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Labrador Retriever Puppy Training Guide – First Week Puppy Training❤️

In this video, we'll give you a Labrador Retriever puppy training guide that you can use for your first day home as well as for the first week home with your Labrador Retriever puppy. We have been seeing so many people here on the channel talking about preparing for their new puppy to come home, and in this video, you will see a few of the exercises you can do as soon as your puppy arrives in your home. These foundational training exercises will be important for teaching your Lab puppy "how to learn", as well as to begin building some value for YOU! These first steps in your Labrador Retriever training will set your puppy up to learn things faster, as well as teaching your puppy that there is lots of value in putting some effort in when it comes to working with you!

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Chapters In This Video
00:00 Start
0:29 Loading The Yes
2:01 Response To Name
3:25 Taking Food Gently
4:46 Snuggle Time
4:56 Toy Training
6:54 BONUS
7:40 Toy Training Part 2
8:18 Restrained Recall
9:08 Taking The Collar
10:57 Intro To Crate

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52 thoughts on “Labrador Retriever Puppy Training Guide – First Week Puppy Training❤️”

    1. She didn’t respond to her name ‘Midnight ‘as soon as I called her Girl Girl she ran and looked at me obeyed my easy commands And she loves To go to the Vet and the Zooms are to cute I say ZOOMIES…🥰🥰

    2. Your Teaching have been great went I 1st Rescued her she was 6weeks old omg I hired a Trainer from Humane society 💕💕💕🐾🐾

  1. Great video (as usual), i love your training techniques and how you explain everything. Cant wait for the next live video 🙂
    I have two black labs and this was nice to watch and remember them when they were that small lol

    1. Kelly Murphy im getting a labrador puppy in 5 days im soo exsited can i ask wats your dog name my dogs name is buguette his a boy

    2. 💜Party party yeah 💜

      I am getting a puppy in 1 week …. I have been asking my parents for a puppy from 1 year and finally they said yes… and that day is my best and happy day !! I cried of happiness….. soo just a week to my Labrador to come to me …. I am super excited

  2. That is one cute puppy! 😍 My yellow lab is 17 weeks old now and your Puppy Essential training program has been a huge help! 😄

  3. Does anybody watch these types of vids even tho they don’t have a puppy and probably isn’t getting one for at least a few years
    Just me?? 🙃

    1. Good for you . there are also some wonderful books.

      If your plan is to raise a hunting dog or a dog with a specific job. Then make sure you read the specifics of training for those disciplines. Lots of things should be done slightly different during basic obedience training!

      Hope ya get your dog. My wife and I are getting our 2nd lab puppy in 5 weeks!

      Ive trained several in the past; including our now 7 month old. She is amazing! Just gotta spend the time training!

  4. More of Hank’s training pls 🙂 Our Lab is coming 1st week september and your training video us awesome 🤩😍

  5. Who else here didn’t know what they were getting their self involved with getting a puppy. I sure didn’t, I got my lab mix when he was a week old and had to bottle feed him. Seriously, having a puppy in the house is like have a toddler in the house.

    1. Finally someone who relates! Adopted a 3 month old lab mix and training him has proven to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done😂 puppy blues is definitely a real thing but i know consistency and patience is key so im trying to not give up. Hes the most adorable thing ever!

  6. I just got a lab puppy last Monday so its been a week today 🤣 wish I found this a week ago lol but he’s actually doing really good. Natural heel, settled in his crate after 2 nights, already knows treat lures, sit, down, focus, spin, and learning on leave it. Been using your potty training techniques to better improve my teaching skills to help him catch on and its going well!

  7. I am getting a black lab next week and your tutorials are priceless for me! Thank you for your time and guidance, they will help me take care of my puppy in a best way possible. 🙂

    1. I have an 8 month old black lab and getting him was honestly the best decision in my entire life. Enjoy your puppy and during the hard pupy stage, remember that it will get better and you will never be able to imagine life without them!

    2. @Lucy Cardwell thank you for you kind words! ❤️
      I am very exited and ready to face all the puppy challenges throughout our time together…😃 🐶

  8. I cannot express how graceful I am to your super informative video! I’m expecting my black lab puppy in 4 weeks from now and this is vital! Thank you, you guys are amazing!

  9. Im getting a chocolate lab in 6 weeks, and I’m watching everything I need to know in my spare time. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Winnie shoop There really is no way to speed up time, but keeping yourself busy definitely helps. make sure that you got everything your puppy will need when they come home too, that definety helped me pass the time!

  10. My roommate just got a Black Lab (puppy) and this video was like watching our pup! Super helpful! Thank you for this!!!!

  11. I’m getting a black lab in less then 2 weeks!!!! Can’t wait to train him which all the tips and ideas 💡 you gave me .👍👌🏻😁

  12. This is been our first video for lab puppy training. So helpful! First week we repeated the exercises and things improved enormously. Our Lab was more happy secure and homely. Early days but this is our reference video. Biting clothes still an issue if you have any recommendations or links to further videos please send. Many thanks!

    1. I would assume, it’d be similar to them trying to use toys that aren’t toys. Reference: The toy training part of this video. Train them that clothes are off limits.

  13. Our trainer taught us a game to teach our new English lab puppy her name where we would throw the treat and say her name but we would only throw the treat again if she looked at us when we said her name, and then it just goes back n forth pretty fast….it’s a little confusing but she learned her name that way within 10 mins 😅

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