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Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World

Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World
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“One of the best investments we ever made. Tomas was remarkably concise and free with his information that was extraordinarily valuable. This man knows what he is talking about…” Astrid and Gary Gardner

Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World

From: Tomas Belcik

Dear prospective importer/ exporter, small business owner, entrepreneur,

My name is Tomas Belcik, and I have been an importer, wholesaler and retailer of products from South and Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Latin America and Europe for some 35 years.

Are you frustrated with your job? Are you thinking about starting your own business? Are you confused and feel lost as to what type of business to start? If you’re confused or feel lost, you’re not alone, especially in today’s economy!.

Suppose you’re in retail or wholesale already. How much would getting your inventory at a greater profit margin be worth to your business?

Suppose you could start a business that would put you on course of becoming profitable right from the start!

Imagine you are getting 8 to 10 times markup on the product you sell!

Sounds too good to be true?

We hear about import export business every day as just about anything in this country is imported from somewhere, but few people really understand what to do to get started in import export business and how things really work.

Manufacturing in the Third World and Importing into the United States has become a necessity in order to cut costs and compete in today’s market. Involvement in import export business and International Trade must become an inherent part
of any successful business operation today as more than ever before the whole world becomes your market place!

“Mr. Belcik is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of importing from around the world – excellent material!” Michael Lougee

It doesn’t matter what business you want to start, eventually you’ll need a product to sell, you’ll need a product/products to help you sell other products or offer service based on those products. Whether you buy goods from wholesale
suppliers for resale or manufacture products you sell you must always look for ways to cut your costs. If you manufacture you must look to sources of not only skilled labor but also low-cost labor to keep your overall cost of doing
business down. It’s an undeniable fact in the way business is done today that in order to cut costs and stay competitive, you must start looking overseas, globally, to where skilled and low cost labor may exist and product can be bought
for less, not only within the boundaries of the United States! You can not succeed in any business venture these days that involves retail or wholesale of some kind, if you don’t consider buying your product or at least part of what
you sell overseas!

But Creating a Profitable Import Export Business Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combination of what to import and how to make money at import export. Many would be importers / exporters fall flat on their face as they jump into the
business without knowing all the ins and outs of the business!

I learned the hard way, by trial and error, as when I started 35 years ago by importing from India, there was no, no guidebooks, no courses, no published “how-to” information on import export business to be had. I started
out small, literally selling my imports from the back seat of my car. But by late 70s, I was importing container loads of a variety of merchandise, from fashion accessories to architectural artifacts and you name it in between.
By late 80s I had hundreds of accounts in the US and overseas I sold to.

The new lifestyle in import export business changed my life entirely!

You can travel all over the world, buy products you like, import your purchases into the United States, or into any other country, hence the whole world may be your marketplace, sell them, and travel in search of more products to buy and sell.

You can run your own import export business as a walk-in business, home based business, online business or combination of all three. Above all you can live almost anywhere in the world you wish doing it!

You can start an import export business using your own money or you can start an import export business using other people’s money. Above all, you will soon discover other ways to get involved in business and become a true entrepreneur! Import Export business may then indeed become just a steppingstone to a lifestyle you never thought of being possible.

That is the main point here – you should not look at Import Export business as a job or a career but an opportunity to start a lifestyle you desire! If you ever dreamed of seeing the world, this is your chance to do something about it. Why stick to your current job or struggling business that leads to nowhere especially in the current economic climate in the United States.

Life is a journey, not a destination! and your import export business can become a lifestyle, not a career or a job!

If you’re in business already, any kind of business!! – would selling your inventory at a greater profit margin dramatically improve your cash flow? Of course it would.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what my students and clients from all over the country are saying about what I teach:

“Tomas is so knowledgeable that he makes import business sound like an adventure and at the same time he gives a real sense of the pitfalls of the business.” Audrey Brennecke

“Tomas is highly knowledgeable in the import-export business. His many years of experience are apparent in his presentations.”
Cindy Sullivan

“Exciting, fact-filled, and made sense. Deeply informative!” William Van Meter

Discover why and how-to start an import export business!

May be even ten years ago people used to look at the label where the product was made. They insisted on buying American made! Remember those TV commercials? But it’s not quite the issue any longer! Everyone loves to get these great
looking products made to our taste and specifications and who cares and why even look where in the Third World it is really made!

Remember the economic boom in late 90s? So much came to this country from China and Asia that we all bought this stuff at those great Third World prices and no one was looking were it was made or insisted on wanting to buy American-made!!!
And the imports keep coming.

The US government dislikes importers because importing means the dollar is going out. Exporting means the dollar is coming in and we make money. Importing we spend money! But how come then all the American companies are doing it? You
know why already. They make money off of you, the consumer, selling the product to you at what seems like a cheap price but they in fact make a higher mark up on what they manufacture overseas and sell here today than ever before
when they used to manufacture it in this country! You can do the same!

You should do the same! You must do the same, today, in this economy! Yes, the talk is about loss of jobs in this country and need to bring the jobs back. But let’s face it, you can’t really profess Free Trade and hope for much of
what we now import to be suddenly Made in USA, not anytime soon. And even if, you can take your Made in USA product and sell it elsewhere as in this business the whole world is your marketplace!

I have taught classes in Denver, Colorado and elsewhere in the United States for 20 years. Over the years I have had hundreds of students in my classes and many more who found my materials on the internet. Most had no idea what they’d
want to import, no clue how to start nor what problems to expect. Actually I prefer this type to those that are already fixed on a product to import, for many are on the wrong track… Taking my classes or getting my materials they
got a sound idea where to start and some became very successful!

“Tomas is clearly an expert on the subject matter and can teach anyone how to make it work.” Sharon Kratze

If you have been searching for a concise and clear information about import export business, you can find it inside my PDF Course titled:

Facts You Need to Know About Import Export Business PDF Course

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This PDF Course:

  • You will learn about Import Export Shipping Documents and consequences if you may not have the correct ones attached with your shipment.
  • Who are Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders and what information you need to get from them before you should start buying and face many problems otherwise.
  • How price is quoted in import / export business and your choices how you can buy.
  • Sales Contract you can use in dealing with your suppliers.
  • How to deal with shippers at the point of origin of your shipment, especially in the Third World, and information that won’t only save you money but assures you won’t go broke on your deal.
  • What is Bill of Lading and Airway Bill and what to watch out for.
  • What to make sure of on your Commercial Invoice and Packing List so discrepancies will not trigger Customs Inspection.
  • What are quantitative restrictions on some goods and Quota Documents you will need to export import without problems.
  • What is Textile Visa and problems associated with clearance of Textile Articles.
  • About airfreight and marine insurance in import export, what it may and may not cover.
  • What is Certificate of Origin and GSP Classification and how it may effect landed costs of your goods.
  • Learn about Import Export Financing and how to pay and not to pay for your import export purchases.
  • What is Documentary Letter of Credit and its pro and cons.
  • What is Documentary Draft for Collection and its pro and cons.
  • Understanding of the United States Customs Entry Process, Formal and Informal Entry regulations and why the definition may not be so clear.
  • You’ll learn about US Customs Dutiable Status of Goods.
  • Learn about US Customs Marking Requirements and problems associated with improper or insufficient markings on your goods.
  • How-to deal with Customs Brokers, what you can expect to pay for their services, and what they may and may not do for you.

“Having a Clear and Concise Overview of the Import Export Business is Absolutely Imperative To Understanding How-to Start Your Business!”

…and so as a Special Offer Get the “Facts You Need To Know About Import Export” PDF Course,

Original Price $47 for only ? WAIT!!

“I know you’re probably skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, and you’re probably thinking that there is no way one low-cost PDF will tell you all of the above in depth. I agree and think it’s best you listen to how I present
this topic in a classroom at the university, and I want you to listen and learn from it completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.) ”

Truth About Import Export Business MP3 Classroom Audio

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Import Export Startup Considerations Audio:

  • You’ll learn about the changes Import/Export business has gone through in last thirty years, consequences of China’s MFN Status, NAFTA and what problems and opportunities in import export there are today.
  • Learn where to go and what to buy, importance of going to the source, the need to squeeze out the middleman, and what effect your landed cost will have on selling your imports wholesale or retail.
  • Learn about pros and cons of importing ready-made products versus going into product design and development.
  • Understand the different levels of involvement in import export, using your own money and using other people’s money.
  • Learn why you need to consider who will be your customer and how you will sell your imports before you buy.
  • Learn how to start and run your business, the easiest way to test market what you import and at what price to sell.

“The course was packed full of information, tips, on the logistics of importing, revealing the instructor’s vast knowledge and experience in the field.” Susan Farish

The above MP3 Classroom Audio is a 3-hour presentation, university listed price $48 – that is a discounted student price, not a price offered to the business community – click here to see the university listing of the class, marketed
as Introduction to Importing.

As a Special Offer I’d like to offer you the “Truth About Import Export Business” Classroom Audio

Original Price $48 for only ?

I understand that many of you are not sure if import export business may be for you, so I will offer you the PDF + the Audio and learn from it completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

Original Price $48+$47, total $95 for only $22.95

Now, if you are really serious about learning this business, you need to take my most comprehensive course I teach on import export business at the university in Denver:

Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World

9-hours MP3 Classroom Audio

You will learn about all of the above in greater depth and much more in this comprehensive course:

  • Import export business startup considerations; cost of doing business; sourcing product supply and outsourcing manufacturing to the Third World.
  • Where to go and what to buy, facts and opportunities; ideas associated with product design and development, and lots of inside info you never get elsewhere. Yes indeed, you must think Italian sausage from Bangkok!! There really
    is more to this business than meets the eye! (What I just said, Italian sausage from Bangkok, is meant figuratively, not literally! Or is it really?)
  • How to find overseas suppliers, whom to buy from and whom not to buy from, and how much should you pay for the product you want to import.
  • Product price overseas vs. landed price in the US; how to cost-analyze your import venture and calculate your product landed cost.
  • Dealing with shippers and freight forwarders overseas, your purchases and shipping logistics, packing pratices, dealing with licensed vs. unlicensed exporters, freight insurance and claims and surprises that will give you more
    than Goosebumps and how to avoid them!
  • Financing and paying for your purchases – cash, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, letters of credit, documents against payment, and what strategy to use in dealing with your suppliers that’s best for your cash flow, assures
    you get what you ordered, get it on time and make a profit.
  • Customs entry process; pitfalls of hand-carrying your commercial purchases, Harmonized Tariff Schedule and the classification process, tax issues and Liquidated Entry, and information you won’t get by calling your local Customs
  • Find the best strategy for financing your deal and avoid problems in shipping and customs clearance to insure that you make a profit.

Offered at the university as How to Start an Import Export Business – Intensive Workshop, a weekend class / 10AM-4PM each day, at a cost of $179 — this is once again a discounted student price; if offered as a business seminar in the real world it would cost three to five times more…

… but since you can’t come to Denver, I will offer you Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World. 9-hours long recording of Intensive Workshop, Classroom Audio.

Original Price $179

Truth About Import Export Business, 2.5-hours long recording of Classroom Audio,

Original Price $48

Facts You Need To Know About Import Export Business, 33-page PDF Course,

Original Price $47

Total $179 plus $48 plus $47, total $274 for only $57.95!

I am confident that as my students in the class you too will like my information on starting import export business, but to make my offers even better, I’m going to let you try the material risk free with my:

… and, by the way, if you ask for a refund, all the material is yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble. Is that fair enough?

So here are your two options, pick one of them:

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
Course Name Original Price Offer Price
“Truth About Import Export Business” 2.5-hours long recording of Classroom Audio $48 $22.95
“Facts You Need To Know About Import Export Business” PDF Courses $47
Total $95

I understand that I will be able to download the Audio (available in MP3 format) & PDF course (PDF Reader needed) immediately after I order (total download time approx. 2 to 5 minutes depending on audio format preferred
and your internet connection speed), and I have a 60 day risk free trial. If I am not satisfied I can ask and receive a full refund!

If the above (Buy Now 22.95$) payment option doesn’t work for you then pay using the following form:

Course Name Original Price Offer Price
“Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World” 9-hours long recording of Intensive Workshop, Classroom Audio $179 $57.95
“Truth About Import Export Business” 2.5-hours long recording of Classroom Audio $48
“Facts You Need To Know About Import Export Business” PDF Courses $47
Total $274

I understand that I will be able to download the Audio (available in MP3 format) & PDF course (PDF Reader needed) immediately after I order (total download time approx. 5 to 10 minutes depending on audio format preferred
and your internet connection speed), and I have a 60 day risk free trial. If I am not satisfied I can ask and receive a full refund!

If the above (Buy Now 57.95$) payment option doesn’t work for you then pay using the following form:

See you on the inside!!!

Tomas Belcik

P.S. – Hundreds of students have already invested in my training materials. Some may be your competitors today, some may be your competitors in the future, either way… can you afford not to get this training?

P.P.S. – Remember, you get a facts-filled PDF Course, plus 3-hour Truth About Import Export Business” Classroom Audio , plus another 9-hours long How-to Start an Import Export Business – Intensive Workshop Audio. That’s 12 hours
plus of pure content. And it’s all backed by my “you learn or you don’t pay” guarantee.

P.P.P.S. – You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine starting a new business, an import export business, that can bring complete turnaround in your life, set you on new adventures, and create a new lifestyle.
And if you’re in business already, this is your opportunity to learn how to reinvent a new business model that can bring you not only more profit but new ideas on how to run your business. If not now, when? If not this, what?

“Very informative! I have been a licensed customs broker for 31 years at 4 ports, and I learned new information! Thanks! Lindy Miller

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