing for both me and my puppet. It took me not even an hour to teach him to walk properly with your method, I’m completely speechless.
    I thank you so much for making the great content you make and for making it free for us to watch, thank you thank you thank you!

  12. Zak, As a Master Dog Trainer who had worked at some of the largest training kennels in the country I have found you to be one of the best trainers on the internet. I no longer train not simply because of my age but also because of the progressive nature of many of my diseases and injuries. At the time when I was training 60 dogs a month, the methods I used were considered to be the most human and advanced; however, by today standard that are far less dog tolerant. Thank you for the great videos you offer and training owners which makes forever homes much more likely. A funny story I would like to share, My wife was walking a dog that had been trained to find drugs. One of the neighbors asked my wife why the dog sat every time and “howled” when walking past his house. She said she had no idea, but that the dog had been trained as a drug detection dog and perhaps something around the man’s house triggered the response. The same day, the man had a Rented Truck at his home and was moving out. lol Thanks again for the knowledge you share.

  13. *Great **** lots of helpful instructions and ideas without being dictatorial. I like this writer’s style a lot and we have found it more helpful than several of the other books that we got to help train our new puppy because of the detail he goes into.*

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