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K9 Swat Action video – K9 Training Slovakia

See our K9 Police training video with Slovak Swat unit.
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44 thoughts on “K9 Swat Action video – K9 Training Slovakia”

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    1. a video má jednu chybyčku…je moc krátke 😀 neexistuje hodinová verzia? ani som nedýchala, viac takýchto videí prosím

  1. Wau, this video is awesome ! I have never seen that specifically trained police dogs ! It looks soo professional, like a part of a movie !

  2. The goodest boys ever <3

    edit: respect to all k9 dogs and their owners, the bonding is beautiful and truly warms my heart

  3. This is so professional. I watch dog videos on a daily basis and this is insane. I must promote this video to my community. Respect from Serbia. We can collaborate in the future if you agree. It would be very interesting to my audiences.

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