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NEW 2020 Barbie Sets Noodle Maker, Swimmer, Dog Trainer, Wild Life Vet Haul Video

Today in Cookie Swirl C's video: Mattel has sent me a box of new Barbie dolls to check out. Thank you Mattel for sending me these sets for free. Each set is brand new for 2020. How cute is the Noodle Maker Barbie were you can use the dough to mold out food!
The Swim 'N Dive Barbie comes with a puppy that can really dive in the water while Barbie can pretend to swim. Chelsea Soccer set she has fun playing with 2 puppies! And the newest Ken doll sets are the Dog Trainer and Wild Life Vet sets!

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Did you see the COLOR REVEAL Water Color Change Surprise Barbies:


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