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My Dog Won’t Stop Pulling on the Leash! (Feat. Jason Derulo & Jena Frumes)

In this vlog, we welcome Jason Derulo & Jena Frumes to the ranch whose Belgian Malinois, Ghost, won't stop pulling on the leash.

00:30 – Introduction
01:35 – The Belgian Malinois and the importance of giving a dog a job
02:42 – How to NOT use a leash properly
03:45 – What a leash should mean to a dog
04:24 – Importance of Trust, Respect, and Love
05:17 – How to Stop Dog Lunging
08:16 – Introducing the Treadmill to Ghost!

We go over the importance of exercise, knowing which tools to use to create the outcome you want, and one creative way to exercise your dogs using the treadmill!

Watch how I am able to address this issue and be sure to stay tuned for my new show premiering July 30, 2021 on National Geographic.

Remember, the most fundamental lesson is that it’s important to be aware of the state of mind of your dog and YOU!

Pay attention to your posture and how you lead your dog. What is causing leash pulling or your dog from barking too much? What are the triggers?

In the end is always…

Exercise, Discipline, Affection!

Can I Help Solve this Case?

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68 thoughts on “My Dog Won’t Stop Pulling on the Leash! (Feat. Jason Derulo & Jena Frumes)”

  1. Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think of this video and what else you would like to learn! Blessings

    1. My dog has a server social phobia. He always runs away and hide from people/strangers. Do you have any related videos or recommendations ?

    2. Hi Cesar, can you do a video to calm a very excited dog before a walk. I have a german shepherd x saluki and she is so excited on a dog walk she pulls like crazy. After she has been out running and playing for an hour+ she walks well on the lead. Thank you 😊💓 loving all your videos.

  2. Best advice I ever heard was when Cesar, “said get a dog that matches your energy level and lifestyle.” People picking breeds for the wrong reasons!!

    1. @Gonçalo Nunes True. But sometimes you may need a certain breed if you want a dog for a specific reason say you want a dog that can herd, you would consider what breed would be good at herding naturally. But you are right tho.

    2. We have a springer spaniel and I say this all the time to my partner. If Oz had to live in an apartment he’d ruin your life. He needs a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise a day. 3 hours and he won’t annoy you at 7am 🤣. We are super active and are fortunate enough to have a ton of space, so he gets his exercise and mental stimulation. I just know there are springer owners who think they have misbehaved or mean dogs because they have the canine embodiment of Tigger and keep it inside all day.

    3. Yes sometimes we picked breeds for the wrong reasons but we should do our task to be the leader and give the Natural, Calm, Profound way on whatever breed we’ve chosen🌿

  3. Hard to imagine cesar came from Sinaloa didnt have no family in the U.S. slept under a bridge was homeless then he proceeded to walk dogs as a hobby then that hobby turned into a profession now hes a famous dog trainer very inspiring

  4. The common sense before getting a dog is research the breed and really evaluate your lifestyle and environment before getting a dog. And at the end of the day dogs need an outlet. Most of their behaviors can be corrected with structure and exercise.

    1. Very true I’ve been reserching dog breeds that would go well with my 6 rabbits and other animals for the past two years.
      For mee this is not something to take lightly my bunnies lives are in my hands and I have to mentally prepare myself to train my dog for a long time

      Some people dont take animals seriously

    1. The malis get such a bad wrap, highly intelligent breed, hyper yes but an unbelievable loyal and loving breed, mine really was just an absolute beaut 😍

    2. 🚨Another acting video “if your dogs pulls you show them who’s stronger then they will stop but he called Ceaser to teach him that”😂😂😂😂 Bravo more acting for clicks smh

    3. Exactly.
      I’ve always wanted a Belgian Malinois but I can’t because I don’t have the time or the space right now. I couldnt do that to the dog because it would be bad. They really are a wonderful breed and a great companion but you have to be prepared and know what you’re getting into.
      One day though.

  5. Will watch once again as I always do to take more sensitively details out of the content you share – very gratefully! Appretiation to the fullest plus Thank You.

  6. I’m thinking, “a world traveling entertainer with a Belgian MALINOIS” should have an assistant to work with, train, entertain them. It’s a working dog. He’s super intelligent. He’s needs a everyday practically all day job

    1. You have no idea what their daily routine is. Jason derulo hasn’t been busy doing shows and traveling if you pay attention. He more of a at home tiktok influencer the past couple years. And Jason derulo probably excercies with him everyday.

    2. Purebreds.R.A.Myth‼️🤷‍♂️

      How u know wtf he doing? And if & when he travel how u know he don’t take it with him? And you obviously just a hater cuz even if you weren’t a fan you would know he hasn’t done a show or anything in literally years dumbass. The caucasity🙄

    3. @Purebreds.R.A.Myth‼️🤷‍♂️ you imply presumption to my post that doesn’t exist, and react to your made up implication, and proceed to project your OWN dumbassery, and attribute it to me, based on the presumption you made up… 👍
      Plot twist: there IS no kettle, you’re just a lonesome pot🤯

    1. Cesar was only homeless for the first 2 weeks he was in the US then he found work at a dog groomers and they allowed him to stay on the premises. Cesar went from strength to strength on his own from there.

    2. @Happily Cauley Vlog I would say because they’re not crated or left alone all day while their owners are at work or too busy/lazy to spend time with them. They can also walk around and see the world and interact with other dogs. They aren’t crated or spend their lives isolated in a back yard or continually shouted at or reprimanded for everything they do.

  7. PianoLove: Sophie and Me

    It´s always great to feel your energy again, Cesar. You taught me calmness in every taugh situation. Thanks!

  8. Solution: rehome the dog to a home that will actually properly engage the dog (scent work, agility, flyball, dock diving, lure coursing, hiking a few times a week, biking, running, obedience training) instead of keeping a high energy, high drive, extremely intelligent breed with people that are going to put it on a treadmill instead of actually working their dog.

    1. Quirks and Other Perks

      @Nalesh Hewavithana My border collie is scared of cows/sheep and has hip dysplasia. Please stop trying to diagnose my dog and his care online to a complete stranger. He gets amazing care and I’ve worked with dogs for over 15 years, and although I’m always open to learning, I don’t appreciate people coming online throwing opinions around, which goes back to my original comment; stop judging without having all the info.

    2. I agree I made the mistake of adopting a high energy dog well my bf did and it was not fun we are super chill we are active here and there but he is a puppy and he’s already high energy those two being together caused us to be irritable with each other everyday we decided we would be suited better with a slightly older dog maybe 3 years of age with medium energy if a 30 min walk to an hour a day type of dog. Plus this was our first dog and at some point we felt lost I told him don’t feel bad about your decision our sanity is important and if we cannot give this dog quality of life we don’t even deserve him. Someone will adopt him (loving and handsome, just not good with other dogs yet.)he’s a great dog very trainable but he’s just a pup rn! Not to mention his prey drive was crazy high we realize I have a cat when I tell you he wouldn’t ever leave my kitten alone my cat would run and hide constantly I felt terrible tried defusing the situation trying to teach him he’s just his friend but he would barley listen only sometimes!

    3. They are deservingly of a dog as much as you or me are. You’re not better than them, they no better than you. Stop thinking that way.

    4. It’s not just the high energy. That’s easy to rectify if you are unselfish enough, but their dog has developed aggression issues. High energy plus aggression? I can’t see them, especially Jason, putting in the work to stop that behaviour. He’ll put the dog on the treadmill every day that’s it, because he could get sued if his dog attacks something or someone. A treadmill is better than nothing I guess, but dogs deserve to leave the “den” and experience the world and socialise with other dogs.

  9. I love that jenna said “we don’t think we’re doing it right.” GOOD ON HER! I love the honesty, it will work in her favor of adapting more easily to and understanding her dog’s needs.

    1. How about understanding a dog needs before actually getting one !? Especially a GSD it’s a machine lol not an Instagram flex accessory

    2. That dog was given away, 100% guaranteed. They just went oh cool, military badass dog, lets get one… They are this dog’s bitches.

    1. This is EXACTLY why we have YouTube! 😂 If he’d taken a moment to watch videos here, he’d have known what breed suits his lifestyle!

    2. Really sad that they put the dog in a machine instead of going to the mountain, thats what a beliagn malinois need, not a walking machine. Sad.

  10. this was great, also really good to see Jason as a celebrity trying to take care of the dog and making efforts to get him trained and all, some would just get the dog rehomed or ik many celebs would just hire a carer for the dog and not pay it any attention except for a pat here and there whenever they’re home. Love how humble they are :)))

  11. Cesar all I can say is thank you for all that you do for these dogs. It’s amazing what we can learn about our habits and just a few corrections if will listen to the “right” person. God bless!

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