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PianoMother – Learn to Play Piano & Improvisation in 7 Days

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PianoMother – Learn to Play Piano & Improvisation in 7 Days
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The video lessons (Compatible with computer and tablets including iPad) show you how to:

  • Identify different piano keys;
  • Count notes;
  • Play major and minor scales;
  • Play major chords, minor chords, diminished chords, and augmented chords;
  • Play basic chord progressions;
  • Play in proper tempo;
  • and many more…

The course comes with 27 video lessons with step-by-step instructions and many exercises and sheet music. It is suitable for beginners and those who want to learn piano improvisation easily.

Format: Digital downloadable video lessons (mp4), digital and printable sheet music and exercises (pdf)

Media: VLC Player, Real Player, Adobe Reader

Day 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Piano Keys
  3. Piano Notes
  4. Bass Clef Jingles
  5. Note Value
  6. Time Signatures

Day 2

  1. Piano Rhythm Lesson 1
  2. Piano Rhythm Lesson 2
  3. Piano Rhythm Lesson 3
  4. Piano Rhythm Lesson 4
  5. Hand Coordination Exercises

Day 3

  1. Major Scales
  2. Minor Scales
  3. Pentatonic Scales Improvisation
  4. Black Keys Improvisation

Day 4

  1. Piano Chords & Progressions 1 – What Is Piano Chord?
  2. Piano Chords & Progressions 2 – Major Chords and Its Inversions
  3. Piano Chords & Progressions 3 – Quiz
  4. Piano Chords & Progressions 4 – Minor Chords and Its Inversions

Day 5

  1. Piano Chords & Progressions 5 – How to Switch Between Major Chords and Minor Chords
  2. Piano Chords & Progressions 6 – Diminished Chords
  3. Piano Chords & Progressions 7 – Augmented Chords

Day 6

  1. Piano Chords & Progressions 8 – 3 Most Popular Chord Progressions
  2. Piano Chords & Progressions 9 – Play Piano with Chord Progression I-IV-V
  3. Piano Chords & Progressions 10 – Play Piano with Chord Progression I-VI-IV-V

Day 7

  1. Improvise with Piano Chords 1 – Fur Elise
  2. Improvise with Piano Chords 2 – Greensleeves


Bonus:  “A Practical Guide To Piano Chords & Chord Progression Ebook (26-page)”

5 Stars

Piano and Improvisation in 7 days

As a mature person I am enjoying your program so much. It is comprehensible, enjoyable and challenging and importantly I can work at my own pace. I look forward to proressing and subscribing to additional programs.

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7 of 10 Found Helpful

Reviewed by:  from Australia.

on 7/5/2014


5 Stars

7days improvisation

it has given me confident to learn more .may I know if there is online class to learn piano

Did you find this helpful? 
4 of 7 Found Helpful

Reviewed by:  from india, tamilnadu,madurai , dist..

on 12/22/2013


5 Stars


Hi Ms Wong ,Thank you for your interest on my Piano lessons . I can say I am doing okay for now and spending more time on the notes above the stave and the notes below the staves and also the Chords and the timing which is so important.When I am finished I would of covered everything. you are a good Tutor and I am very grateful to have you as my Tutor. And I am thanking you very much. May God bless you.

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2 of 5 Found Helpful

Reviewed by:  from 32Rosewood Park Searles Christ Church.

on 10/30/2013


5 Stars

Learn to Play Piano & Improvisation in 7 Days

I am not a beginner and have been learning to play the piano intermittently for many years but I am so glad that I purchased this beginners course.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The printout is invaluable for revision. I am now able to understand the left hand notes on the sheet music and able to play with different chord progressions and beats with confidence. Having a lot of fun with ‘Greensleeves’.
Downloading to my iPad has been easy. Great course.

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5 of 7 Found Helpful

Reviewed by:  from Australia.

on 10/15/2013


5 Stars

Player —– trying


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2 of 4 Found Helpful

Reviewed by:  from California.

on 10/10/2013


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