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Miracle Mastery
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I’ve seen someone knocked unconscious from more than 20 feet away with nothing more than psychic energy.

I’ve seen a a tiny, 105 pound woman effortlessly fling a 230 pound guy more than 15 feet across a room with one finger.

I’ve had a life-altering brush with Omniscience.

I’ve had profound experiences with Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body Experiences, Time Perception, Dowsing, Healing, Seeing the Aura, Invisibility, Materialization, and even Bi-location and Teleportation.

I know exactly how to prepare.

I know how to summon the energies, what to think, what to do, what it feels like when you are getting close, what to expect at each stage of an ability as it manifests.

Most import of all, I know what *not* to do as your psychic skill begins to manifest. In the course of my psychic experimentation I made a mistake that set my psychic development back by years.

Let me be your guide so that you can avoid those kinds of missteps and advance upon this incredible journey with confidence.

Hi Dave.

I bought your book Miracle Mastery for a scientific treatise.

I’ve never read anything like it in my 83 years of life on earth. I mean that as compliment. It made my hands tingle… and I’m only half way through it!

Thanks and best wishes,

– Albert Whillock.

Miracle Mastery is my Life’s work.

I wrote it because I finally found the information I was looking for
my entire life and I want to make it easier for others to share in these
extraordinary abilities.

Try my tools and techniques for yourself and feel for yourself how they work.

I am so confident that this is the finest information of its kind that I will even back it up with a full 60 day, no-hassle, 100% money back guarantee.

Please don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you made a mistake by ignoring this offer when you can so easily try it for yourself and feel it working.

This book is not available in stores, and this offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Don’t miss out.

Practice the exercises that I teach and you will actually feel your own power, health and vitality growing day by day as you practice.

You will create your own proof, because the day will come when you feel like you are going to burst with spiritual energy… and then you will.

Miracle Mastery offers you the chance of a lifetime; a chance to experience a day just as I did many years ago. A day where you suddenly find yourself laughing and crying in stunned amazement as you look in wonder at something that can only be called a miracle that you just performed yourself.

Hello, Dave!

I am a big fan of yours, and I absolutely loved your book, Miracle Mastery.

It was hands down the best information I have ever seen about this subject, and nothing I’ve found compares. I have recommended your book to many other people who wish to learn.

Thank you for your book and the dedication you put into it to get this information out to those who need it!

-Tyrone Micheals

What will your first miracle be?

A healing?

A materialization?


Let me share with you the wonder that comes
when Science meets Spirituality.

You won’t believe the power that comes from when scientific principles are used to uncover the most powerful methods to connect you to your spiritual energy.

Let me show you the exact, step-by-step methods to apply that energy in ways that will seem incredible for those who do not understand.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

Did you know that technology is defined as “The practical application of science”?

Miracle Mastery is all about the science of your mind, the science of your spirit, and the “spiritual technology” that is the result of uniting the two into a force that can literally change the world around you.

It only looks like magic until you understand how it works!

Miracle Mastery will give you exactly what you need to begin your own spiritual evolution so that you can finally realize your *true* potential. Its easy, step-by-step exercises let you develop at your own pace. You will actually feel the energies gathering inside you as proof that you can do it.

WOW, what a fantastic book! I can’t tell you how blown away I was…

Actually, I can: I am so grateful I read this!

It’s removed any last lingering doubts of skepticism within me (and there were a lot more than I realized!) through the methodical detail to real-world science and understanding of the way energy actually works.

I’m a deep-tissue massage therapist myself, I’m really noticing a difference when I sense the energy moving through me. Even my clients notice the difference.

Everything makes SENSE now, and I look forward to getting more and more “aware” each and every day!

It REALLY connected with me.

-Elizabeth H.

This course was written to offer anyone exactly what they need, without all that mystic mumbo jumbo.

Even though Miracle Mastery explains the science behind Miracles and how to make them, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it. The science is in there if you want it, but you will come to understand the entire process simply by doing the exercises in the book.

How are these physical, “Miraculous” psychic abilities possible?

Most people go about their lives applying mere shards of their potential to the problems they face and in the pursuit of the goals they desire. As a result they need to work very hard to overcome those problems to make any progress at all towards what they truly want.

They struggle heroically in their efforts to get ahead in the mistaken belief they are doing things the best they possibly can, or sadly, that they are doing things in the only way they can.

They are going through life with the equivalent of one hand tied behind their back because no one has ever taken the time to show them how to use the other hand. Since they don’t understand their own potential they are satisfied at their small but hard won victories.

My friend, you are capable of so very much more… Let me show you exactly how to get it.

Miracle Mastery not only gives you the tools to figuratively and literally change your life, it gives you the understanding to use them to their greatest potential.

Imagine trying to split a log with an axe that has no handle. Sure, with enough time and energy it can be done, but it won’t be easy, clean, or fast… There is a better way.

As we integrate more of our facilities, it’s like adding a handle to the axe…

…and then learning the proper grip.

…and then the proper stance.

…and then the proper distance to the log.

…and finally: the proper swing.

When all of the pieces come together on the same problem at the same time, it is possible to accomplish in one perfect, “Holy” swing what a week’s worth of hacking and frustration could not. You get a fast, clean, beautiful cut, not a hacked up mess.

Miracle Mastery assumes you are starting from the beginning, and teaches you everything you need to optimize your body, mind and spirit, and then how to integrate them so that the whole is much greater than the sum of those parts.

Once you are there, I will show you exactly how to make literal miracles by the correct application of these 4 elements:


In order to accomplish the making of an honest to goodness miracle, you need to learn how to bring All facets of yourself and your energies into a single, perfect focus.

In the psychic context as in so many others, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is called “synergy”, and it is this extra energy that “Holy” people can bring to bear that the uninitiated can not.

This single skill, this “focus” alone is sufficient to change every facet of your life for the better, and not just for your psychic skills and abilities. Your work, your play, your relationships, everything becomes easier and better..

When all aspects of your self are working harmoniously towards the same goal,

amazing things become possible, and even commonplace.

You will see this for yourself very soon after you start using the exercises in my course.

Focus is a critical piece of the puzzle, and it’s certainly more than enough to bring incredible improvements in your life, but it’s not enough to bend reality to your will.

To do that, you are also going to need…


Let’s face it – Mastery of *Extreme* psychic abilities is not for the weak of spirit.

Turning invisible, moving objects with your mind, or creating solid objects from “thin air” requires a tremendous amount of pure power. That’s why Miracle workers need to have a *lot* more psychic energy to draw on in order to do what they do… but don’t worry:

Miracle Mastery teaches you exactly how to develop and manipulate your energies

and how to apply them so that you can experience these amazing psychic skills for yourself.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions in my course and you will not only discover how to master your own internal energies but how to dramatically expand that energy into something truly magnificent.

I’ll even teach you the rarest, most powerful psychic skill of all time: how to use your personal, “internal” energy as a catalyst to summon *vast* amounts of additional energy from your environment to use as you see fit.

You will feel the energy coursing inside you and command all the energy you could possibly need to accomplish the truly miraculous things you’ve always dreamed of.


Power without control would be a disaster waiting to happen.

That’s why Miracle Mastery contains easy to follow exercises to help you learn incredible control over your mind, body and spirit.

These three become the foundation for all that follows; a true “Holy Trinity” that unlocks the nearly limitless potential that is waiting for you.


Even with all the pieces in place, your newly discovered focus, power and control can not brute-force your way through a miracle.

You need to understand “how it all works.” Once you understand how the material world works and your relationship to it, suddenly everything makes sense!

Miracle Mastery will teach you how to instinctively understand where and how to apply a gentle nudge to the fabric of reality to generate spectacular changes in matter, space and energy.

You will discover exactly how to work in harmony with natural laws and with nature itself!

Hello Dave.

Thank you very much for Miracle Mastery!

This has simplified and added so much clarity for me. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

I am thrilled to have this available to me!! Thank You, Thank You!

– Michael E. Joyner

How to make a Miracle

The human body is surrounded by a field of living bio-energy that many call the “Aura”.

This energy field is kind of like electricity, but it’s not quite electrical. It’s kind of like magnetism, but it’s not actually magnetic. In fact, it is a field of “undefined energy potential” that surrounds you just waiting for you to give it purpose and direction.

The aura responds directly to your thoughts, emotions and to the physical state of your body. With practice, you can learn how to change the size, density, shape, color and “energetic” properties of the Aura so that it can do very specific things…

If you want to influence an electronic device, you would change the properties of the aura to resonate with electricity. If you want to snuff out a candle flame, you condense the aura over the wick until no oxygen can reach it, and poof! The flame goes out.

The Aura is like a psychic “Swiss Army Knife” that can perform incredible feats…

if you make it strong enough and if you know how to use it.

Unfortunately, in most people the Aura is like a muscle that never gets used. It is so weak and delicate that it doesn’t have the power to accomplish anything even if you knew exactly how to use it.

In fact, for most people the Aura is so underdeveloped that if it actually got extra energy from somewhere else it wouldn’t be able to handle it. The end result is that you end up getting dizzy or passing out. (This is one of the reasons why people often faint during spiritual healing.)

Miracle Mastery takes you by the hand and shows you *exactly* how to gently, safely, and steadily increase the amount of energy that your Aura can contain, as well as how to alter, focus and control that power so that you can start doing amazing things with it.

For the really exciting stuff, you are going to need even more energy than your Aura alone can hold, and that is why I’ll show you the ultimate secret: How to summon and manipulate vast amounts of external energy so that you can pull off psychic abilities so extreme, they are literally MIRACULOUS!

Once you have all the pieces in place, Miracle Mastery gives you the specific “recipes” for 16 different kinds of extreme psychic abilities in all three different classes of tangible psychic phenomena:

Condensation Class – The ability to summon and focus the energy from your surroundings, channel it into a specific area and then impart additional attributes to it.

Projection Class – The art and act of projecting energy, usually by way of the Aura to a specific target and with a specific purpose, often to add additional energy to a system or project a force.

Manipulation Class – The ability to freely convert matter to its component energy, manipulate that energy and then reassemble it into matter of a different configuration or at a different location.

Because all the principles are clearly explained, you will understand exactly how it all works so that you will even know how to produce other effects that are not specifically listed.

Miracle Mastery assumes that you are starting at the beginning with no knowledge or skill with psychic development, and then explains every step clearly.

You will learn what to do, how to do it, what not to do, and for those that want to know… even how it works and why.

Beginners to psychic development will actually have an advantage in that they have no bad habits to unlearn and can actually make very fast progress.

Some “psychically experienced” people may be surprised to learn that what they have been doing in their attempts to unlock their psychic skills is very likely the same set of techniques that were abandoned by the “psychic elite” long ago because they are considered dead end techniques.

People using these flawed techniques would see some weak or partial results and get excited because they didn’t know any better. Then they would continue to practice these in the mistaken belief that they are making progress towards something greater.

Unfortunately, using these “broken” techniques is like running down a dead-end alley: It feels like you are making progress right up until you reach the wall, and then there is simply no where left to go.

Miracle Mastery will teach the right way to unlock your *full* psychic potential by showing you the real exercises that will completely shatter your old limits while at the same time guiding you around the pitfalls that could impede your progress along the way.

When I first stumbled across your book Miracle Mastery, I was extremely excited. I was trying to develop my psychic abilities for a while now, but it was impossible without proper training, and now I really see why it was so hard.

I saw value in the book even from the first free chapters, but when I went on to read the rest of it I was completely thrilled. All the pieces came together!

I was completely fascinated. Your explanations were such a beautiful new way to look on ourselves and our lives. Even though some things sounded so incredible that I was skeptical, now I see, “Everything IS possible… Literally!”

I started doing exercises with commitment and faith, and I was blessed with experiencing some of the extraordinary things described in the book for myself!

Your encouragement and support was simply priceless.

Thank you!

– John S.

Why is this information being released now?

Obviously, the incredibly powerful secrets that I am about to reveal to you have been hidden for a long time, and until recently it was thought that they would need to remain hidden… but something remarkable has happened that changed everything.

It started back in 1906 when a great experiment was attempted.

That experiment was to release a very small piece of a very powerful and ancient secret to the public in a book called “Thought Vibration” by a man named William Walker Atkinson.

The book created a minor stir in a few very limited circles, but in spite of the power of the information it contained, it didn’t create the wave of positive change that Mr. Atkinson was expecting.

As it turned out, most people of that time simply didn’t “get it.”

Still, the information was not abused either, so the experiment was put on hold until relatively recently when this same information was re-released to the public.

THIS time, it made quite a stir:

The book was #1 on the New York Times best-seller list, and at the time of this writing, it has been on this prestigious list for more than 147 weeks and has been translated into 35 different languages.

You may have heard of it.
It was aptly called:

“The Secret.”

This powerful secret is based on a principle called “The Law of Attraction”, and most people are surprised to learn that this information is not new…

It’s even older than the version published in 1906.

“The Secret” has been around for literally thousands of years, but it was kept hidden from the general public before the experiment because it’s keepers believed that it was too powerful and humanity was not yet ready for it.

The experiment was to release this small fragment of the puzzle and see how humanity would respond.

Back in 1906, the people did not realize what they had.

When it was re-released recently, the results were as good as could possibly be hoped for: Those that were not spiritually evolved enough to understand what it represented still ignored it, while those that *did* recognize it’s value used it responsibly, and beautifully to aid their spiritual growth and development and generally make things better in every area of their endeavors.

In short, while the message was made available to everyone, only the people it was intended for “got it”.

Humanity passed the test not because everyone was spiritually evolved enough to benefit from the message, but because those that were not tend to wrap themselves so tightly in their cloak of ignorance, disbelief or disinterest that there is no danger of them learning skills that are beyond their spiritual maturity level.

The Secret proved that important, powerful ideas would only reach those who were ready for them.

Are you ready?

If you follow the news at all you have probably noticed that things seem to be getting rougher lately: More frequent and larger Earthquakes, Floods, Environmental Disasters, Climate changes, Pollution, Drought, Famine, Disease…

The Secret was released when it was in part because “enough of us were ready to hear it”, but also because we have a lot of challenges that we must face very soon.

This is a crucial time to prepare ourselves by learning how to use some powerful new tools for the job ahead.

“The Secret” is a small part of those tools.

Miracle Mastery is the rest of it.

Hi Dave! I’m very excited to tell you this. I’m reading your book about lucid dreaming and when I tried it yesterday IT WORKED EXACTLY AS YOU SAID.

I feel very excited that it worked on just my third day practicing. The most exciting part was realizing that the cue to know I was dreaming went exactly like I practiced it. I was so excited when it worked that I wanted to tell someone.

Thank you, Dave!

Why like this?

I’ve had people from all over the world beg me to teach them what I know, but I’ve only had the opportunity to work with a small percentage of them directly.

As much as I want to teach this extraordinary information to as many people as possible, it saddens me greatly that there is simply no way for me to personally instruct so many sincere, deserving people from every corner of the world. Taking on students with the “old school” personal instruction approach would severely limit the number of people that I can share this information with.

Instead, for the last three years I have worked tirelessly to distill the the most important ideas, techniques and exercises from my thirty years of psychic and spiritual research into a stand-alone course that would be extremely effective for people at all levels of their psychic development.

I have worked closely with a select group of people with a sincere interest but with no experience in accessing their psychic abilities to ensure that the information contained in Miracle Mastery contains everything that someone brand new to these ideas will need for their success.

With their help, I have created the definitive work on the development of physical psychic abilities and I’ve done it in a way that is easy to understand. I also address their questions, fears and misconceptions as well as point out the common stumbling blocks that could potentially set them back years in their own psychic growth, just as they had for me.

All of this ensures that Miracle Mastery permits anyone to learn these amazing secrets as quickly and easily as possible. Offering Miracle Mastery through this limited time offer through the internet also allows me to offer it to a far greater number of people and at a much lower price than I could through personal training and seminars.

Are you ready?

If you are fascinated with the idea of creating deliberate, *physical*, psychic abilities then you need to read this book.

I have condensed decades of research, study, practice and experiences into the most concise, practical, *incredible* manual ever written on how to use your innate psychic energies.

Thank you for an extraordinary book!

I am thoroughly enjoying everything about it – from your writing style, to your experiences, to your explanations.

I can go on and on, but I would rather get back to reading and practicing the exercises – which are worth the price of admission on their own!

-Neil Dhawan.

How Soon Will YOU See Results?

Let’s face it… if God-like powers were effortless, then everyone would have them.

You will not read my book and magically have super powers without putting in the effort.

If you think this is a book of “magic spells” where you can utter a few words and suddenly wield the powers of the universe, or if there is any kind of short cut to unleashing the most extraordinary abilities that mankind possesses, then you are very much mistaken.

Traditional ways of cultivating these skills are a closely guarded secret that typically take many, MANY years of rigorous training, but I’ve developed a much better way.

The skills and abilities I hope to teach you are very real, but they do take time and dedication to unlock…

Not much time, though: My training techniques are extremely specialized and can be done in as little as 20 minutes a day. I’ve narrowed down *exactly* what works from all of the fluff, rituals and mysticism that surrounds the traditional methods.

My techniques work much faster than any other methods because they are extremely specialized, but how long it takes for YOU to see results is a combination of your dedication, willpower and how much effort you are willing to invest in yourself. It is unique to each individual. Most people will take months or possibly even years before they see anything really dramatic, although spontaneous results may happen much sooner once you start practicing!

I understand that this time frame may be disappointing to you, but this is the simple reality of this *VERY* special training.

Just as you can’t master the coordination, skills and techniques needed to master a musical instrument overnight, it takes time to build up your psychic muscles and master the mental control that you need to succeed.

On the bright side, I have some great news: I have pioneered a unique, power house training method that will let you simulate what it feels like to have and use these exceptional abilities in a training environment *much* sooner than you might expect…

Maybe even within the week!

By combining the techniques of lucid dreaming that you will learn in my free bonus gift “In Your Dreams”, you can practice these radical psychic development techniques while you sleep in your own personal psychic training ground.

Not only do you get to experience what it is like to use these abilities very quickly, but this technique will help you align your subconscious mind for success and allow you to develop the real abilities *years* faster than any other method.

Quite simply, there is no faster way to unlock these abilities on your own.

I’ll tell you more about your Lucid Dreaming bonus and how it works in the next section, but in the mean time, remember this:

No matter how long it takes for you to develop your abilities…

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see results!

Never before has access to these incredible techniques been made so easy to access, but you’ll need to act quickly before this offer is withdrawn.

Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering about what might have been if you’d only acted in time.

Order now and you won’t have to spend 30+ years of your life learning new disciplines, or finding, translating and decoding rare manuscripts in the hopes that you get lucky and discover a piece of the secret.

You won’t have to pay $600 or more in airfare just to reach the correct CONTINENT where you *might* be able to find a teacher.

You won’t have to leave your friends and loved ones behind to study at the feet of a master.

You won’t have to donate all your worldly possessions to prove your dedication.

You won’t have to endure grueling physical, mental and emotional hardships to prove that you are worthy to study these techniques.

If you have an open mind, a sincere desire to unlock your own incredible potential, and you are willing to invest even a little time in yourself every day, you have a very, very rewarding path ahead of you!

Just click the button below to get started:

Try Miracle Mastery right now and when you order now I will also include some outstanding bonus material to help you get results even faster:

Remember when I said you might be able to experience what it is like to have these abilities within the week?
Your first bonus is how:

Free Bonus #1:

In Your Dreams:

The Complete Guide to Lucid Dreaming

A Lucid Dream is when you “wake up” inside your dream so you can take conscious control of your dream environment.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and yet the experience is as real as your waking life. Every sense is accurate. The sights, the sounds, the sensations, even the tastes and smells are incredibly real.

The part of your mind that creates your dream environment has a much closer connection to the psychic powers and abilities that you are trying to develop.

Practice the psychic abilities you want to learn in your dreams and your mind starts developing the connections that will help you experience the REAL abilities much faster than you could in any other way.

By learning how to control your dreams, you are learning how to make this part of your mind work cooperatively with your conscious mind when you are awake.

Having 100% of your mind working towards the same goal at the same time is one of the trickiest skills that you will need to master to unlock your powers, but thanks to lucid dreaming you can do it quickly, easily, and even have a lot of fun doing it.

While you are practicing your super-powers, you could travel to exotic locations in the blink of an eye, know the exhilaration of flying like a bird or to breathe underwater and swim with dolphins, even see what it’s like to live in a house made of diamonds or visit Atlantis!

You can literally live your dreams while getting closer to achieving your waking goals!

This $50 course is yours FREE with your order!

Free Bonus #2:

Practical Teleportation:

The Art of Space/Time Transposition

This tiny book is one of the most bizarre I have ever encountered and is truly a diamond in the rough. You need to read this if you have any interest at all in the art of Teleportation.

It’s original format was a collection of hand typed pages stapled together that I found in the “damaged manuscripts” section of a rare book store. It was missing the first few pages, but it is mostly intact, and I am fortunate to have one of the very few surviving physical copies in existence. I have never seen another physical copy of any Arklinski materials since.

This wacky little manuscript is written in an informal, unpolished style by someone who clearly has first hand experience with the subject and presents excellent instructions on how to recreate his experiences.

This book was the first material I ever found with descriptions that solidly corroborated my own experiences with Teleportation and BiLocation and it contains excellent, instructions including many details of what to expect.

I have salvaged what I could from the original, damaged version and annotated it with many of my own observations and experiences… including a trick that overcomes much of the awkwardness that the Author encountered when he first learned this magnificent art.

Free Bonus #3:

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

For more than 2200 years, this was “THE” book about psychic and spiritual abilities.

The Yoga Sutras of PATANJALI was written more than 200 years before the birth of Christ but is still fascinating to read and offers excellent insight into psychic and spiritual development. This version was translated from the original sanskrit and offers a commentary to help modern readers understand the contexts, meanings and concepts of the original.

To this day it still contains one of the most definitive lists and descriptions of the tangible psychic powers and abilities that we are discussing here, but it doesn’t tell you how to actually *DO* them… THAT’s why I wrote Miracle Mastery!

The book also talks about the less tangible skills like developing knowledge of the past and future, how to speak and comprehend all languages, telepathy, Ascension, how to negate the need of food and water, and a great deal more!

Free Bonus #4:

Thought Vibration and the Law of Attraction

This is the book that I mentioned earlier… The original classic written by William Walker Atkinson back in 1906 that set the stage for “The Secret” as it is popularly known today. This is the same information that landed the modern version on the NY Times best seller list for 147 weeks!

It contains a wealth of absolutely fantastic information that will help you cultivate and dramatically improve your mental and psychic skills to help you permanently change your life for the better.

In addition to the original Law of Attraction it also contains outstanding material on developing willpower and mental control, how to transform negativity into a powerful force for positive change, how to develop powerful, positive mental habits and how to channel dynamic internal and external forces to achieve your desires.

Its mental training methods and exercises are also extremely well suited to help people new to psychic development cultivate the perfect mind set to learn the tangible, physical psychic skills contained in Miracle Mastery!

Claim Your Copy Now

YES! Dave, I have an adventurous spirit and I am ready to learn the most powerful Psychic and Spiritual development techniques ever developed.

I know this information is not available in stores and this offer may be withdrawn at any time, so please show me how to unlock my natural abilities to make literal, *physical* Miracles right away!

  • I understand that I will receive INSTANT digital access to the complete Miracle Mastery course.

  • I understand that by ordering now I can dramatically speed up my training by using your incredible Lucid Dreaming bonus course as my personal psychic training ground so I can get real results much faster, and have a lot of fun while doing it!

  • I am placing my ordering right now: Please include my additional FREE gifts, including the Practical Teleportation course as my bonus for acting quickly!
  • I also understand that that I have 60 days to examine the course for myself and if I am not completely satisfied in that time I can return it for a 100% refund, backed by ClickBank, the largest retailer of information products on the internet.

Order Now for just $27

Miracle Mastery and your Free Bonus materials are electronic books delivered in PDF format and you will be able to download them as soon as you complete your order. You could start exploring the most powerful psychic development secrets ever discovered for yourself in just a few minutes from now!

Special Note: These materials require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view. While most computers already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, if yours does not you can download it for free by clicking Here .


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