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I Made A Train For My Dogs

Here is the video from Cream Heroes that made me want to try this with my dogs

also if you like cats….. that's the channel for you my friend.

Here is the channel that is Julien's spiritual relative

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73 thoughts on “I Made A Train For My Dogs”

  1. Pink Diamond's Pearl

    – The Cement
    – The Carpet
    – The Cermet
    – The Coquet
    – The Comet
    – The Cutlet
    – The Casket
    – The Closet
    – The Cosset
    – The Sad middle child with a breathing problem ( come to think of it, that’s me)

  2. I love how Kermit and Marbles are just such mummy’s boys and Peach and Bunny are total daddy’s girls. I just love them so much

  3. black tea and hoodies animations

    Pineapple has a pink blanket because she’s special !
    Blobby has a smiley face because he’s special !
    Rabbit has the zoomies because she’s special !

  4. Cermet has that neck that forms when someone is painting them in the 1840’s and they’re royalty.

    *Cermet is the Nasty King*

  5. i want a video compilation of jenna saying “good girl” to peach and hearing how overtime and over the years “girl” gets higher and higher

  6. I honestly think that bunny is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Her coloring, her eyes, everything about her is serene and majestic. Like a baby deer. I love her.

  7. i’m rewatching all of jenna’s videos until she comes back.

    edit: I made this comment right after I watched her now deleted video, regardless if she comes back or not im still gonna support her,,,,,,i just want her to be happy and live the life she deserves. Jenna love you beeeetch 🥺❤️

    1. I don’t know. They just don’t feel the same to me. I keep wondering when was the point that she didn’t want to make videos anymore but just kept doing it even tho she was unhappy…honestly that makes me feel really sad. Like somehow my joy at her videos every week = her unhappiness. I’m not the kind of person that wants to make other people feel bad. And lately that’s what I’m feeling when I try to rewatch her videos. All of this sucks.

  8. Bunny is like the older sister who just outgrew the children’s fun palace and has to sit and read a book while watching all her siblings play 🙁

    1. Technically I think Bunny is the youngest out of all of them, so she’s more like the little sibling that’s too small (in this case, too tall and giraffey cx) to ride the ride with their older siblings.

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