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Obedience Dog Championships – Day 3 – Crufts 2013 (Jenny Gould & Zakanja Bitter ‘N’ Twisted)

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Obedience Dog Championships from day 3 of Crufts 2013 with Jenny Gould & Zakanja Bitter 'N' Twisted.


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54 thoughts on “Obedience Dog Championships – Day 3 – Crufts 2013 (Jenny Gould & Zakanja Bitter ‘N’ Twisted)”

    1. Stunning dog except it is practically walking haunches and will have to have hip replacement surgery and will live its older years in pain. What the AKC has done to this breed is criminal.

    2. @Kim Harrington hip test and research people. ‘Straight backed’ can be worse and is a BYB term. You want a healthy dog? Then buy from a responsible breeder who health tests. They have angulation for a reason too.

  1. that’s some really intricate heeling work.  it makes the akc obedience heeling a piece of cake.  all dogs seemed to have 100% focused attention in crufts obedience.

  2. Beautiful dog. Amazing how he keeps the perfect attention through such a long time. But then, he loves what he is doing here

  3. absolutely beautiful work. dog makes great eye contact. and the prance of the front feet is awesome. my dog is trained to heel. but to be honest I see no use in constant eye contact for a working dog. but looks really good in trials. my dog is a master in tracking and has picked up scents over 20 hours old with multiple items!

    1. Why do the handlers not fade the hand on the hip? They obviously can do everything to a really high level so leaving the hand as a lure/cue has always baffled me. I just assumed their was some old reason.

    2. Josh Morgan if the dog had a leash, the left hand would be in that position. It keeps everything the same with our without the leash.

    3. @Josh Morgan, the left hand position is according to the rules of this competition (UK). In other countries like Germany, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal … . the left arm moves naturally, just like the right.

    4. @EmmmaBri Tarot, you are wrong. Study the history and behavior of dogs, in particular “Human tracking instinct”. A large proportion of dogs do not even need to be taught, it is inborn. Nakanja is one of those cases, it is 10/10 in connection with its owner, he was a super happy dog and he made its owner super happy. People who know dogs see dog and owner happy.

  4. okay, my dog is smart and wants to do stuff like this, but I somehow feel like I will be the idiot between us, not listening to the judge and doing something wrong so the dog doesn’t get the points. . .

  5. 9 minutes of focus from a brilliant dog and its handlers. Thanks Crufts 2013 for uploading this video.Loved it.

  6. When they say obedience they ain’t kidding. Almost 10 minutes of commanding a dog (and the owner I might add). Those dogs are simply awesome (and very smart).

  7. I spent the last 2 years training my shepherd to heel like this, went to her first competition….she’s weirded out by the crowd of people clapping. Thanks covid. We still did well but lost her attention a few moments on the heel.

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