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An Open Letter To Every Woman Who Wants To Eat Delicious, Authentic Middle-Eastern Food

Finally: You can get instant access to the finest array of rare Middle-Eastern authentic recipes that are super EASY and FAST to prepare… that you can wow your friends and family with. (Even if you have ZERO cooking skills) 

Dear Friend!

(from the busy kitchen of Chef Mama Naza)

Do You ever long for the delicious, Middle Eastern food your Mama used to make? 

Do You struggle to find recipes and food that give you that real taste of home-that you just can’t find in recipes online/offline or in restaurants? 

Do You ever wish You knew how to make Real authentic Middle-Eastern food Yourself that would give You and Your family so much comfort and pleasure? 

…I’m talking about delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make like this…

Yalangi – “Dolma”

Stuffed Grape leaves. So healthy and perfect for vegetarians. May be served as appetizers or as a main course. Yalanji are mouth-watering and delicious.


Traditional dish would be a huge hit for all your family and friends. It’s gorgeous to look at- even better to eat!


Stuffed with dates, ground walnuts, or ground pistachios…this delicious dish is popular throughout the Levant. It’s usually served with Arabic or Turkish coffee, and it is distinguished by its lovely shape with a sprinkling of sugar on it.



You and I both know it’s practically impossible to find recipes for cooking this type of authentic mouth watering traditional food anywhere online or offline today. And even if you do find some decent recipes-they pale in comparison to the quality and taste I’m talking about here. And they can be difficult to prepare and take a long time to make, right? Let’s face it…not having access to the authentic food from your homeland is like missing a part of your culture and family every day. Not to mention-missing out on all the delicious tastes your traditional food has to offer you. So what can You do? Well apart from getting on a plane or calling your Mama at some ungodly hour of the night to ask for her for help in Your kitchen – there are not many options open to you.

Until now…


The Delicious Middle-Eastern Recipes Of Chef Mama Naza

At last: Cooking authentic food from your homeland has become quick and simple with the recipes of Chef Mama Naza.

Just Some Of The Easy To Make Mouth Watering Recipes You Will Get From Chef Mama Naza

Here are just some of the mouth-watering recipes Chef Mama Naza wants to share with you…


One of the most ancient Palestinian dishes. It is the most delicious and interesting ravioli you’ve ever tasted! Truly magnificent!

Stuffed Artichokes

This dish is a “superfood,” looks gorgeous and is amazingly delicious. Enjoy all your compliments!


Everyone’s favourite food! Chef Mama Naza’s son eats one at every meal! Kohbe will always bring an extra kick and healthy sparkle to every meal!


This dish is awash in exquisite, exotic smells and spices reminiscent of Arabian splendour! It is a complete, comforting meal. Amazing taste – be sure to have copies of this delicious recipe to give to your guests.



These Mouth Watering Recipes Are An Incredible Investment, Here’s Why…

  • You will have authentic Middle-Eastern recipes that are impossible to come by anywhere else, online or offline.
  • You will have the comfort of home cooked food- no matter where you are in the world.
  • You will impress your family and friends with your food night after night.
  • You get EASY TO MAKE FAST recipes for dishes, you can create in minutes.
  • You will always have authentic recipes to make, to remind you of home at any hour of the day or night.
  • You get a massive variety of starters, entrees, and desserts.
  • You can give recipes as gifts to family and friends.

It’s hard to put a price on these recipes because there’s nothing like them out there…online or offline. These delicious recipes have been handed down from one generation to another for hundreds-maybe even thousands of years to Chef Mama Naza-and now You have a chance to own them for yourself. Very few people get to taste this amazing food and now you have a unique opportunity to get your hands on it and experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

I Invested Heavily In Time And Money To Bring These Magnificent Recipes To You…

I made numerous trips to Dubai to spend time with Chef Mama Naza in person and see firsthand the amazing food she makes for her family and friends in her community. I spent thousands of dollars getting the recipes translated into English…making many different translations and making sure no detail is left out. The result? …A series of authentic Middle-Eastern recipes for delicious food you can amaze yourself and your family with for the rest of your days.

Imagine Your Life 24 Hours From Now…

In just 24 hours from now or even later on today-You can have your first authentic Chef Mama Naza recipe made. You are amazed at how easy and fast it was to make. You never for one second imagined you could make food this great with no real skills or experience in the kitchen. Now it’s time to share this delicious comforting new food with your family and watch their faces light up when they taste how great it is. You have 10 new recipes every month…so you can try a new one every week or more if you like.

So Easy And Fast To Make…Even If You’re A Complete Beginner In The Kitchen

The wonderful thing about Chef Mama Naza’s food is that literally anyone can make it. You don’t need to be skilled or experienced in any way in the kitchen. The recipes are super simple and fast to make with just a handful of easy to access ingredients. It is the way the Chef Mama Naza shows you how to put the ingredients together that makes this food so special

Forget About All Other Recipe Books Or Scouring The Internet For Recipes… 

Here’s Why…

You simply cannot get the same authentic Middle-Eastern food recipes online or offline. They are just not out there. Sure-You can find commercialised recipes claiming to be real Middle-Eastern food, but when you look at Chef Mama Naza and Taste her food-you know you are getting something completely different from any recipes out there.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

You will receive 10 authentic recipes-straight from Chef Mama Naza’s kitchen for a variety of easy to make entrees, starters, main courses and desserts. The food featured on this page is just some of what you will be able to make and enjoy with your friends and family. Ready for you to make quickly and easily.

How Much?

Like I said already. These recipes are priceless. However, I need to put a price on them to cover our cost of running this site and advertising -so here’s the deal… Some people would pay up to $50 for a recipe book that will not give you the same authentic type of Middle-Eastern food YOU get inside Chef Mama Naza’s recipes.

And these books would not have a fraction of the amount of recipes or the same quality you are going to get. Act right now as in today and You will get immediate access to the first 10 amazing recipes for just $10… That’s a fraction of the price of just one recipe book. It’s not even the price of 2 coffees or a meal for one in a cheap restaurant.

And remember- these recipes are simply NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else.

Hit instant access button right now and get your hands on these recipes today.

Only $9.97 

Chef Mama’s Naza’s Iron Clad Guarantee

Order your these amazing recipes today and if, for any reason…or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied and amazed with the food and how easy these dishes are to make — just shoot me an email and I will refund your purchase immediately.

No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out.

Plus you get to keep all the recipes for yourself…just for trying them out.

Get These Amazing Fast Action Bonus eBooks If You Act Right Now!


10 easy to make middle-eastern luscious desserts: these mouth watering desserts are surprisingly low in sugar and infused with exotic middle-eastern spices that will make your taste buds ping with delight. They are easy and fast to make and will be a hit with any family member or guest

You’re At a Cross Roads Right Now…

You can of course do nothing here in which case you and your family will miss out on the amazing food experience and taste of home that Chef Mama Naza has to offer. That would be such a shame. You could go out there and try to get your hands on these recipes yourself or something close to them – but they simply do not exist.

The other option here to simply invest a small $9.97 and in return-taste Mama’s Middle-Eastern food like never before. Wow your taste buds and your family’s and feel close to home and to your Mama every time you step in the kitchen. It’s a no- brainer decision.

Hit the instant access button right now and experience Middle-Eastern food like never before today.

PSGet instant access to 10 of the most delicious Middle-Eastern recipes every month that you have ever tasted for just $9.97. 

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