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My Dog Calls a Trainer (FEAT. TOM DAVIS)

My Dog Calls a Trainer (FEAT. TOM DAVIS)

Big thanks to our favorite dog trainer and friend Tom Davis. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel:
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Pearl came over for the week and stirred up a ruckus. Tucker put his paw down and called in reinforcements to help Pearl with training; however, the tables quickly turned when Tucker was the one that needed training!

What was your favorite part???


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59 thoughts on “My Dog Calls a Trainer (FEAT. TOM DAVIS)”

  1. I love when Tucker makes phone calls!!! His fluff and wrinkles take over. Hilarious and adorable 🥰

    This was perfect. Y’all have a very balanced life that is reflected in Tucker’s behavior. It’s clear that y’all take time to train and reinforce training to ensure he’s happy and healthy. Will continue to follow! Side note: your filming is really good!

  2. When Tucker said “OMG NOT PEARL” he would be thinking “Why does Pearl have so much energy she never slows down and obviously how can I forget those sneak attacks she is an evil shark doggo”

    1. @Beena Shawki and you just described a puppy! puppies look cute from outside but they are such lions, trexes, sharks, etc, demons when you actually meet them haha. doesnt help that they have sharp teeth!

  3. My fiancé always ask me why I watch these videos, simple, they’re cute asf! The dogs always make my day and I love the editing and subtitles! 😍

    1. Courtney’s husband is extremely involved in filming the videos. We may not see him often but he’s the other half of producing the videos. I love how he shows Tucker affection. What a lovely family. ❤️

    1. Aww well having a dog is hard work I wanted a dog and I have one he’s a lot of hard work 😓 even becouse I have a cat and a fish and a dog but it’s okay having a dog is hard work so I don’t really know if you could handle it 😅 you can have one if you want one but I’m warning you it’s hard work

  4. I LOVE the videos of Tucker. I started watching him when my sister showed me a video of him doing a taste test a few years back. Since then, I’ve been HOOKED to watching Tucker, I also got my Dad to watch Tucker last year, Linda, you and Tucker and other YouTubers got me through the most horrible and difficult year of my life that being 2020. Now that 2021 is somewhat returned to normalcy, I still watch your videos.

  5. I can’t get over how much little Pearl has grown, she was like the size of a large rat the last time tucker saw her 😣✋🏻

  6. Linda’s editing skills are WHOLESOME! Like come on, let’s appreciate how hard she thinks of her dogs emotions and how accurate she fits their thoughts into their reactions. Tucker is growing up sooo fast. Pearl too! Their so adorable.

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