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Neglected Golden Retriever Gets No Love From Family | It’s Me or The Dog

Snooki is an adorable Golden Retriever puppy that was bought on a whim. But after the first few days the family turned on the poor dog and now neglect to give it food, activities and attention. Can dog expert Victoria Stilwell save the situation, and Snooki, before she is forced to report the family to Animal Control and get her taken away?

It's Me or the Dog USA: Saving Snooki

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


83 thoughts on “Neglected Golden Retriever Gets No Love From Family | It’s Me or The Dog”

    1. @N S It most likely said, “Why do they think they can take care of a dog if they can’t take care of themselves?”

    1. @BrightStars ! or pizza or donuts. But anyway they should get moving and eating healthier as well as taking good care of their poor dog

    2. @Magic Shop Studying true golden retrievers needs at least to be walked and exercising at least twice a day 20-30 minutes. But they are not even walking with snookie or giving her enough exercise to be a healthy and happy dog

  1. I love how Victoria is so outgoing like she’s not afraid to use her voice or speak out to people 😀 love this show and keep the dogos safe!

    1. Micaiah Dawson loves wolves and dogs :3

      I love dogs so much in the shows just amazing! I love how Victoria is outgoing too! I’m gonna find this show right now!

  2. im astounded by how well behaved the dog is despite being so neglected, imagine how much she would blossom with proper care and training

  3. Dude: “I think the dog should just be chained up outside on a pole, because I really don’t want her.”

    Me: Uno. Reverse.

    1. These things can effect your dog’s life’s:yelling at your dog to much can effect its life so be carefull when telling your dog of

  4. I love how joey owns the dog and felt guilty for not taking care of it too well and now hes stepping up and actually giving back what the dog deserves to have ♡

    1. @rattyboo because WE didn’t get a dog and take that responsibility and they 100% would be to prideful to give the dog up so it could have a better owner =/

  5. 5:40 is like being in a toxic relationship and one person is saying “we’re not over until I say we’re over.” 💀

  6. Joe is the type of guy who comes from a crappy family but has great work ethic and ends up providing for the family

    1. Yess I really hope the two work together in the future and reach their potential 😊 the dad has his flaws, but he was trying. The mom and other son… they’re both clearly underachievers, but I blame the mom because she likes to act like the victim when she is the one putting people in situations they didn’t ask for. I have a narcissistic father who is the same. They put you in a hole that they created and then whine when things don’t go like they expected. It’s sad, but there’s some hope in that family at least.

  7. Hopefully that son moves out soon and brings Snookie with him. He’s the only one in that damn family who should have the dog. It’s sweet seeing how he had zero interest until he found out how smart his dog actually was. Now he’s all over the training and stuff. So out of everyone in the house hes the only one who deserves that dog.

  8. I got told I was a bad dog owner because a puppy was given to me, I didn’t ask for it. After a month I realized I really couldn’t potty train him. So my friend really wanted him and I gave him to her. My family said I’m a bad dog owner because I gave the dog up…umm, I think if you can’t take care of something, animal or a child, and you give them to a home that will love and take care of them, you’re not a bad person, you’re actually better. But whatever…

    1. Sometimes it’s for the best, even if it’s the hard thing to do! You even found your dog a new home instead of dropping it off at a shelter.
      My friend had too many pets, so she had me take one of her cats, and although it was hard for her, the cat is very happy in our home, so we both know it was a good choice.

    2. @Delaney Hard I’m with you 100%. It’s irresponsible backyard breeders and those who don’t neuter and spay. And there are reasons to breed dogs as well – working lines, like your collies have a place. I am a horse person and it’s the same for horses – lots of irresponsible backyard breeding and lack of control over people breeding poor quality horses and lack of good training results in the market crashing, lots of horses needing homes…’s not those who are responsible because the time, money and reputation behind it are enormous and just wouldn’t happen.

      And I’m sick of people blaming professionals who put their lives into breeding quality dogs and horses for the problems in the industry!

      And to the original poster- I think you made the right decision. But please never make comparisons between children and animals. It’s never the same.

    3. @KianaDoesCod I disagree majorly. People need to adopt AND shop *responsibly*. A good breeder will not let any dog they have bred end up in a shelter due to their contracts. They do not add to the problem. Mills do. Strays do.

      What do you think a family should do if they can’t take up the unknown history of a shelter dog? Not everyone is able to handle that responsibility and training. Is it really such a bad thing for them to end up with a well-bred, even tempered puppy? Or how about someone wanting a dog for work, take a Border Collie for example. Do they not deserve a dog? I think not.

      Did you know s/n before sexual maturity can cause health issues in dogs? Even AFTER sexual maturity, dogs can have issues due to s/n. By being intact, dogs are able to grow their muscles and bones out properly, in a way that a dog without those hormones can’t.

      S/N is a decision that shouldn’t be taken oh-so lightly. There’s pros, sure, but some pretty major cons as well. It’s a persons choice whether or not they want to leave their dog intact or not.

    4. @KianaDoesCod Additionally, don’t support animal rights. It’s completely different from animal welfare. Animal rights believes that animals should never be used nor owned by humans. Animal welfare believes in the fair treatment of animals under humans.

  9. What a sweet well tempered dog! She didn’t bark at any of the guests or show any aggressive behaviors. This family doesn’t deserve this dog!

  10. I’m so happy with the way she’s handling them no sugar coating straight to the point doesn’t care if she’s being nice or not only cares ab the dog I love it!!

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