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Off The Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination

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Off The Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination
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Discover How A Skinny Computer Nerd From Minnesota Uncovered A Little-Known Secret That Skyrocketed His Deadlift From 245 Pounds to Over 600 Pounds While Forcing His Body To Pack Slabs Of Rock-Hard Muscle Onto His Shoulders, Traps, Back, And Arms…

My name is David Dellanave, but my friends call me ddn, and just a few years ago I was a pretty average lifter. My deadlift numbers were stuck and didn’t seem to be going up at all.

And it’s not like I wasn’t trying – in fact, TRYING was all I did! I tried every single deadlift program under the sun, religiously following the instructions, just hoping to get a little stronger, a little bigger, a little better. I tried…

  • I tried low-volume programs where I only focused on high intensities and heavy loads – but my max never went up.
  • I kept deloading to improve my form, but no matter how perfect my technique got, my deadlift didn’t improve and I wasn’t putting on any muscle working with baby weights!
  • I tried Westside Barbell’s world-famous system, to no avail.
  • I tried high-volume programs with tons of sets. All I got from this was a weakened immune system, getting sick all the time!
  • I even tried a famous program from a well-known Russian coach that did nothing but drive me into the ground with no progress to show for it.

But no matter what I tried, I would always just end up injured and in the same place that I was before. I always thought I was making a little bit of progress, but then I would end up “tweaking” something and my progress was immediately STOPPED.

I went on this “roller coaster” for a number of years before stumbling upon a little known secret that skyrocketed my deadlift and my muscle gains…

This secret has allowed me to take my deadlift from 245 pounds to 605 pounds, and become a world record holder in my weight class for the deadlift (And in case you’re wondering, the secret I am talking about is NOT steroids. I am all natural and have the blood tests to prove it.)

I was asked to take a steroid tests on the day I set my Jefferson Lift World Record & won the meet.

I was asked to take a steroid test on the day I set my Jefferson Deadlift World Record.

And on top of that, as my deadlift numbers shot up, I started to pack on pounds and pounds of rock-solid muscle to all of my weakest body parts.

My arms, shoulders and back blew up practically overnight. I went from a skinny 168 pounds to a jacked 205 pounds and 10 percent body fat in the blink of an eye.

Since then I’ve achieved triple-bodyweight deadlifts in four variations and gone over a thousand pounds in partial-range deadlifts. I can deadlift 365 pounds with one hand or one leg. I’ve pulled 225 pounds for 50 reps in under a minute. My training logs track over 30 variations of deadlifts, and I sometimes deadlift five days per week. I’ve never been beaten in a deadlift event in contest.

I’ve shared some of my deadlift secrets with major publications like T-Nation & Men’s Health, helping guys all over the world add pounds to their deadlift and mass to their frames.

And these miracle results haven’t just been a one-time thing. I’ve been able to replicate these shocking improvements with all of my male and female clients.

You see, in addition to my own lifting, I also run two gyms in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

And since discovering these deadlifting secrets, I’ve been able to skyrocket the deadlifts of “everyday” men and women in just a few weeks.

These men and women aren’t genetically gifted or even athletes for that matter. Most of them are between the ages of 20 and 60 and they work normal jobs while lifting with me just a few times each week.

And the best part is…

The men continue to pack on more muscle in all of the toughest areas to get bigger in: Bigger shoulders, bigger backs and bigger arms start to pop up practically overnight.

And for the ladies, they can’t believe the difference in how much better their arms, legs and butts look after a few weeks using these deadlifting secrets.

Just take a look at some of the MASSIVE improvements I’ve helped lifters just like you make:

The Biofeedback Breakthrough That Changed Everything

My frustation with being stuck, injured and not making progress changed literally overnight, on a cold Saturday in the middle of a Minnesota winter. In circumstances reminiscent of a spy movie, I was introduced to something that I would never have believed if I didn’t experience it for myself. This was a moment like something out of The Matrix. Just like Neo, I was being offered two choices. I could either take the leap and see how deep the rabbit hole went, or wake up in my bed believing whatever I wanted to believe. Lucky for you and me, I took the red pill and my training changed forever.

I was invited to an exclusive underground seminar where experimental techniques were being discussed. These shadowy figures were on the very cutting edge of the science of training. And during this seminar, they demonstrated to me that there is a way to figure out exactly the type of training stimulus your body needs at any given time.

Imagine knowing without a shred of doubt the exact weight, the exact reps, and the exact sets you should use for optimal progress. Beyond that, this technique can also be used to help you train around injuries and keep making progress. (In fact, it can help you avoid injury or resolve existing injuries, too.)

I know, it sounds impossible. It sounds too good to be true; it even sounds like magic – but it’s not magic, it’s science.

The technique I learned at that underground seminar is all related to a little-known concept called Biofeedback Training.

Now, if you want the technical definition of biofeedback training, it’s:

“Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.”

A more basic definition of Biofeedback Training is a method that collects information from the body, and then uses that information to teach the body how to perform more effectively.

At the time, Biofeedback Training sounded great in theory, but I was still skeptical. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t taken the plunge and tried it.

I saw the results for myself — and then again and again — with clients and others who had applied the principles. Using these Biofeedback Training principles I had learned, I was able to add almost 200 pounds to my deadlift in the first year alone. The next year was almost as impressive, adding another 150 pounds taking me all the way up to a 605-pound deadlift at a bodyweight of 185.

And, as I mentioned, I wasn’t the only one making such remarkable progress, my clients – regular joes and janes – were too.

I don’t just help regular guys, though. Even best-selling authors like John Romaniello and seasoned fitness professionals like Bret Contreras call me when they want deadlift advice.

Within the highest-level circles of the fitness industry, my name is pretty much synonymous with the deadlift. Sure, my reputation is partly based on the impressive results I’ve produced for myself and my clients; but the real reason I’ve become so highly regarded is that I’ve made myself a student of the deadlift. I’ve studied classic powerlifters and strongmen from as far back as the 1800s, and in doing so, I’ve rediscovered many of their long-forgotten secrets. In fact, in recent years I’ve helped to revive old school deadlift variations and bring them back to the mainstream – helping people get stronger and pack on muscle like never before.

Why A New York Times Best-Selling Fitness Author Was PISSED That I Wouldn’t Share This Information…

On a recent trip to New York City, I had the chance to hit the gym with my buddy John “Roman” Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems. And although we were excited to train together, our session got off to a slow start…

Now, John’s no fitness slouch. He’s a best-selling author, a veteran of the fitness industry for over a decade and one of the biggest names in fitness right now. But, like anyone else, he’s human. Even fitness experts hit a rut — which is what happened to John. Not only had he hit a strength plateau, he’d been experiencing extreme pain in his low back. As a result, he’d basically given up deadlifts!

Because he’s my friend, I really wanted to help. Although I normally keep the recipe for my Secret Sauce close to the vest, I suggested he try some Biofeedback Training. When I explained it, he probably thought I was crazy…but he was desperate and willing to try anything. I coached him through the process, first testing his range of motion, then making adjustments and re-testing him.

In just 10 minutes, we figured out the exact stance he should be using for deadlifts, and the exact rep range he should be training with. Long story short, over the course of our session, John had an incredible first experience with Biofeedback Training. Not only was he able to pull more weight than he typically uses, it was the first time he was able to deadlift pain-free in almost 8 months!

In his words: “Mind. Blown.”

The funny thing is, over the course of our training session, John got angry with me. By the end, he was legitimately pissed off.

John wasn’t mad about his deadlift PR, he was mad that I hadn’t told him about Biofeedback Training before.

You see, I’ve kept mostly quiet about this information and these techniques over the past several years. While I was quietly using this information to train hundreds of clients at my gym, The Movement Minneapolis, for a long time I refused to share any of this information – even with my close friends. John couldn’t believe I was hoarding all this information about the deadlift – much less about the Biofeedback Training concept. He admonished me for it, and told me that I needed to write a book by the end of the summer because “it’s a book that needs to be written.”

After a few months of procrastinating, I set out to create the book John insisted I write. In the end, I wrote dozens of pages about the deadlift, including every variation you need to know about to level up your deadlift and put on massive slabs of thick muscle.

I compiled all of this information and organized it into a comprehensive program that I am excited to introduce. That program is Off The Floor: A Manual For Deadlift Domination.

Here are some of the secrets revealed in the program:

  • How the common mantra of “core training” is costing you pounds and risking your back health.
  • What type of deadlift will widen your back, blow up your traps, and give you erectors like tree trunks.
  • Not doing these lesser-known variations is easily costing you 25 to 50 pounds on your best deadlift.
  • The truth about lifting straps – and it’s probably not what you expect it to be.
  • Deadlifting for high volumes – the piece you’re missing.
  • The one cheap thing you should add to your gym bag to nearly instantly give you jacked forearms.
  • The deadlift variation you least expect is the one most likely to help your back pain.
  • The weird-looking deadlift that might be exactly what you need to unlock greater strength.
  • The key to perfect form that multiple world champion and freak of nature Dimitry Klokov knows, and you think is wrong.
  • Why you must change your form when you progress from beginner to a more advanced deadlifter.
  • How to deadlift more often – and put on more muscle – than you ever thought possible.

The manual is as comprehensive as they come, and includes information on:

  • Biofeedback Training 101: Everything you need to know to start implementing Biofeedback Training for yourself. You’re going to learn how to use the most advanced piece of training technology on the planet to tell you how to train smarter. Hint: it’s not a Tendo, an OmegaWave, or an iPhone with a gadget attached to it.
  • Deadlift Training Guide: Lessons I’ve learned on my quest to become a human crane – and coaching hundreds of people along the way.
  • Deadlift Exercise Library: Every critical deadlift variation you need to know. Think the deadlift is as simple as conventional or Romanian? Think again. These variants of the deadlift are the key to unlocking faster gains and unlimited progress.
  • The Off The Floor Program: I’m going to be honest, in the end I want you to use Biofeedback Training to become the master of your own programming, but before you’re ready to do that you need a stopgap. The Off The Floor program is going to outline exactly how to implement all the concepts I lay out in the book for maximum results.
  • Accessory Exercise Library: I would sign up for a program that involved nothing but deadlifting, but unfortunately you’d be shortchanging your results. Carefully chosen accessory lifts will round out your strength and speed up your deadlift progress.
  • Special Topics Section: Want to know how to destroy the competition at your first (or next) meet? Have a nagging weak spot in your pull? Curious about the core controversy? This section will finally answer these questions for you once and for all.

When I finished writing it, there was so much information that covered so many topics I knew I needed help making it more cohesive. In other words, I needed an editor – badly. Lucky for me, I happen to be marrying Ms. Jen Sinkler, one of the most badass fitness editors in the world. Upon reading it, she remarked, “You wrote fifty-freaking-three single-spaced, 12-point-font Word document pages about deadlifting. You’re insane.” “Insane” may be too strong a word, but it’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve been called. So, I took it as a compliment. The fact is, I simply love deadlifting, and I poured everything I have into the program. Jen was kind enough to edit it for me, and the final product is a tightly edited, beautifully photographed manual full of high-level information – a manual that you can download instantly right now.

“Less Than A Session With a Run-of-the-Mill Trainer”

If you wanted to hire me for one-on-one deadlift coaching or you were to come to my gym for personal training, you’d be looking at spending over $200 per hour, easily. While I certainly think that’s a great price for a valuable service, it’s not the expense that keeps my service out of reach for many people. The larger factor is that I can only coach so many people in a day, and I haven’t been able to take on a new client in months. While I love training my clients here in Minnesota, I wanted to make my knowledge available to people all over the world.

And, to be quite honest, I wanted to make that knowledge more affordable.

When you pick up Off The Floor today you’re going to get an amazing amount of information for an unbelievably low price. But you’re not just going to get the manual. In the package, I’m going to include quite a bit more. In the 9-Component System you’ll also receive:

Off The Floor
$299 Value

The Off The Floor manual with almost a hundred pages of content that readers have called “the most they’ve learned about the deadlift in one sitting” and “flew threw it in one sitting because it flowed so well.” Be warned though, you’re going to want to immediately go to the gym or garage and train when you start reading.

Off The Floor Programs
$99 Value

Three completely biofeedback-based training programs to get you stronger no matter where you’re starting from. Two 8-week beginner and intermediate programs as well as a 12-week advanced program. This in addition to the original Off The Floor program. Each program is fully biofeedback dependent so in a sense you have an almost unlimited program because no two people will ever do the same program.

Off The Floor Video Library
$49 Value

Nearly an hour of video content on the biggest and most important deadlift variations that will ensure you’re getting the most out of your lifting – PLUS a detailed walk-through where I take someone through a biofeedback testing and training session so you can see just exactly how to implement biofeedback in your own training.

Grip Challenges
$29 Value

Test your mettle or build a powerful grip with this bonus guide of grip challenges. Complete these and you’ll build forearms that would make Popeye jealous and Olive Oyl swoon.

Deadlift Exercise Library Quick Reference
$49 Value

The cold hard facts about every deadlift variation you need to know. Descriptions, instructions, and pictures so that you can have a quick reference with you anywhere, even in the gym.

Deadlift Gear Guide
$49 Value

You can certainly deadlift with just the rusty old weight set you found in your parents’ basement — that’s part of what makes it so great. But, you’d be missing out on some better training options available to you with the right gear. In this guide I’ll show you tools of the trade, whether it be advanced options, such as bands and chains, or simple things you can add to your gear bag to improve your results.

Biofeedback Training Guide
$199 Value

Earlier this year, I created a 9-week Biofeedback Training course. This information was only available to my exclusive subscribers, until now. In this course, I hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through transitioning to a Biofeedback Training system. This has never before been available all in one place, except to my private coaching clients, and I’m going to include it here for free.

Supplement Guide
$19 Value

There are a lot of crap supplements you can waste your money on. There are also supplements that can significantly improve your results with little added cost. Knowing which are worth it is the difference between flushing money down the drain and seeing the difference every time you look in the mirror.

Mastering the Deadlift with Bret Contreras
$79 Value

I spent over an hour talking to whom many consider the foremost expert on the biomechanics of the glutes and hip – pretty much the deadlift. Bret and I share what we each believe to be the biggest limiting factor in the deadlift, and how to optimize your training to eliminate it.

One thing I want to point out that is new since the very first release of Off The Floor in 2013: This book now includes 3 entirely new 8 to 12-week programs for a total of FOUR complete programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters as well as the original Off The Floor program which has put tens of thousands of pounds on the deadlifts of lifters in 2014. That’s right, you get four complete programs in one.

Simply because I want you to have the best information you can possibly have, you have the opportunity to pick up the 6-component system valued at $870+ for an investment of only $99.

That’s less than the cost of a personal-training session at a run-of-the-mill commercial gym with a regular trainer who doesn’t have access to the information or experience that I do – and knows nothing about the deadlift or Biofeedback Training.

Now imagine if you wanted to work with a coach just twice per week, for the same 12-week period that the Off The Floor training program outlines — at a minimum of $75 per hour, you’d be spending $1800 in training alone. That’s more than twenty-five times the price for mediocre coaching, and probably mediocre results.

On the other hand, for a one-time investment of $49 – way less than it would cost you for a single training session with me — you can get your hands on this highly prized, hard-to-find information, all assembled for you in one place. What’s more, you’re going to get a complete 12-week training program designed by one of the premier deadlifting experts around, who just so happens to be a world record holder.

You Have Nothing to Lose & Muscle to Gain

If you don’t want to get stronger, and you don’t want to be an impressive deadlifter, and you don’t want to pack on muscle then by all means do not buy Off The Floor. But if any of those things arent’t true then you can’t afford not to make the small investment.

For less than half the cost of a single coaching session, you’re getting over 500 dollars of valuable content that is going to skyrocket your gains. For $49 you’re getting everything I’ve toiled for years to learn about the deadlift handed to you on a silver platter. All you have to do is take action.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Look, I’m going to guarantee you results because I believe it is my duty to deliver what I promise. If I am going to tell you that you are going to achieve massive improvements in your deadlift, I better deliver. Test drive this program, and if you’re not satisfied within the first 60 days (that’s two months!) you can get a full refund, and keep the information.

I’m offering this generous guarantee because I 100% believe in this manual, and I know you’re going to see amazing results with it.

60-Day Money back Guarantee

If you want to build up rock-solid shoulders, traps, and arms while adding 30, 50 or even 100 pounds to your deadlift, then simply click the “Add To Cart” button below and you will have INSTANT access to the Off The Floor manual along with the 5 other pieces of the system.

NOTE: Off The Floor is a completely digital downloadable series of books, videos, and audio files. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer so there is no waiting or shipping costs! The format for all the written material is PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC, videos can be viewed online with any modern browser, and all audio content can be loaded on any digital audio player.

P.S. For $99 you are getting not one but FOUR done-for-you deadlift programs that will put 30, 50, or — if you’re like I was — even 200 pounds on your deadlift while also packing muscle on your frame. You’re also backed by my 100 percent money-back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.P.S. Two months from now, are you going to be stuck in the same rut you’ve been in, or are you going to be throwing another four wheels on the bar for your deadlift sessions? Even worse, you could be not lifting at all because you got hurt following the usual deadlift advice. This is your chance to change that.

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