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Lives are at Risk Around This ‘Weapon on a Leash’ | It’s Me or The Dog

Tensions run high and Victoria Stilwell stays cautious as untrained Presa Canario shows unstable behaviour and lunges for the crew. Can Victoria teach this owner just how much trouble he is in if this situation continues?

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 3 Episode 4



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


78 thoughts on “Lives are at Risk Around This ‘Weapon on a Leash’ | It’s Me or The Dog”

  1. I think it was really smart of Victoria and her team to introduce this guy to those dog trainers. Not just for the reality check of his dog’s potential danger, but they’re basically the real version of what he is daydreaming of being. He wants to be a tough guy with a big powerful dog that listens to him. Well, here are people he will admire and listen to. They may actually be able to get through to him and guide him in how to train his dog.

    1. @Cruiser presa canario is the breed the macho attention seeking bullies went to when. Pit mixes were outlawed. . Google diane whipple, shawna L Wiley ” Presa Canario, a fierce smooth coated dog that was developed on the Canary Islands. They were bred for one purpose: fighting” from Google

    2. @Mallory G and the trainers had a spike collar on their pitbull 🙄I would never get a trainer who uses spike collars or choke collars or electric advices .. I can’t help but wonder why so many americans have to always pick the “easy way” instead of putting some work in to training.

    3. @Challie Wallie him and Casper are both reckless lmfaooo that’s why they get along.can tell his dog is loyal to him.

  2. Casper wasn’t bred for improving and preserving a breed the “breeder” only did it for money. The breeder not only gave an immature kid a powerful breed but encouraged him to get him as a protection dog and to keep him intact so he could be used as a stud so they could “get a few extra bucks in”

    1. @B. L.reputable breeders that are breeding quality dog’s have their puppy sold before they are born. Most good breeders don’t have a whole bunch of puppies every year they have maybe two or three at tops five breeding’s a year.
      People have been on waiting lists for two years or longer if they are waiting for a certain breeding. My breed of choice is the American pit bull terrier not
      American Bully not American Staffordshire Terrier not Staffordshire bull terrier not Bull terrier not pitterstaff or Bandog.
      ADBA,BFKC, SDR, purebred American pit bull terriers with a average price between $2500-$5000.
      People that breed dogs of this quality have a pretty strict vetting process as well as breeder contracts. Those who qualify typically agree with things such as.
      Registering the dog with
      ADBA BFKC or SDR,
      Providing updates,
      That the dog is not to be abandoned,sold, given away,
      turned over to a shelter, or euthanized.
      If for any reason the buyer is unable to care for the dog the dog is to be returned to the breeder. Failure to comply with any of these conditions is a Breach of contract that will result in legal action being taken against you.
      Also if a buyer is not afforded breeding rights they cannot breed the dog.
      Even if they did the puppies can’t be registered. With out the person they got the dog from finding out
      Because of pedigrees and stud books.
      A person who did breed the dog would not be able to. Provide paperwork for the puppies making them only worth a fraction they would be otherwise.
      Along with all of this a good amount of breeders that breed American pit bull terriers don’t sell them to the public and. Then out of the ones that do. Sell to the public only a few sell to pet homes.
      Breeders health tests these dog’s take a the steps in obtaining the proper documents so that the puppies can be registered. Most of these dog’s are sold to homeowners because of the difficulty renting with this breed. They sell dog’s to hunters and people who are involved with k9 sport’s.
      The American pit bull terrier is not the dog that shelters are full of they aren’t the dog’s running around attacking people and pets they aren’t the majority of the dog’s being rescued for dog fighter’s. Purebred American pit bull terriers have their DNA documented in data banks belonging to the organizations that register American pit bull terriers. People who breed these dog’s are always in the eye of the law it is what comes with this fantastic breed.
      When dogs are rescued during Stings on dog fighting rings the dogs are DNA tested so they can be matched with DNA in the data that the Registries have. In hopes it will lead them to the breeder who is selling fighting dog’s.

      So with how hard it is to obtain these dog’s And the stigma of having them. Along with the hoops that a person owning these dog’s must jump through making sure every little thing is done right. Because they are always looking for a reason to take our dogs.

      So with all the obstacles that already come with the American Pit bull terrier.
      Any thing else that will limit my ability of obtaining and raising the breed I love Is something I don’t want. I don’t breed my dogs and I keep my dogs the Entirety of their lives. I haven’t contributed to the worsening of the shelter problem in any way.
      Fixing it is not a responsibility of mine
      Personally if the shelter problem were to negatively effect my ability to get my dog’s or the way I keep my dog’s.
      I would seek out the humane destruction of all the dogs currently housed in a shelter the faster the better.
      No more shelter dogs no more shelter problem. Let me continue living my life that’s not causing a problem
      without a problem.
      My dog’s I’m glad I bought them!


    3. @Jessica By that logic then we should remove all women breasts to avoid a chance of breast cancer!!! Never let anyone feed you logic with a spoon, logic is understood not learnt. People like you are always the disrespectful ones, well recent studies show that castration for no reason can and will open a gate of health problems in the animal, also an animal is not a table for you to start chopping of pieces of him/her because it is convenient to you, if cannot take care of a dog (all intact aggression and all) then don’t simple.

    1. No breeds are naturally human-agressive. Top Canine professionals, including AVMA, agree on this point. Individual breeders, individual animals/owners are the problem.

    2. @Victoria Salter Not all of them, but he is right that it is actually something I noticed as well.
      A lot of those dogs are sadly owned by people in his age who just try to look tough and don’t put the effort on a proper training.

  3. He was quite self centered at the beginning, but apparently he improved. I hope that the two dogs are living a very happy life now

    1. I read somewhere he went to the trainning centre a few times here and there and then stopped , his dog did get worse , did attack someone badly and he was actually put in jail for it as they found out through this he knew the dog was dangerous, the trainners at the centre were called into court aswell , he was told what to do to stop that and didn’t , the dog wasnt on a lease when the attack happened , he allowed that dog to just walk freely beside him, I don’t know how true that is but if so I hope he got life the dog was put to sleep by a vet
      Wow so I just did some investigation into it

      So the dog bite someone, the judge spared this guy, ordered that Casper was to be fixed and not allowed in public with muzzle , he was also sued for a dog bite..he didn’t listen and then what I said happened

  4. One of the important things I admire about Victoria is that she tells her clients the hardcore truth without sugarcoating it. She doesn’t tell them what they want to hear and she is fierce when reprimanding their bad choices.

  5. Seeing him say that ” he would love for Casper to be like that ” with regards to the bully being able to launch and come back on command was unsettling….. Its sad that people don’t train and treat these dogs with respect and love that they deserve..

    1. Tbh I don’t think he meant it like that. I think he was more so talking about how the pitty actually listened. Where as Casper did not, and would just lunge and be aggressive.

  6. Owner: “Whatever you do, don’t act scared”
    The king Charles’ spaniel in the corner: “Well, I’M scared”

  7. I love how he is so devoted to his dog. Now this may change, I don’t know I’m only 6-7 minutes in. So far, respect. And I do hope he keeps it up.

  8. He was an eighteen year old who wanted a scary intimidating dog… What he got was a killer. Victoria is right, the breeder was irresponsible selling him that dog.

    1. Especially of all the breeds a canario. Like why the hell should an 18 year old ever get his hands on a canario unless his parents are professional trainers

  9. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

  10. Former owner of a Presa Canario: my dog was NEVER allowed to behave in an aggressive manner. From 8 weeks on he was in constant training. These dogs are no joke and the owner must be more disciplined than the dog.

  11. What really makes me laugh, is that these dogs clearly feel the need to protect these so called tough guys.

    Like “I got you fam, I can feel that sense of inadequacy you try to cover up all the time, I’ll make sure people leave you alone”.

  12. People and Dogs Sorted

    Great to see a professional linking up with other local professionals to help both dog and owners. Working together in so important. Good techniques and advice ❤️

  13. He’s actually so much better than 90% of animals owners. He is able to understand a problem and want to fix it for the safety of others and the dog. Take notes lol

    1. Unfortunately the owner didn’t follow Victoria’s techniques but instead bought a shock collar, which made Casper’s behaviour much worse. Casper ended up biting a person. Very unfortunate for the poor dog :/

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