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Your online personal training and well-being platform!

Online workouts, weight loss nutrition plans, calorie and macro-nutrients calculator, results tracking software and mental well-being support, all at your finger tips!

Delivered to you by West London Personal Training

Transform your physical and mental health in just 6 weeks!

Can you lose 6% body fat in just 6 weeks? fat burning workouts, weight loss nutrition plans, calorie and macro-nutrients calculator and results recording software, there’s noway you can’t! See you on the other side.

Health Assessment Software

Set up your starting body stats and track your performance every couple of weeks

Fat Melting Workouts

12 body sculpting workouts, suitable for the complete beginner and also the elite athlete

Fat Loss Nutrition Plans

There’s a meal plan for everyone! You can also track your calories using our meal tracker

Mental Welness

Learn about your mind, stress, anxiety, positivity and lessons on how to become unstoppable

My platform has been designed with 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, specialising in weight loss and fat loss and also as a practitioner of Chinese medicine as a TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncturist. You will receive the perfect blend of east meets west with your mental and physical well-being. I have trained thousands of clients online and at my studio over 20 years and there’s one thing I never get bored of, it’s helping a client reach their fitness goals! Get yourself registered today and let’s get you losing 6% in body fat in just 6 weeks.

Deepak Bhangu (Dip Ac TCM)

Personal Trainer & TCM Acupuncturist

West London Personal Training

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  • 12 online workouts

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Calorie Calculator

  • Results Tracking Software​

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Most Popular Offer

  • 12 online workouts

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Calorie Calculator

  • Results Tracking Software

  • Daily Communication

  • 30 Min Telephone Consultation

12 months access

Corporate Access

  • 12 Online Workouts

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Calorie Calculator

  • Results Tracking Software

  • Daily Communication

  • 2 FREE Live Sessions p/m

  • 30 Min Telephone Consultation


The best PT around – the fact that he is always fully booked shows this! Dee pushes you during your sessions you and leave feeling happier and healthier!


Great and efficient training sessions. Having been training at various gyms over the last 20 years, I’ve found this service to not only be training efficient but also cost efficient.

Sharmila Patel

Sharmila Patel


Tailored workouts and nutrition plans with excellent results. The best in west London always accommodating. Thank you Dee!

Raj Simba Sambi

Raj Simba Sambi


Dee is an absolutely amazing trainer! I’ve been training with west London Personal training for just over 3 years and I cannot recommend them enough! After years of battling with my weight I’d finally started to see some great results with Dee! Amazing service and great great value for money!


Dee is a brilliant PT and fully motivates and looks after his clients. He has made exercise both fun and productive. Thank you!!

P Shah

Dee was recommended to me by a good friend, I knew I was overweight and had to do something about it.

After the initial assessment, Dee put a plan in place to help me burn off the pounds and tone up my body. Within the first 4 weeks I had lost over 2KGs through going to Dee and following the nutrition plan he suggested!

Overall so far I have lost over 20KGs by going to Dee through personal training, the online workouts and the nutrition plans Dee suggests.

If you are looking for a personal trainer who helps you change your body and mind Dee is the ONLY person to go to!


I’m always amazed at what West London Personal Training can offer for a robust work out but also from a health and nutrition point of view. The equipment is always well maintained and there’s enough of it that I don’t have to worry about how to vary my workouts! Coming here has really helped me to get fit and strong. It’s no secret that I was a ‘couch potato’ but with help from West London Personal Training, we put in place a workout and nutritional plan. As a result my weight loss and body fat percentage has lowered considerably. Knowing which foods to eat and when, to achieve my goals, has been invaluable advice! All the PT classes I’ve attended, I have found them to be really fun and enjoyable. Having access to My PT Pal supplements the work I do in the gym. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the ‘noise’ that’s out there in terms of workouts and nutritional advice; but MY PT Pal clears away all that ‘noise’ and gives me everything that I need, from fat burning HIIT workouts to carefully crafted nutritional plans. Another great thing is that I can access all this information 24/7.

I highly recommend this quality personal training!

Indy Moto Bestie Pannu

Indy Moto Bestie Pannu


Dee is such an amazing Personal Trainer, he is equipped with all the knowledge and gear to help you reach your goal. He tailors the workouts based on your requirements. He guides you through nutrition, helping you keep on top of it.

I have been training with Dee for almost 3 years now and I’ve lost so much weight and feel very toned. When I walk out after finishing my training not only do I feel physically good, I feel mentally amazing too! That’s due to all the efforts Dee puts in promoting mental health.

He is Gem of a person who is so passionate about what he does. Highly recommend if you are looking for the absolute best PT☺️

Sonam Bhourlay

Sonam Bhourlay


I cannot recommend Dee of West London Personal Training enough. He’s knowledgeable, super friendly and very supportive.

I’d been going to the gym for years, but lacked the motivation and interest to push myself, so never really saw any difference in the way my body looked or felt. Dee helped me achieve my body goals within the space of a few months through weekly 30 minute training sessions (literally everyone has noticed and commented on the change in my physique)

I was a bit apprehensive before my first session as my previous experiences of PTs weren’t that great (especially as the sessions would take place in intimidating, male-dominated gyms) but I was really made to feel comfortable in the space; it’s a clean, private and professional set up and he has great taste in workout music!!!

Every workout leaves me feeling amazing (and exhausted). Dee does just the right amount of pushing, so I always feel a sense of achievement after every workout.

What makes Dee so unique is that his knowledge of fitness is supplemented by his knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, so he’s able to give super informative and in depth nutritional guidance too. Further to this, Dee is also an acupuncturist, and I truly believe that my health journey has been massively supported by acupuncture sessions with him – I started acupuncture in a bid to overcome some anxieties and improve my immune system and feel as though the treatments are working great for me.

Personal training with Dee has not only helped with my fitness, it’s impacted the way I view food, the way I deal with stress and anxiety and has given me a huge confidence and energy boost.

Super grateful to have met Dee, I really really can’t recommend him enough.


I have been training with Dee for over a year now and I have seen amazing results. He’s an awesome PT. It’s not just the training he also gives the wrap around care with regular motivational messages to keep all his clients in check. You also get all the online support and meal plans. He pushes you to believe in yourself from day one, so you get you get your desired results. He really is an amazing PT and I would highly recommend him.

Trustpilot rating score: 4.7 of 5, based on 27 reviews.

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