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Leash Pulling Training: How To Train ANY Dog to STOP Pulling Without Being Harsh!

Train any dog to stop pulling on leash! Thank you Pupford for sponsoring this video. CLICK HERE TO GET PUPFORD’S AWESOME FREEZE DRIED TRAINING TREATS:


Good news! Oryan has been adopted since we filmed this video! But there are lots of fantastic dogs available at every shelter in America!

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49 thoughts on “Leash Pulling Training: How To Train ANY Dog to STOP Pulling Without Being Harsh!”

  1. I got a puppy two weeks ago and I’ve been following your videos religiously, she’s turning into a nice, obedient lady. Thanks Zak 🐶 🐕

    1. This is constructive criticism so please don’t take this negative. Yes, you have a large following from owners who like you and hope your methods will give them the behavior they desire in their dogs. I have been studying different methods in training dogs over the years and know what works and what doesn’t. I have been an owner of packs for over 60 years. Your methods is like having an undiscipline child screaming in the store throwing tantrums. The parent to get their child to behave will give them candy or a toy. The child will only obey when treats are being offered. No treats then the child ignores and misbehaves to get the parent to give in. Your method is exactly like that. A dog will only behave if it wants a treat or toy being offered. Effective training the basics sit, lay, heel, stay, leave it, focused to please should only take a week or two the most and all is accomplished without treats or negative training. These commands from that week forward is always obeyed with one word immediately for the rest of their lives. No treat is ever given to coax obedience. You should honestly do a favor for all your fan base to re-evaluate your methods as to why it is not turning out high obedience behavior. There are some good and excellent training videos on YT to compare.

      Again, I am giving you constructive criticism because everyone deserves to learn how to have an obedient dog. More we can accomplish this, the less dogs end up in the pound because of behavior problems. I can’t rescue them all.

    2. a tip: you can watch series at kaldroStream. I’ve been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

    1. @Jungy yup my Belgian is 9 months, but still a nightmare. This method doesn’t work yet this guy will try it on with make believe. For dogs with no care for food this method is beyond a waste of time

    2. Yes this!! Mine is just a mess on walks and just pulls and sniffs everything. It’s gotten worse with having to quarantine her. If anyone has broke this habit please let me know. Also she has no interest in treats I’ve even tried chicken to no avail.

    3. Try your best to take the dog to an area where maybe there is less grass or other dogs, like a car park maybe, and do the walk n redirection thing when they are less overwhelmed n distracted

    1. I own an acd or blue heeler, and this most likely not work with them
      Zac George would rather use a front clip harness on a 7 month old instead of using a correction tool correctly

    2. @the smart mutts Front clip harnesses can actually hurt your dogs shoulders and restrict their natural movement.. any tool used incorrectly can become harmful.. if you use prong and choke chains correctly it doesnt harm your dog at all.. (Im getting my first acd in a few days.. any tips?)

  2. This was an extremely helpful start for me, I have a rescue and she is rough on a leash to say the least. I would benefit from more content like this!

    1. Roboh Gierlach my dog was the same way when I adopted him. But I got him a harness that clips in the front and took him on multiple walks everyday and he learned how to walk on a leash in less than a month!

  3. Thanks for your videos! They’ve been a huge help with my shelter puppies—who are both very food motivated and eager to please. We’re only going on short walks now since they’re so young, and with your help both of them walk beautifully when they’re walked on their own. At the moment I’m working on trying to teach them to walk together…that has been a much bigger challenge!

    1. Take the sheet off a bed you’ve been sleeping in for at least a week and line the crate with it. It is all about loving you and your smell:)

  4. Love this video. I never considered various treats on one walk! My dog Oliver thanks you hehe. I think getting a rescue who has been abused or neglected previously the main difference besides quirks that are to be expected is extra extra patience. It can be a challenge but the reward for the human and dog are ten fold.

  5. The format of working with shelter dogs is phenomenal! Extra work on a skill that could help them find a home is extremely valuable. Plus, the more people that see them, the better. Orion seems like a FANTASTIC dog. Keep it up!! 💜

  6. LOVE the shelter dog training! It’s helpful to see different types of dogs with different backgrounds/levels of training and it also makes me happy to know a shelter dog is benefiting!! 😊

  7. I absolutely love seeing you training rescue dogs. It makes me feel better about the world. This seriously has helped me cope with my depression just knowing that while I learn from your videos, you are increasing the chances that these dogs will find forever homes.

  8. Love that you’re working with rescues. Gives them “publicity” and makes them more adoptable with training. Great idea.

  9. I like you working with shelter dogs. I think it spreads a good message and reinforces that any dog can be trained. I think it throws you some variety with challenges too, since the dogs past is unknown sometimes.

  10. I really prefer when you work with rescue dogs. And how to work with the bad habits they may come with. Our rescue refuses to be in a crate, barks protectively with first impressions, pulls on the leash, and sprints out the front door sometimes. But he’s also a really smart sweet guy and we are his 4th home in the first year of his life, and I am not giving up.

    1. Try withholding food for a few hours .. THEN … drop small treats of high value stuff into the crate repeatedly. Do this well after pooch shows comfort entering. Then put a Kong in the crate w the door open and again when when you leave the house. REPEAT A pad or blanket inside is good. Never close the door for at least weeks and then BRIEFLY. Lotsof verbal praise. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE … you will get there. Pooch refuses to be PUT in the crate … of course! It is desensitization time since for whatever reason it hates/fears the crate.

  11. That was phenominal! Thank you Zak! My pup is 6 months old. She has some very basic leash walking manners, but is far from perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for! I’m going to start this kind of training in the driveway asap!

    1. Absolutely not. Super annoying when is your dog. Also kind of dangerous for the dog and any new person trying to walk them.

    2. ive trained several dogs and i see no issues with that as long as he isint pulling the leash or jumping on the handler. so that is not something any real trainer would correct unless they were training for sport or something

  12. Thank you for using such a high energy dog as an example! We have a blue heeler x border collie puppy and its really nice to see training tips in action on a similarly energetic and distractable dog 🙂

  13. Thanks for that info!!! I’ve had my dog for 7 years now and I’ve been trying on and off to work with her she’s super high energy and barks at everything- what I’ve learned recently is if I try to run and sprint with her she listens to me a little bit more because she’s happy and you’re right – letting your dog release energy helps them focus more. Thank you for these tips – I’m going to try to work on my dog more after watching this video -although she’s a tough to work with she gets distrActed by almost any kind of animal or bird that passes us by 😭

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