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Quit Alcohol With Seb Grant

Quit Alcohol With Seb Grant
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From: Tristan Weatherburn

Date: January, 2019

Even with all that obvious pain – I went back to alcohol again and again, and wasted more of my own ‘life’ – drinking heavily for 15 years…

I told myself a thousand times I would stop drinking. But eventually I decided to get real. I stopped ‘trying to quit’ over & over again – like so many do…

Eventually, I ended my 15 years of heavy and pointless drinking…

I am lucky enough to enjoy a clean life, and I am in complete control

– I feel and look great

– I enjoy more confidence in my life

– I am way happier overall

But I’d still be drinking if I hadn’t learned HOW to quit being an alcoholic…

Doesn’t it make you frustrated to NOT know why you continue drinking – when you say you don’t want to do??

This is why ‘How To Control Alcohol’ is different

This is about empowering YOU to control your life

Giving YOU control…

We both know this program will pay itself off – quickly

In fact, how long exactly will it take?

How many days of drinking does 50 bucks buy you?

A week? A few days?

If you don’t fix your habit, how much will it cost you every week?

What is worth more to you anyway?

– Your next worthless drink, that you admit you feel you need?

– Or a solution that works permanently to help you escape, without pain?

But this isn’t even about money any more… Is it? This isn’t about the sleepless nights or painful withdrawals, either – they are all just excuses.

So let’s just get real for a moment…


Can I Really Control Alcohol?

With this guide, you can either quit completely, or just cut back. The power will be yours because you will learn how to control your own actions – especially with your alcohol consumption.

Let’s ponder the thought of never drinking alcohol ever again:

– NEVER waking up with a BURSTING headache

– NEVER worrying about having too many to drive

– NEVER again making a total fool of yourself

– NEVER throwing up for no good reason
– NEVER rushing to the store – to buy more in time

– NEVER worrying about ‘drunk texting’

– NEVER wondering if you REEK like booze…

– NEVER losing your job, your career or your business

– NEVER worrying about your partner walking out on you

– NEVER having the shakes and the sweats again…

– NEVER feeling like crap every time you wake up

– NEVER having to lie about how many you’ve had to drink

– NEVER worrying about ‘running out of alcohol’ all the time

– NEVER seeing your cash going towards something killing you

What has ‘being drunk’ cost you so far in your life?

It is sad…

Alcohol changes every aspect of your life, for the worse…

But you don’t have to quit completely if that seems scary – I get that…

If you think alcohol still has benefits, you can just develop control for now. Then, next time you want to quit or take a break from drinking, you’ll be able to.

But It Gets Better:

I can say with confidence that when people quit alcohol this way, they end up pro-active people with good ideas – and success often follows.

This means you have nothing to lose but a lifelong problem with alcohol that is, frankly, killing you – hurting everyone around you – and destroying your mental abilities, your relationships, and your life.

So if you give me a chance, and follow my strategy exactly?

There is no painful cravings, no sweaty withdrawals, no fighting with willpower, no sleepless nights, and you don’t have to do this cold turkey.

There is also no willpower required, no prescription drugs – and no awkward group therapy. All I need now is a commitment from you now – and the rest is on me…

The fact is, next week this time, you could be where you still are; miserable and lost feeling sick, tired and stuck OR you could be feeling healthy and full of energy knowing you no longer have a drinking problem.

What do you choose?

Let’s Get Started

Talk Soon,

Tristan Weatherburn

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee…


I want to make this easy for you… You won’t find this many places. But I’m so sure this will work for you that if you’re the slightest bit unhappy – I offer a 60 day money back guarantee (that’s over 8 weeks just to give this a go)

It isn’t difficult either: To request a refund just use our contact page to let me (Seb Grant) know… Hey, you can even keep ‘How To Control Alcohol’ as my way of saying ‘thanks’ just for trying us…

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