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Private School Exam Program – $100,000 Potential**NOW*

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Private School Exam Program – $100,000 Potential**NOW*
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If acing the ISEE/SSAT exam and getting into a private or independent school is important to you and your child then I suggest you absorb every single word
on this webpage…

Every year millions of parents attempt to get their children into private school and it’s no secret that admissions are getting harder and harder all the time. Schools only want the best and brightest students and because of the large amount of applicants, they can afford to be choosy.
In fact, its become so competitive that only 1 out of every 5 students who apply will be accepted. This means that a shocking 80% of students are rejected.

Let’s face it, an average score on the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test will NOT be enough to get you into these competitive schools.
You really need to excel on these crucial tests and you only have one chance to do it.

Don’t Regret Not Doing Everything You Can To Give Your Child An Advantage

In early 2006 we were doing everything we could to enrol our daughter at the GreenHill School, one of the very best private schools in Dallas, Texas. Now, our daughter
is a good student but had one crucial disadvantage. She struggled terribly with exams!

Making her sit the exam without extra help would be like ‘throwing her to the lions’. So we did what any good and loving parent would do and
sought out extra help. For us this meant hiring a private tutor. So we enrolled her in 2 hours of classes per week for over 2 months.

We were 100% prepared to help our daughter achieve but what we weren’t prepared for was the cost.
After 2 months of tutoring we were slapped with a bill of well over $2000. Of course we paid the bill but we felt for the limited time and help given in tutoring, $2000 was incredibly over priced. But…..

You Can Give Your Child the ‘Competitive Edge’ Without ‘Breaking the Bank’

Lets be realistic, for most families $2000+ in extra tutoring is just not affordable. On top of that, tutored
students are limited to one or two hours of study per week. We set out to create something as good as or better than private tutoring but with
one crucial difference. It would be at an affordable price that anyone could afford.

A system that would allow students to prepare as much as they needed to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And give parents the piece of mind that
their child would be ready to excel when it came time to sit their admissions test.

We hired the collective genius from a group of educators and teamed them up with the best ISEE & SSAT tutors and set about creating
an engaging, high tech program that would give students an almost unfair advantage in their admissions tests.

We reveal all the secrets and strategies that these experts typically only share with a select few high-paying clients. We help level
the playing field and bring high SSAT/ISEE test scores within the grasp of many more deserving students. All packaged into a start-of-the-art
interactive learning experience.

ISEE/SSAT Test Prep Full Package Image ISEE & SSAT Test Prep System

  • Guaranteed to increase test scores
  • Increase chances of private school admission
  • Successfully answer more questions
  • Low price point suitable for any budget
  • Over 500 interactive practice questions
  • Over 700 vocabulary words to review
  • Over 8 hours of video lessons (See complete list)

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What’s Included In the Test Prep System

The test prep program includes hundreds of sample test prep questions in both the ISEE test and SSAT test formats.
Your child will have more than enough practice in all aspects of the exams.
Our questions are created based on previous exams so you can be sure your child is getting the best preparation possible.

Your child will not be alone when practicing for the exam. Each and every one of our questions is moderated by our expert tutors. So they won’t only
learn the correct answer, but how that answer was arrived at. All of this is in convenient audio format and all marks are graded for easy tracking of progress and improvement.

Guiding you through the Verbal, Essay, and Strategy sections will be Heather Spiegel

Heather is a legendary Test Prep guru, professional writer, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude (Dartmouth), and Rhodes Scholar candidate.

Heather is a master instructor of the ISEE test, SSAT test and SAT exams, and will also guide you through the hundreds of interactive test prep sample questions.

Guiding you through the Math sections will be Dr. Ralph Georgy, MA, PhD UC Berkeley

While Dr.Ralph is a brilliant Mathematician, he is a renowned tutor because of his ability to make Math simple. With over 20 years experience, he commands up to $200 per hour for his private tutoring assignments in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Ralph’s students are typically accepted into the finest middle schools, high schools, Universities and graduate schools in the country. Our math course covers over 100 topics (see full topic list here).

Your Child Will Receive Countless Benefits With Our Test Prep System

Enroll us into the Test Prep System

We are ready and eager to start the process to guarantee we gain admission into our number #1 private school

Ask yourself, what is your childs future worth?

$99 Is a small investment that will pay life long dividends.

Order today and your child will master their ISEE exam or SSAT exam

Order Now To Secure Your Place

A Little Bit About Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Full Refund Guaranteed! We understand exactly what it’s like to want your child to get the best education possible. We’ve been where you are now: worried, stressed
and wantitng to give them every advantage possible. That’s why we want you to have access to our test prep system. So here’s what we’re going to offer you.

Try the ISEE/SSAT Test Prep system right now for absolutely zero risk. If you purchase our system and for any reason
find that it isn’t for you we’ll offer you a complete 100% no questions asked refund.

All you’ll have to do is email us and request your refund. We will make sure that you receive your money back in full.

I know that you might be in the 1% who is generally unsure about this system so I’m offering this guarantee to you. Try the material,
if you don’t like it just let me know and you’ll get all of your money back, no questions asked.

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Did You Know?

The SSAT Test is the Secondary School Admission Test. The ISEE Test is also known as the Independent School Entrance Exam and developed by the ERB.
The majority of private schools in the USA require good marks on these tests to gain admissions.

Improper ISEE test preparation or SSAT test preparation can be the difference between acceptance or rejection. Students enrolled on our program have gone on to
achieve as high as the 99% percentile

The Private School Exam Test Prep System could be the best investment you ever make for your childs future. Make the best investment
you can today for their higher education and future.

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