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You’ve tried to quit weed before (honestly) and you’ve still failed.

You probably already know there isn’t much help out there for us weed smokers…

…and the longer you keep smoking pot, the harder it is to quit:

So What’s The Good News?

You’ve just discovered a solution that has helped over 15,000 people quit weed. This guide helps weed smokers go from stoned to 100% clean, both in body and mind…

2 Reasons Daily Weed Smokers Fail To Quit Weed Within 2 Weeks


The active ingredient in marijuana (and the reason you smoke weed) is THC, and the THC content in the weed you smoke is rising all the time. Some weed grown in 2020 is twice as strong as marijuana grown just 10 years ago.

It isn’t up for debate – weed is now a much harder drug.

This is often overlooked – and many people that smoke weed regularly (or for a long time) are now experiencing serious problems when they try to quit smoking pot.


It’s crazy, but most people trying to quit weed do nothing to help detoxify.

Detox is more important in marijuana than in any other drug…

Marijuana detox is becoming popular for people quitting weed because the chemicals in weed have an ability to stay in your body for a long time.

When you inhale weed, THC moves quickly from your lungs to your bloodstream to get you stoned. But from that point on, weed is completely different to any other drug…

Because after getting you high:

Metabolites of marijuana store in the fat cells of your body and stay there for months.

While still inside your body, marijuana is released slowly back into your bloodstream giving you a lack of focus, emotional mood swings, lower energy, headaches, stomach pains, and even sometimes a feeling of still being stoned – even if you haven’t smoked for days.

But worst of all?

Cravings to smoke more weed. If you smoke weed regularly or for a long time (or both) you may already have a build up of toxins in your body.

Detox specifically designed for marijuana will flush your system of built up metabolites in your fat cells. Removing these toxins will help you reduce cravings that are created in your body, sometimes months after you actually stop smoking.

But let’s talk about your main problem:

Your Brain Is Wired To Smoke Weed

Marijuana is mostly a psychological addiction.

After repeating your habit regularly for years, you have physically changed neural networks in your brain. 

A physical addiction is different. 

With a physical addiction you can cut back slowly. You can reduce your dosage a little each day until your cravings slowly reduce to a level you can tolerate. 

Not so much with weed. 

You cannot rely on reducing your use because your cravings are coming from your thinking.

When you fight your urges with willpower, it will be stressful. But if you honestly critique the thoughts you have (that cause all your cravings) then you can reduce cravings without a fight. 

What Is The Best Way To Quit Weed?

That means to re-establish the way you think about pot, while at the same time having a marijuana-focused detox to flush metabolites from your body.

This isn’t a long process and is great for your health.

It is also the most successful method to quit smoking pot.

Once you think about weed differently, and detox denies your body of any cravings or withdrawals, you will find yourself turning down weed offered to you, much more naturally.

A pretty good feeling…

Imagine it like this:

You have a clear mind and increased energy. Total focus, motivation, clarity. Better health. Deeper relationships. More money. Plus, the new ability to turn down weed easily, and finally get ahead in life…

With this new ability, even people that smoke marijuana daily for years can quit permanently. 

How would that change your life?

Quit Marijuana

The Complete Guide

Helped 15,000 People In 32 Countries Quit Weed

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide uses modern psychology to help you overcome your daily marijuana habit without willpower.

This now famous guide has helped over 15,000 people overcome psychological addiction and quit weed in the privacy of their own home. 

Like thousands before you, quit weed the easy way…

  • Addiction Psychology

    Defuse your psychological addiction using proven psychology

  • Banish Your Cravings

    Discover what your cravings and urges are and how to overcome them

  • Sleep Control Course

    How to get to sleep naturally, without sweating or smoking weed (no excuses)

  • How To Change Your Thought Patterns

    REAL-LIFE solutions that work to rewire your brain

  • What You Should Never Do

    One thing you should never do when you try to quit weed (you are definitely doing this)

  • Lung Cleansing Course:

    Cleanse your lungs for larger lung capacity, cleaner breathing, and increased chest size (this doesn’t help with viruses though!)

  • Stop Mental Fog

    Gain clarity, focus & motivation to upgrade your career or education

  • How To Process That “Feeling”

    Finally get rid of that ‘feeling’ to smoke weed (discover who the real you is)

  • Gain 24/7 Support

    Get personal email support with the author or talk to other “weed quitters” in our forum. You’ll also receive lifetime discounts for private 1-on-1 coaching

  • Community Support

    Join 1,000s of other people quitting weed at the same time in our private Facebook group, and weekly Zoom calls to keep in touch with other people quitting weed

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Natural Marijuana Detox

Natural Marijuana Detox

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This is a natural course to detox your body without using dangerous artificial man-made detox kits, designed specifically to reduce cravings and eliminating withdrawals associated with marijuana

In order to detox your body properly, you will be using special detoxifying agents, natural products, vitamins, fresh herbs, and some rare homely ingredients. 

This course also includes:

Quit Weed & Succeed: Detox meal plans specifically designed for marijuana addiction. Perform a complete marijuana detox yourself, at home. Flushing out your entire system of built up toxins

  • Defuse your physical addiction
  • Repair and protect your liver through the detox period
  • Avoid post-marijuana depression or “quit-weed-blues”
  • Generate and assist blood cells to carry oxygen through your body
  • Eliminate all marijuana metabolites and toxins in your body
  • Feel healthier with more energy when you wake up
  • Kick-start your natural physical healing process
  • Mother Nature’s way – everything is 100% natural
  • Options suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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Life After Marijuana

Life After Marijuana

Audio Program

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Life After Marijuana is an audio program designed to help you after you quit – assisting you to follow through while also helping you replace your addiction with healthy alternatives.

Rule one in this bizarre audio?

1. Don’t quit weed yet…

Does it get easier to follow? 

Instead of forcing you, this audio serves to change your mind so you quit by choice. You quit weed when you want to, but the difference this time – without even knowing it – you’ll keep your promise due to a strong use of N.L.P, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy. This 3-part audio changes your perception of weed and breaks quitting marijuana up into easy and manageable steps.

What Is Inside Life After Marijuana?

1st session 

You don’t need to quit weed yet. Listen to this session right away. It reveals things about marijuana you may not know. This session will cause you to see your relationship to weed differently – exactly what you may need in the beginning.

2nd session 

Listen to this session the day you quit weed. It gives you clear advice about what to expect when you quit and how to deal with each situation from cravings, to your social life, to withdrawals. You also get a solid plan to deal with each one.

3rd session 

This session is designed to leave you not only completely free of marijuana and addiction, but also hungry for a new life of success – whatever that means to you. This session is about life after marijuana and goes above and beyond weed.

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How To Quit Marijuana

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7 modules and a bonus disc, each one with a specific purpose.

Subliminal messaging is built into this program.

That means, while you learn about marijuana and how “smoking regularly” affects your life, you will also become empowered to escape this “ninja addiction” yourself, both consciously and unconsciously.

You’ll be exposed to powerful subliminal messages directed towards your sub-conscious. These subliminal messages are designed to help you, and could be in the form of faint sounds, or more powerfully, a flicker that only your subconscious is aware of. You may notice a subliminal message and that’s okay. Some are quicker than others. You will not notice all of them.

Bonus Disc: Video Interview

Bonus disc has 1 popular video. A rare interview on the Psychology Of Success (27:07). Discover how an ex-drug dealer went from smoking weed for 13 years to quitting in a heartbeat. Plus, how he helped over 15,000 people quit weed.

The Complete Guide

Life After Marijuana Audio

Quit Marijuana Video Program

Natural Marijuana Detox

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Tristan Weatherburn1st July, 2021

Helping people quit weed since 2009

I started daily when I was 14 – and it didn’t stop until I was 27.

That’s 13 years every day – HIGH!

The worst part was that for the last few years I was hopelessly trying to quit.

Many people told me weed wasn’t addictive, which is pretty common and had me all confused at the time. Why the hell was I having trouble quitting this non-addictive and mild natural drug?

So if you’ve been told the same thing, think about alcohol for a second:

Most people drink socially.. take it or leave it… right?

But you also have your alcoholics, don’t you?

They drink way too often – all the time – and it ruins many lives (not just their life but many people around them too). Well, I was kinda like the “alcoholic” of weed, and now I know for an undeniable fact:

Many people are like I was.

You just keep living your life away.

You just keep smoking weed, as a habit.

While you lose:

  • Motivation
  • Clarity
  • Focus

Every day…

…day after day.

Month after month. Year after year.

Until your excitement for life is slowly extinguished.

That’s what I went through for years and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But don’t get it twisted.

I don’t have a problem with weed.

My beef is with the “marijuana habit” only.

This “marijuana habit” is a ninja addiction that affects millions…

But I’m Kinda Lucky:

These days I enjoy a clean life, without weed.

I have no addiction. I can think clearly, and I can make decisions quickly. I look and feel great, and I enjoy more confidence and overall happiness in my life.

My decade-long problem vanished.

This is because I learned the psychology of self-discipline instead of just “trying to quit” over & over again for years. Now I’ve put everything based on this psychology (and also weed-related) into this program to help you do exactly the same thing.

For example:

Are you still unsure if you should quit weed?

Like, do you have mixed feelings about it?

I’ll bet.

Welcome to the ninja addiction…

…you still believe marijuana has benefits in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t have a problem quitting. Or (if you want to get deep) maybe you are worried or even fearful about losing the comfort weed brings you so regularly, so predictably, so reliably, so chemically, so often…


I know how you feel because I felt the same way.

To make it simple just look at it like this:

  • Have you ever tried to quit weed before?
  • And then failed?
  • More than once?

Then don’t overcomplicate the problem.

Never allow your brain to bargain with you.

It is this simple:

If you’ve tried to quit weed before, and you’ve failed, then you have a problem.

You should be successful.

But you aren’t…

…and most people in your position do nothing about it – for decades – they just continue smoking weed to escape the problem that weed is actually causing.

Most regular smokers get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis” mode.

They never take action…

They think too much…

But for some reason, they never ‘think’ to blame their weed habit.

There is no doubt in my mind, that if you want to see the potential in your life explode (beyond anything you could possibly imagine) all you need to do is quit weed…

Are You Ready?

I’m not talking about just “saying you want to quit weed” and then end up stoned again the next time your friend offers you some. I’m talking about the fact you might not ‘feel’ like you are ready, yet.

Pretend for a second that you know for a fact this program will help you quit weed forever…

…do you really want that?

Yeah, you do.

Nobody has ever regretted quitting or controlling an addiction.

But if quitting forever scares you, cool. Then don’t quit forever.

We do it together for just 30 days so you can first prove to yourself that you can, then after that go back to smoking if you want. I don’t care. The plant ain’t going anywhere.

But my bet is you won’t want to.

It might be scary to take the leap of faith but nobody has ever regretted quitting for 30 days. What I’ve found after years of helping people quit weed is this:

You are ready right now.

Without a doubt…

Whatever you are telling yourself.

However you feel.

It is no coincidence that you are still here, carefully reading this page today. 

It also isn’t some fluke that you’ve just found a foolproof plan to quit weed that has already worked for over 15,000 people. It isn’t a coincidence that everywhere you look online you will find nothing but positive feedback about ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide’ because it has worked for thousands of people in your position already.

Why would you be any different?

And, to make sure you get real results, I’ve included some other courses:

  • Natural Marijuana Detox
  • Life After Marijuana Audio Program
  • Quit Marijuana Video Program

There are also bonus programs I haven’t mentioned here, like the Lung Cleansing Course and a complete guide to help you Sleep Without Weed.

Plus, the Quit Weed Timeline will show you what to expect every day after you quit for the first 30 days.

These are all separate programs (complete courses on their own) with their own unique strategies and walk-throughs. Obviously, I’m pretty into this stuff.

I want you to have a chance to quit weed correctly.

If you’re someone who worries about spending money on improving your brain or making your life better and becoming your best self or whatever, then think about it like this:

How much do you spend on weed in a week?

Too stoned to work it out?

Do it anyway…

Be honest with yourself:

How much of your weekly cash goes ‘up in smoke’ every single month?

I’m not going to ask you how much you’ve spent in your lifetime.

I’m not even going to bring up how much time you’ve wasted chasing weed when you run out, or smoking weed, or just being high and unproductive all the time.

I think we agree:

NOT quitting weed is costing you a fortune!

But this isn’t even about money, is it?

It isn’t even about the sleepless nights or the painful withdrawals either…

They are all just excuses.

How much has ‘being stoned’ cost you in your life – so far?

  • In your friends & family
  • In your physical health?
  • In your mental health?
  • In your appearance?
  • In your career or education?
  • In your ability to think clearly?
  • In your ability to handle emotion?
  • In your relationships – with the people you love?
  • In your ability to provide for yourself – or anyone?
  • In you?

It’s sad.

When you smoke weed all the time, it plays a big part in your whole life.

The scary part is…

Sometimes you can’t even see it.

But when you finally do quit smoking weed, it will become obvious that quitting was, without a doubt, 100% the correct choice.

And, right now you have that decision to make:

1. You can continue smoking weed until you want to quit again.

(it could take weeks, months, or years, but it always comes up again)

2. You could try to quit on your own, yet another time.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” 

– Albert Einstein

3. Or you can learn how to quit weed with me today, from someone who has done it themselves and has now also helped over 15,000 people do the same. 

Plus, with my method, you can continue smoking weed (for now) as we work together to change how you think about weed, and how you perceive being stoned.

Then, you can quit weed in your own time, on your own terms…

Let’s Get Started

Yes! I offer a 60 day money-back guarantee!

After 15,000 people, I’m confident this will work for you too.

If you’re not convinced my program helped you quit, then just ask for your money back. It’s easy too, just send me (Tristan) an email at or use the contact form on this website (or even just DM me on Instagram) and let me know.

The Complete Guide

Life After Marijuana Audio

Quit Marijuana Video Program

Natural Marijuana Detox

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The Complete Guide

Life After Marijuana Audio

Quit Marijuana Video Program

Natural Marijuana Detox

Quit Weed Timeline

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