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Intruders Beware! The World’s Toughest Guard Dogs | BIG DOGZ

MEET the world's toughest guard dogs worth up to £100,000. Leedor Borlant is the owner and lead trainer of Hull-based 'Protection Dogs Worldwide'. With over 10 years of experience training protection dogs, his animals are not ones you want to mess with. Specialising in dobermans, cane corsos and german shepherds, Protection Dogs Worldwide is at the forefront of training some of the toughest and most obedient protection dogs in the world.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Scott Dulson
Producer: Giacomo Brunelli, Ruby Coote
Editor: Pete Ansell

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75 thoughts on “Intruders Beware! The World’s Toughest Guard Dogs | BIG DOGZ”

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  1. 3 german shepherds in my house. They spread themselves throughout the house at night. No one is ever getting in without getting greeted with teeth.
    My dogs are my best friends.

    1. @ILL SUBZ German Shepard is the number 1 guard, protection, Police, Military dog breed worldwide for a reason and its not due to bite force alone.

    2. @Jamie Rau Beagles are hunting dogs not guard dogs, their loud and consistent bark/howl is to let the human hunter find him and the pray it has treed and/or trapped.

    3. For people talking about dobermen there are a big difference in a us doberman and a european dobermen look it up . Same with shepards and alsations theres a massive difference between em both even diff teeth . I would like to know something though . I have seen on two occasions so called pitbulls the size of a dobie in height . Is it a difference from pitbull terrier and a pitbull ? Always wondered cos those things were incredibly strong

  2. I like how the dogs are all cute and suck up to the people until they NEED to be aggressive. That’s how you REALLY train a dog 👏🏼

  3. I like how he trains them to be really nice when not on guard but when put in a scenario they go full beast mode.

    1. @Romelia and dixie Some people tend to exaggerate. Dobies aren’t like other dogs. They don’t bite and hold on. They bite with several rapid “pinches”. Putting more holes into their foe.

    2. @Joe R that’s not true, we’ve had many dobies and my friends dobies have their dobies in IGP and they don’t do multiple they have to hold on or else they can’t do those bite sports

    3. @Romelia and dixie Yeah. That’s their training for a sport. In everyday life, they’re more likely to do the rapid bites.

    4. Doberman’s are amazing! I love my girl, she’s a Doberman mix and a gentle, loving furball of cuteness. But anyone tries to even scratch me, she transforms from furball to fireball. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. ProjectRange And MrTurkey YT

      @Jacob Barnes Evil selfish creatures? Btw cats are not creatures they are mammals but i agree with u that dogs are better

  4. Ahhh, there is a stray dog guarding our gate. It wasn’t our dog, it’s from our neighborhood. But when she started resting in front of our gate (months ago) we feed her foods. We just casually feed it. Until, she’s already staying there everyday. And we got used to her. She doesn’t barked at us. Everytime we open our gate, she’ll stand, wag her tail and lean her head heading to us. She is so cuteeee. There was even a time, where my sister and my mom went to the mall. The dog (We called her Downy) followed them, even they were already in the cab, she was still following them until my mom and sister were at the entrance of the mall, she was there (They were really worried and can’t enter the mall since she keep on barking and looking at them) My sister have to leave my mom and went home, so that the dog would go back too hahaha. That was really funny she was at the side of my sister and barked at the strangers. Downy is already like our guard dog. The way how she really attached to us was so amazing. Everytime there’s a stranger, she’ll really barked. We are not allowed to have dogs, but we’re still trying our best to take care of Downy such as feeding her every day. (Well, she have her own home and owner)

    1. Same we got stray dogs in our neighborhood. When we constantly feed them they lay and sleep at our gate and literally bark at anyone that stops at our entrance and show agression when strangers will take a step towards our gate

    1. I had a 90-100 pound Australian Shepherd/Husky mix as a kid, and one time I had my friend over to play outside. We had Zoey tied out to play with us, and my friend jokingly smacked my arm. We heard this deep, scary growl, and saw that Zoe had stopped chewing her toy and was watching us. I was like…wait…what…and asked my friend to smack my arm again, and Zoe growled and stood up. I told her to smack me again and Zoe started growling and barking. She was an amazing dog. Never hurt a fly but she was scary when she wanted to be.

  5. These gentlemen seem like true professionals…when he said, ” I know when I got a dog with my daughter it is safe and if it isn’t it wouldnt be safe with anyone elses daughter”. Wow, awesome and thoughtful……

    1. But sons are open season 😂😂

      Naw on a real note i liked that too, i one day want a dog trained like that, just need the time cause i have 3 year old that i wanted to have around a dog n the shepherd we have now wouldnt be able to train like that

  6. My parents had a Doberman when I was growing up. The best natural guard dog. A guy came in our yard unannounced one day, she stood between by brother and I. She stopped him, he said a few words, took 1/2 a step forward asking if she’s friendly, she lunged and gave him a warning bark/ bite that missed by a few inches. He didn’t take another step forward. Best dog!!

    1. My dog has had a three year vendetta against my neighbours. They’re lovely people, he’s met them, he knows them, he likes them. God forbid they’ll decide to do a touch of pruning in their garden unannounced. It’s the Somme until he can establish, tentatively, by smell that these people aren’t some sort of doppelganger impostors who’ve assassinated my neighbours to assume their lives of gardening, jam making and dog subduing.

  7. I love this. I had a trainer in South Africa that trained dogs for the police. He had a German Sheperd 7 months old that could smell out explosives. very rare. he was so good he trained my German shepards in an afternoon to work on hand signals alone. I was grateful because my dogs saved my life twice after that.

    1. Only way I’d live in SA is if I had dogs like these, gun skills like John Wick, the armored vehicle Richard Hammond had down there and whoever would be the real life female equivalent of Rambo as a wife.

    2. @Jack Duck ha ha ha most real Afrikaner woman that comes from farm are Rambo’s! We are not afraid!!! But thanks for the info. Toyota 4×4, Toyota Venture best vehicles for our conditions and it has a 4 Y engine that I as a woman can fix myself!! Now I just need German Shepard s again!! Of and my CZ 85 because I am left handed

  8. I have a german shepard dog. I had a meeting with a dog trainer and my dog was 20 meters away playing with some stick and minding his own business. The dog trainer wanted to illustrate what he was saying by jokingly poking me in my shoulder. One second later my dog was on the trainer’s back, “defending” me. <3

  9. I like how even in beast mode, the dogs are smiling haha.. feels like the defending comes out of duty rather than anger

  10. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

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