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How To Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING You! 3 Things That WILL Work!

How to train a puppy to stop biting! Things like biting and potty training can be super challenging! Let PupBox (and my videos) help! PupBox sponsored this video! Go to and enter discount code "ZAK" to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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70 thoughts on “How To Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING You! 3 Things That WILL Work!”

    1. @zouqan kangals actually have the strongest bite out of all dogs. They are illegal in a lot of states and in places like India they are used for fighting. They kind of scare me, but hey let me know if anything gets better <3 I would like to know how it’s going with your kangal

    2. @alexandria w I have the same breed at 4 months and bites so damn hard but he knows what stop means but sheesh protect those toessss

    1. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover puppy training classes try Sovallo Canine Lessons Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got great results with it.

    2. Try that stuff with a German Shepherd and think your not going to be bleeding and I bet your carpet will have some of your blood on it from not having some paper towels in arms reach.

      Watch your face with the puppy kisses, they end in puppy bits

  1. “Puppy biting can go on until they are about 5 months old” DO YOU HEAR THAT TILLY. 5 MONTHS OLD. I have a 6 month old Chi mix and her favorite chew toy is my right hand.

    1. @BATKAMARRI 13 Well Tilly is now almost 1 and a half and no longer kills me with her teeth. Now its the nails and the fact that she takes a running jump to leap onto any part of my body so atleast there’s that trade off. You would think a 15 pound dog wouldn’t hurt much when they slam into you but damn

  2. All of your videos are incredibly helpful. I’ve been planning to get a puppy for almost a year now, and I’m now getting one the end of this month. I feel so prepared for training thanks to your videos 🙂

  3. As soon as you said “it’s always the cute ones that bite the hardest” I looked at my rough collie puppy and said nO kiDdiNg

  4. I’ve literally nicknamed my gerbarian shepsky, Luna, “Chompy” because she loves to gnaw on us so much. Thank you for this!

  5. I like Zac’s training techniques and explanations. Puppies will bite while they are teething. One night my three-month-old GSD pup bit my face while I was in deep sleep and I woke up screaming. I bit him right back on his nose, much like the other dogs in my pack react when the pup annoys them. I didn’t hurt him, but I did bite down firmly. He yelped back. He hasn’t bitten me since.

    1. Honestly, that’s probably the best advice I’ve gotten in my three day search on this topic. I’m not sure whose pup these frilly foo foo methods work on but it sure as heck ain’t working for my rescued pit puppy, that’s for darn sure!

    2. @Tarryn the Doula all these dog trainers say you shouldnt do that but thats how mothers teach their babies! Sometimes you have to bite them back lmao!

    3. @jmanbgg Its probably said because people often take it too far which is when it becomes harmful. in my experience i have never had to physically hurt my dog to train them, but i can see situations when you need to make your dog scared of something (e.g. going near fires)

  6. I love how calm this training is. I’ll give it a try. I got my shih tzu 1 week ago and now that he settled in he’s going for hands, feet and noses.

  7. watching this is like reliving my daily routine with my 11 weeks old lab puppy. he also launches at the face and bites anything he finds, rocks branches, furniture, shoes, feet, fingers, etc. he’s a little hard to train with treats cause he goes crazy and overexcited around food but we’ll be trying this, again and again, every day. thank you.

  8. When i say ‘no’ to my dog whenever he bites my hand, he barks at me so loud like he’s mad. Look who’s the boss grr

    1. @Shaina Joseph how’s ur pup now? Mine still bites me she’s 4 months old now… I hope it’s not unusual 🙁

    2. @Sam Pattnaik mine is not biting anymore, she’s six months now. I had to be consistent with giving her chew toys when she tries to bite me, she what learned to ‘leave it’ and ‘drop it’ which helps

    3. @Sam Pattnaik 5 month and every time i say no my niggas fur on her back spikes up and she gets mad. but she only bites when shes not active

    1. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to train a puppy try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

    1. Your clothes and hand both have a bonus – your scent. Dogs love your scent. Add to that the need to bite, and you and your clothes are true delights!

  9. *This **** is simple to follow and interesting. Currently using the techniques with our rescue puppy and it is working like a charm. The examples of the shelter dogs Brandon has worked with were relevant to the techniques shared. The writing style is specific yet humor is injected were appropriate. If you watch Lucky Dog and admire Brandon’s easy-going style in training dogs, this book is for you. His tips on patience, tone, etc are extremely useful.*

  10. RavenTheArtist ププピピ

    Thanks to his videos, we discovered barkbox for our puppers! We took them home yesterday, and so far they’re doing great with potty training!

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