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Max Mind Lean Body – The Over 40 Solution

Max Mind Lean Body – The Over 40 Solution
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Is the MAX MIND LEAN BODY System just another goal setting program with a little exercise and diet thrown in?

Absolutely not. Identifying your desired outcome and using the MMlb System as your plan for achieving it is only a small fraction of the entire program. It goes much deeper than that. Above and beyond the actual nutrition and training methodology the program is designed to help you rewire the way you think about your body, weight loss and your ability to develop physical strength well into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

I’m a woman and want to get leaner not bigger. Will I develop too much muscle on the program?

You can put on as much muscle as you want and not a pound more. You have all the control. The program is all about you taking back and owning your power. You decide to what level of intensity you implement the training system and that will determine how much or how little muscle you develop. Most importantly you will lose a lot of body fat.

How does the program help me “improve my mindset” for better, faster, and effective long term results?

It’s no secret that your attitude will determine your aptitude and ultimately your results. Dawn and I also believe your attitude is determined by your over-arching mindset around your body, health, fitness, and aging. The program uses the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, neuro-linguistics, and meditation to fundamentally change the way you think about all those things.

How is the WOMEN’S version of the program different than the MEN’S?

Both the women’s and the men’s version of the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method are similar in many respects. However we recognize the fundamental structural, hormonal, and objective differences between men and women and purposely took the time to develop two very distinct versions of the program so not to ignore but rather to better serve those differences.

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