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Labrador dog training ,Tarikere, Chikamagalur, karnataka

Dog Name: TIGER. Trained by Dr Sumana Kishor,

41 thoughts on “Labrador dog training ,Tarikere, Chikamagalur, karnataka”

    1. English is not our native language, and am happy for those who make mistakes, you are permitted for errors in English but not permitted for our mother tounge. To hell with English, Jai hind vande Mataram

    1. Priyadarshini Dasgupta

      He is doing fine, please don’t shout even if not performing at one go, even we humans don’t get it sometimes.

  1. What a training ,..salute u !!!

    Loved it !!!

    1. srikanth dharma sastha

      Imagine having a dog like this. who comes with a dog-chain whenever he wants to go out.. or ring a bell when he needs to do potty.
      labradors are cute and intelligent breeds

    2. Labs are always hungry πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. You can feed him a full bowl of food and he will still be ready to go extra bowl and some treats!

    1. ΰ€ΰ€• ΰ€•ΰ₯ΰ€€ΰ₯ΰ€°ΰ€Ύ ΰ€ͺΰ€Ύΰ€³ ΰ€΅ΰ€Ώΰ€•ΰ₯ΰ€°ΰ₯€ ΰ€†ΰ€Ήΰ₯‡ ΰ€•ΰ€Ύ

    2. Hi friend, my puppy has got CANINE DISTEMPER, doctors are like it’s doubtful for him to survive, cud someone… Anyone please give me some advise, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ it will be helpful😭😭

  2. Some time ago, I bought a Labrador breed puppy, but I always had problems educating and taming him, he defecated everywhere, he barked at everyone. After seeing so many guides on the internet, I kept one and I can finally say that my dog ​​is educated and I am very happy.

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