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MindMaster: Powerful Sales Page With Convincing Testimonials

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With MindMaster you can achieve
your goals


Weight & Get in Shape

Boost Concentration & Memory

Be More Successful

Master Your Emotions

Confidence & Self Esteem

Quit Smoking

Curb Over-eating

Improve Athletic Performance

and much more…

How Does It Work?

By using subliminal text

and images to focus on your subconscious mind MindMaster

produces instant and powerful suggestions to your mind, your

attitude, your self-image, your habits–whatever you’ve

chosen to heal or help. MindMaster flashes your chosen

affirmations–both words and images–on your computer screen

while you work or play.

These Messages

Are Virtually Invisible!

You won’t even be aware they’re working
. But your

subconscious acts like a powerful receiver, taking them all

in and acting on them to make instantly to start changing

your life. Change so profound you’ll be astonished! Change

that comes from inside you! You’re still you, but it’s as if

all the layers that held you back have been stripped away.

You’ll feel a greater sense of joy in life, in personal

freedom, and you will bless the day that the

transformational power of MindMaster started making such a


Imagine what you could accomplish

with a powerful
subconscious belief in yourself! A belief that grows
with every minute you spend at your computer! Using
MindMaster you could be…


weight, – while you were downloading recipes!


the desire to pick up a cigarette, – while reading

your email

Becoming more

personable and attractive to others, – as you

surfed the web


your parenting skills, – while paying your bills



your business strengths, – while while

writing a report!


your powers of concentration and memory, – playing

video games!

Overcoming pain, – while you

work on your computer!

How do you re-tool your

subconscious mind?

It starts with a conscious decision: –

the decision to purchase MindMaster

Software. Then all you have to do

is decide who you want to be…

You choose the skills you

want to enhance.

You choose the powers you

want to expand.

You choose the habits

you want to change.

You choose the goals you

want to achieve.

 “Every thought we think is creating our future.”
– Louise Hay

    Success Stories

Gained Self Confidence &

Overcame Anxiety

World Renowned


Increased Wealth using


Relieved Chronic Pain

with MindMaster

Quit Smoking with



Happiness & Life Improvement


Gold Medalist

and Motivational Coach

Better Eating
Habits & Improved Memory

“… to my surprise I

seem to have stopped the major craving I have had

for ice cream…”

Dear Tony: I started the

program less than a month ago. It was easy to add

pictures and add affirmations. I have tried pills,

diets, and it was always a painful road which I

ended up taking a U-TURN back to my old habits.

The changes were very

subtle – to my surprise I seem to have stopped the

major craving I have had for ice cream (which I ate

every night with choc syrup and whipped cream!) I

still may have it if my husband grabs a bowl, but

the portion is much smaller…. I also use the memory

program: One of the affirmations are “I have a

photographic memory when I look at numbers in my job

or at my charge card, I have found I remember an

entire string by just glancing up at them! I’m

talking 6 or 8 non-sequential numbers!

My daughter says it’s in

my mind…. and you know what? SHES RIGHT! – Linda S., Arizona

Quit Smoking


“…my urge to

smoke has gone away…I don’t feel any desire to go back”

I have to be

honest, I was a skeptic at first. I have difficulty believing in

some products that claim to be ‘subconsious’ and what not. But this

time something serious happened. I couldn’t quit smoking. I tried

the patch and even an anti-smoking medication. They didn’t do the

job. I tried Mindmaster, and in less than 3 months, I can say with

gratitude, my urge to smoke has gone away. I’ve completely given up

the disgusting habit and I don’t feel any desire to go back. Wow. Thanks, Zack Savard



“I’ve also attracted and MARRIED my ideal mate, and

my health is better than it has been…”

Dear Tony: I began using

the MindMaster program just a few months ago. As

soon as I began reading the affirmative statements

in each section, I knew I was already programming my

subconscious mind to accept them as fact. Then, when

I started searching for pictures to match to each

statement, I knew I was reinforcing the concepts

consciously. Since that time, I have noticed an

increase in my productivity at my job and clarity of

thought and decision making. I’ve also attracted and

MARRIED my ideal mate, my health is better than it

has been, and I’ve been drawn closer to God than

ever before in my adult life.

The mind is our greatest

source of power, and I can testify that MindMaster

is the best and most successful means I’ve

experienced in unlocking the gates to that power.

– Mickey Busby





have recommended it to many of my friends who also

report great results.”

When I use MindMaster I

feel a sense of calm and empowerment that I sense is

missing when I am away… I appreciate being able to

adjust the program as I evolve- and grow. It’s

really a great program for those who believe in the

power of positive thinking.

I have recommended it to

many of my friends who also report great results. In

these challenging times- we need all the help we can

get. – Judy B.



“had it not been for your

software, I would still be filled with doubt about

whether it was prudent to pursue

my passion…”

Hi Tony: I just wanted

to send you a quick testimonial to share with you

how much I enjoy the “MindMaster” software. In this

short period of time I have already noticed positive

changes in myself. I currently work in a sales

capacity for a large multi-national consulting firm

but have always been passionate about writing…

Because of your program, I have decided to give a

shot at writing full time. I have completed my first

manuscript and am currently pursuing agents and

publishers. Honestly, I believe that had it not been

for your software, I would still be filled with

doubt about whether it was prudent to pursue my

passion. Now, it is full steam ahead… Thank you so

much for creating this brilliant program. I am

telling everyone about it!!!

Kindest Regards, Greg


Confidence & Productivity

“Mindmaster has opened doors to a more confident,

productive and balanced life”

Hi Tony, I have your

wonderful program and have been using it since the

day after I contacted you….or pretty close to that

date. Mindmaster has opened doors to a more

confident, productive and balanced life for, myself,

and a few of my clients! We, often, discuss the

effectiveness of Mindmaster and share results! I

recommend it to everyone who visits my site. Hugs, – Nancy


The Scientific Evidence Behind Subliminal Messaging


Suggestible is the Human Brain?

Scientists have known for decades that the conscious

brain is highly “sales-resistant.” But when subliminal

messages are flashed quickly enough to avoid conscious

recognition, they go directly to the subconscious, which has

no inherent sales resistance. This is what gives subliminal

affirmation messages their amazing power to retool the

brain. And remember: the subconscious is the real driver

behind our personality, our desires, our fears, our

self-image, and everything we dream about.

People From All Over the World…

Are Realizing
How Powerful This Software Is! Today subliminal technology
is being used for personal development purposes by millions
of people worldwide! Including Fortune 500 companies,
motivational coaches, athletes, CEOs, celebrities, students,
housewives, computer programmers, and even the US

MindMaster is Easy To Use

Simply download and install

MindMaster, pick your program affirmations and images and you’re

ready to start achieving your goals! Our support staff are

available if you should need any assistance

Click below to watch

a live demo


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