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Rough reactive player learns from Prince and others.

Learn about body language and how to help your own rough playing dog.
Want more videos from Joel, a behind the scenes look at Beckmans or more help with aggression and reactivity?

31 thoughts on “Rough reactive player learns from Prince and others.”

  1. I totally agree! My 140+ GP gave my Female Bully a smackdown yesterday and she has been coming up proper ever since. GO PRINCE, MY MAN. *DOGS KNOW MORE THAN WE DO ABOUT OTHER DOGS.*

  2. Love the videos and your methods; particularly using the “mentor” dog. I think the only thing I would ‘argue’ with is the amount of exercise. Certain dogs need a whole lot more exercise than others and people should accept that responsibility when taking on a larger/active dog.

    1. @Ann White i feel like 2 miles is nothing. And I don’t even have an “active breed”. We walk 4-5 miles nearly every day and i think this is easy for my LGD.

    2. @Kaitlyn Reece forgot to mention they are off leash on our private land…lots of running and jumping on our wooded dogs.

    3. @Kaitlyn Reece yhhhh 2 miles would be short for my boy.

      I have an extremely athletic rottweiler thats lean af, he walks off lead for like 3-5 hours. I say walk but its more than that because we’ll sprint and jog in-between with crazy incline and decline to help keep Muscle definition.

      At the end of his walk he either meets his male gsd, female gsd, female gsd, male rescue dog etc for a play sessions. All the owners are surprised the amount of work I put in to keep him functioning at a high level since I’m only 19😂😂

      He gets socialised with humans to an extreme level too, being that I take him on buses, trains and packed city centres. I have found that even with heavy human socialising his nature of being protective and cautious of people will always remain. So if its been like 10 mins and you’re still petting him (as a stranger)he’ll warn you to leave and if you’re still there, there’ll be trouble 😂

  3. Prince is a great dog. Owner deserves a ton of credit for doing something now when is fully mature probably would hurt a dog if not trained not. Great video. Love watching them learning lots of stuff. Thank you

  4. The way Prince asserts himself here–it feels like maybe he needed this challenge. Client dog is going to do well at Beckman’s! Prince looks great!

    1. Tbh the pit has the more dominant energy. Prince just has been trained very well. But the pittie is leading all the interactions here and when it is smelling etc, prince is submitting to the engagement. He is reacting defensively and sometimes in a strong manner but thats cos hes an older dog and the pittie is annoying him. Either way, brilliantly trained doberman, great energy, the pit is just a clown

  5. Prince was perfect, if anything, I wish he would have gone harder in his corrections earlier to really make that pup think. But you really can’t ask more out of a helper dog. I agree with all of your assessments. This video really hit home with me because my male GS has wanted to play this rough since 6 months old and I sought out dominant older females to correct him and curb the behavior. It helped more than my corrections/training ever could.

    1. When done well and properly a human can give a very firm correction that is effective. But since dogs are fluent in the language of violence, they will deliver the best correction like only a fellow canine can. This is why I’m a proponent of Humane e-collar use. With the right dog and the right e-collar, when using lower levels, it can provide the correct kind of stimulation and correction without causing injury to the dog but still effectively communicating the correction. I reiterate, low levels. Sometimes a leash pop is not enough for very strong dogs

  6. Too many people don’t understand that often, the best thing for dogs like this IS to experience a correction from a more mature, well-balanced dog. Or, they are too fearful or not equipped to aid their dog in an interaction like this so they avoid it all together and their dog gets more and more starved for some canine interaction.
    Good boy prince! 🐕🦴

    1. You kinda right but you also forget that some dogs can get rid of canine interaction, by growing up. I know some dogs who dont give a dam about other dogs, not even a smell, and it’s okay for me as long as this dog is well balanced and calm. So yeah socialisation is the key part to build a wealthy minded doggy but they don’t always starve of canine interaction.

  7. All around great job, Prince! at 12:02…”I’ve got my eye on you…” to the other dog. Glad the owner found you, no doubt he and his dog are already benefiting from the first session.

  8. Yeah with the neutering situation I think it all depends on the dog, some are just very nutty where as some are chill regardless, this is an amazing session to see, always love seeing you work with dogs like this ❤

  9. I love the bully breeds, but you have to be able to control them. They are tough and smart. and if you let them get to that point where they have locked focus, then things get much more difficult to control and very intense really fast

  10. I love these videos. Alot of people dont understand dog behavior and how effective it can be to have a balanced stable dog correct an unbalanced dog. Also love your mindset about the judging other people decisions on their dogs. Whether you neuter or not, it’s the decision of the dog owner what is best.

  11. Wow, this is my dog! She pushes to the limit every time and is a pain in the arse for bigger, older dogs. I’m quite happy for her to get teached but she is still going 100% even when she is rolled. No fighting, though. It may come. No fear and very high drive. Proper wee handful.

  12. Goodgurugamingent Unknownerror

    Prince is a perfect training partner loved how u handle everything in the video and def wish there were more people like u diesel def could use a prince reality check lol 😆

  13. Loved this video and I myself will be recommending it. There’s some people who don’t understand the difference between a dog being aggressive and a dog giving a correction. Just because a dog shows it’s teeth or growls isn’t always aggression. Prince is such a good boy and teacher. My rat terrier/Chihuahua mix is my back up when it comes to the bigger dogs in my house because they’re still young and when the play gets rough or the energy is too high, she doesn’t hesitate to tell them off

  14. I love advice about exercising his dog daily at least 1 mile. I walk mine every at least 2 or more. I am working with my Boxer pit mix and his playmate Riggie after both being dismissed from Daycare for rough play. The daycare they were dismissed have attended at 3 months old now each 12 months. This is new behavior for them both and I believe it’s due to a new pack member and staff not correcting rough play in the past month. This behavior shifted very quickly in both the pups. BUT with the use of your method of correction in 2 days of working with them both for 1-hour sessions it’s amazing the shift back in behavior. Thanks so much! I had a very hard time sleeping after the daycare owner saying it was his fault. It made me wonder what was going on during the 2 days a week my pup attended. Happy to have found you .

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