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Save Your Leopard Gecko

Save Your Leopard Gecko
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An open letter to Leopard Gecko owners everywhere:

It’s an alarming fact…

“86.5% of Leopard Geckos Will Die Within 2 Years Of Captivity”

Why is it that the average Leopard Geckos lifespan is 10-20 years in the wild….. and only TWO years and captivity?

It’s simple.

People have been extremely misinformed on how to raise Leopard Geckos… it’s become almost ludicrous…

You need to understand that the ultimate factor in YOUR leopard gecko’s lifespan is…


It’s really urgent that you hear what I have to say it you want to stop making the very critical mistakes 90% of Leopard Gecko owners are making…

In a short moment — I’m going to show you the basic yet CRITICAL MISTAKES 90% of Leopard Gecko owners make as well as quick-fix tips you can use INSTANTLY to get your Leopard Gecko “back on track” and back to its optimal health!

But before we begin…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, my name is Chris Johnson and I’m a Leopard Gecko expert.

I’ve been raising Leopard Geckos for over 30 years. (I currently own 9 perfectly healthy specimens as we speak—one being nearly 14 years old!)


Listen — it’s not your fault… maybe you’re a first time Leopard Gecko owner or maybe you’ve owned a few and even had one pass away…

It’s not your fault.

You’ve just been misinformed.

See… there’s a lot of TERRIBLE advice out there… some so called ‘experts’ just don’t know what they’re talking about…

Or even worse… God forbid maybe you may have visited a website that could very well be telling you to do things that are harming your Leopard Gecko…

Don’t always trust what you read on the internet!

Luckily — you’ve found this website.

There is a real danger of getting your information from a bad source– you may think you’re doing everything right… (I mean why wouldn’t you… some ‘expert’ told you to do it)…

When in reality — (and excuse me if I offend anyone but it needs to be said)…

You May Be Harming

Your Own Leopard Gecko!

Again it’s NOT your fault… and in a moment I’m going to show you exactly how to COMPLETELY UNDO the critical mistakes you and 90% of Leopard Gecko owners make…

But let’s quickly look at an example:

This is a fundamental mistake I see MANY first-time owners make…

Using sand for substrate!

(if you don’t already know what a substrate is—it’s the bedding used on the floor of your enclosure)

If Your Gecko Is Under One Year Old Or Less Than Six Inches Long…


This is a huge ‘NO-NO’ when it comes to picking a good substrate for your Leopard Gecko… yet I see it used time and time again…

Honestly it’s a little safer to use sand as a substrate with older Geckos but even then I still don’t recommend it.

And why?

Using Sand As A Substrate Causes 
Ingestion Which Can Become Fatal.

See… Leopard Geckos are not always accurate when they strike their food (especially younger ones!).

Over time — small amounts of ingested sand build up and actually block the intestines and bowels.

It may be ok to start with… but in the long run it will eventually kill your Leopard Gecko and that’s just a fact.

When I saw many Leopard Gecko owners making this mistake as well as DOZENS of other fundamental mistakes that cause premature death… I realised there was a real problem with how owners were caring for their Leopard Geckos.

That’s When I Decided I Had To Do Something About It.

Introducing my brand-new book…

“Secrets To Save Your Leopard Gecko”

I can say with COMPLETE confidence that…

This Book Is The SINGLE Best Resource You Will EVER FIND For Raising, Caring And Increasing The Life-Span Of Your Leopard Gecko…

In fact (the #1 ranked site on Google for Leopard Gecko) is affiliated with our site and recommends it to ANY Leopard Gecko owner.

I will give you ALL of my ‘insider secrets’ that I’ve learnt in over 30 years of caring and breeding Leopard Geckos

Here’s a personal letter from Patrick Golden… a guy who’s been raising Leopard Geckos for 9 years…

“In this book you’ve tought me EVERYTHING I need to know about how to raise a perfectly healthy gecko and undo the damage you may have done to a Leopard Gecko you currently own…”

Simple fact is…

If you have a Leopard Gecko or are wanting to get one… you absolutely NEED this book.

Here’s The SNEAK-PEEK Of What You’ll Find On The Inside:


The Leopard Gecko Owner’s CARDINAL SIN…this is the number one cause of Leopard Gecko deaths in captivity… find out what it is inside the book! (HINT: it’s got nothing to do with diet, temperature or how you handle your Gecko but it’s SURROUNDINGS)

A unique “trick” you can use to GUARANTEE your Gecko NEVER loses its tail …(if you know anything about Geckos you know how bad for their health to lose a tail!)

Around HALF of all Leopard Gecko owners have this one item in their Leopard Gecko enclosures… what if I told you that at certain times this one item literally COOKS your gecko and can severely burn or even kill it… FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE THIS ITEM AND GET RID OF IT IF YOU DO… pg. 18

Why you should NEVER listen to pet store clerks. (half of them DO NOT know what they are talking about and just want to make the sale… sadly, they are sometimes the worst people to get advice from)

How To Pick The Perfect Gecko — 20 tell-tale signs that PROVE if the Gecko you pick is perfectly healthy or not.

What Enclosures Leopard Geckos LOVE! – it’s not what you think… PLUS! The single best substrate your Gecko can have (it’s also extremely easy to clean too!)

What the REAL ideal temperature for a Leopard Gecko is (don’t always believe what the Pet Store clerk tells you!) PLUS… the best heater/bulb you can use.

The PERFECT Diet For Leopard Geckos… these foods are not only very tasty for your Gecko but will keep your Gecko extremely healthy and in pristine condition!

The easiest and most comfortable way to pick up your Leopard Gecko… PLUS! How to keep your Gecko healthy through these simple daily exercises… (Leopard Geckos love this!)

If you HEAR your Gecko doing THIS… take it to a Vet IMMEDIATELY… pg. 34

The fastest and easiest way to fully tame a Leopard Gecko in just 14 days! PLUS –a ‘handling’ trick you can use to gain trust and make your Gecko feel comfortable instantly…

As you can see “Secrets To Save Your Leopard Gecko” covers EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about raising and looking after Leopard Geckos…

And you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the RIGHT information from someone who has been raising and breeding Leopard Geckos for over 30 years…

Like I said before…

This Book Is The SINGLE Best Resource You Will EVER FIND For Raising, Caring And Increasing The Life-Span Of Your Leopard Gecko…

And that’s a fact.

You WILL NOT Find A Better Resource

On Leopard Geckos Anywhere…

Here’s why:

It’s Easy To Understand And Use

Unlike other guides that are often written with scientific dialogue and very dry to read… my book is written as if I was talking to you in your own home! It’s laid out in a very easy to understand, logical order… in fact most people read it in one sitting!


You are getting TOP information from someone who has been personally caring for Leopard Geckos for 30 years… I’m not some person just trying to make a quick buck… I have a genuine passion for Leopard Geckos… you won’t find a more qualified person to teach you what I teach in my book!

It’s 100% Safe

Everything in my book has been tested and used extensively to ensure it is COMPLETELY safe for your Leopard Gecko… unlike other guides or so called ‘experts’ that may give you information or ‘theories’ I give you REAL advice that I have been using for DECADES…
You don’t need to worry about your Leopard Gecko being harmed by trying out what’s in my book!

Again, you really will not find a better resource to help you care for your Leopard Gecko… but don’t believe me…

Here are what others say about my book:

“You Went Into Minute Details
In Your Guide…”

Wow! That’s what I can say Chris.

Your Save Your Leopard Gecko guide is really an eye opener for me. All this while I thought taking care of my leopard gecko is just like taking of another pet.

Boy I was so wrong!

You went into very minute details in your guide about how to take care of my gecko that I suddenly realized there are so much more I need to know!

Thanks, Chris!

James Fox
Michigan, USA

“You’ve Covered Everything A Gecko

Owner Needs to Know..”

You’ve covered everything a gecko owner needs to know; from gecko selection, housing, feeding, breeding/raising geckos and the problems and diseases that an owner may encounter.

If you only read one book on leopard geckos, this would be your best overall choice

Andrew Lee

San Diego, USA

“Really An Eye Opener For Me…”

Wow! That’s what I can say Chris.

Your Save Your Leopard Gecko guide is really an eye opener for me. All this while I thought taking care of my leopard gecko is just like taking of another pet.

You went into very minute details in your guide about how to take care of my gecko that I suddenly realized there are so much more I need to know!

My hats off to you Chris for this great guide!

Tommy Lynch

Leeds, England

“Clear Practical Guidelines…”

Your guide has served me very well with clear practical guidelines from setting up a gecko-friendly environment to providing a good day to day care and identifying and dealing with health problems.

The book also provides interesting background information about geckos. The content is well-written and nicely structured to cater for gecko owners, both beginners and experienced ones.

You definitely have a great book here Chris!

Amrit Ali

Washington, USA

“I Won’t Even Think Twice to

Recommend Your Guide to Them…”

If any gecko owner asked me to recommend a guide to them, I would tell them to get your Save Your Leopard Gecko guide.

I won’t even think twice to recommend your guide to them.

It’s just about the best gecko guide available out there!

Pedro Monzales

Arizona, USA

“This Book Is Definitely A Must Have!”

This is really a great book for anyone who owns leopard geckos!

There are a lot of information into one little book and it covers what you would need to know to take care of your gecko.

If you have, or are planning to get gecko, then this book is definitely a must have!

Matthew Cook

North Carolina, USA

How Much Would You Pay For A Leopard Gecko Expert To Teach You All Of The Little-Known Secrets He’s Learnt In 30 Years Of Experience With Leopard Geckos?

This book is like having me in your own living room telling you everything I’ve ever learnt about Leopard Geckos!

Think about how much it costs for just ONE visit to the Vet…


$200? (not even half of that!)

My book will ensure your Gecko will almost NEVER have to visit a Vet!

The fact is… you’re NOT going to find the information I share with you on the internet… because it’s coming from a highly specialised source…

You need to realise that this is highly valuable information that if learnt in classes would cost you as much as $500+ to learn in classes…

But I’m not going to charge you THAT much…

Thanks to the internet, I am able to give you a HUGE DISCOUNT…

Because I am able to send you my book DIGITALLY (which means you’ll receive a digital copy of my book, which you can read from your computer instantly) you save massively on shipping and production costs!

Today You’ll Pay Just $39 For

‘Secrets To Save Your Leopard Gecko’



50% OFF!

I’m doing a marketing test at the moment…

I am going to let you have my book (as well as 5 separate bonuses, more on this in a sec!) for just $19!

But it isn’t going to be at $19 for too long… 3 days later, I’m going to increase the price to $39 again… Sooner or later, next price I’m going to test will be $69, then $99 and so on, just to cover my advertising costs (I’m sorry for this)

Whichever one is more effective for recouping my advertising costs is the one I will keep… but I just want to let you know that this is the LOWEST price point I will be testing…

So if you’d like to take advantage of the super-low price of just $19… you need to order now!

Just a friendly heads up 🙂

— Chris

When You Order Today You’ll

Receive 5 AMAZING Bonuses!

Just to make this offer even MORE irresistible I’ve decided to create 5 separate bonuses that I know you’ll absolutely LOVE…

BONUS #1 – How to Prevent Your Leopard Gecko From Climbing Out

Ever went back home and realized your leopard gecko is no longer in the enclosure? It must have climbed it’s way out when you were away!

Here, I’ll show you the 5 things you need to do (they’re quite simple actually!) so that your gecko won’t climb out of the enclosure again!

BONUS #2 – How to Find a Missing Leopard Gecko

So your gecko went missing again. How long did you spend to find it the last time it went missing? Probably hours.

This checklist contains a list of common place at home that your gecko will most likely be hiding.

Search through these places in this checklist and 90% of the time you’ll find your gecko!

BONUS #3 – Leopard Gecko Beginner Guide

This compact guide will be very handy if you’re a beginner or first time leopard gecko owner.

You’ll get a checklist of what to lookout for, and buy when you’re at the pet shop. Don’t just follow the pet shop’s advise blindly!

BONUS #4 – Top 50 Leopard Gecko FAQ

Over the past year, I’ve received hundreds of questions about leopard geckos; from gecko selection to housing, feeding and even breeding/raising geckos and beyond.

In this FAQ compilation, you’ll find answers to the majority of the questions you’ll most likely have about your leopard gecko.

BONUS #5 – Leopard Gecko Weekly Routine

Do you have a plan for your gecko? What should you do each day?

This short report provides you with a daily & weekly routine to-do list; from changing the water, checking the temperature, dust preys, remove uneaten food and lots more!

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident you’ll be absolutely blown away with the quality of information you receive, both from the book and bonuses…

That I’m willing to offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

But let’s take it one step further…


Buy my package… read it… go through all of it… use the information in it to help your Leopard Gecko have a healthy and happy life… for a WHOLE 60 DAYS…

And even then… if you are unhappy with ANY aspect of the product for ANY reason at all…

Simply let me know and I’ll give you an IMMEDIATE refund.


In all the time that I’ve sold this book I’ve had only ONE single refund (probably because the guy just wanted the money)… that’s how much people LOVE this book!

And as a sign of good will I’ll even let you keep the book and ALL of the bonuses free of charge…

Sound Fair?

-Chris 🙂

Would You Like To Give Your

Leopard Gecko The Perfect Life?

I have 9 Leopard Geckos…

All who are perfectly healthy… (and one which is nearly 14 years old! UNHEARD OF—in captivity years)

If you want to give your Leopard Gecko the best chance of having a happy, healthy and LONG life…

Then getting the information I have to offer you is the best way to do so…

Remember – over 86% of Leopard Geckos die within their first two years in captivity

With my book you’ll be able to CHANGE that.

You can either raise your Leopard Gecko the right way… where it can enjoy life, be healthy and live a very long time…

Or… you can raise your Leopard Gecko the WRONG way… in which it will not be happy, it will live an unhealthy life (possibly suffering) and not live past two years… 

It’s your choice.




Thanks and Good Luck,

Your Trusted Leopard Gecko Adviser

For any inquires regarding these materials, feel free to email me at Contact Us.

P.S – Remember you can get my book plus the 5 bonuses for just $19 if you order today… however the price will raise to $69, then $99 and eventually $129, as I test which price point best recoups my advertising costs… this is the lowest price point I will ever test, so ORDER NOW to avoid paying more later on!

P.P.S – You are back by a 100% money back guarantee… you can get your money back anytime within 60 days… for any reason at all… I’ll even let you keep everything as a way of saying “Thanks For Trying It Out”!

Reserve Your Copy Right Now!

You have nothing to lose; your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

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