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Surprise Attack During Training Shocks Victoria | It’s Me or the Dog

Sammy is a bad mannered dog that attacks and lunges for anyone who visits his home. But when being trained he even attacks dog training expert Victoria Stilwell. Is there any way to progress, or is Sammy already too far gone?



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


97 thoughts on “Surprise Attack During Training Shocks Victoria | It’s Me or the Dog”

  1. How do you “forget” to mention your dog has a history of being possesive and biting people. Seems to me like something you don’t forget.

    1. “has he bitten anyone?”
      “nah, only my child Tyler, but that’s not important so ima just say no”


      “has he bitten anyone”
      “nobody important enough lol”

    2. Exactly!!!! The only place my dog close to a bite was when he was protecting me from a 5 yr old the kid was kicking me AND him so what did the parents expect when my dog put his mouth around the kids hand as a warning before they left.

    3. @Eve Dolan I kind of agree with you..
      because people wouldn’t forget if their dog bit or was close to biting my dog only put his mouth around someone’s hand as a warning not to harm me again it was 5 yr old my dog was only showing self defence the kid was kicking me in the stomach AND my dog in the chest. I was so upset when it was happening because I went horse riding while they were there. And it was so rainy and there was a bit of thunder so my dog was a bit scared when I was gone because usually when it thunders he’s with me in my bed under the duvet and I just hug him tightly showing him he’s safe my profile pic is my dog btw (he’s a bichonpoo)

  2. I followed Victoria’s advice about turning your back and ignoring when they practice bad behavior, it works on my coworker.

  3. I love how this channel doesn’t prove that dogs misbehave because their animals, it mainly shows how the owners need trained to have a dog.

    1. A tired dog is a happy dog! I run my girls tired and work on their training once they get all that energy out. Then, they zonk out to lala land. They’re too tired to be destructive and I’ve worked with them since they were pups to not be aggressive towards people or animals. I have a Husky and an Australian Shepherd. They’re such good babies!!

    1. @SparxSo I agree. Sometimes there are owners who do everything they can to care for the dog but the dog will still exhibit problematic behavior. I don’t think it’s really anyone’s fault.

    2. @Dang it all depends on what is considered bad behavior from dog’s.
      If it’s something that’s taught by people and the dog isn’t learning that’s a problem.
      Not all dog’s are equal and shouldn’t all be held to the same expectations.
      If a dog isn’t learning something like sit, stay, drop it, no barking, don’t chew on things, don’t get in the trash, This is stuff that we teach are dog’s either because it’s something we want or don’t want. And it mostly is a problem with the training when a dog doesn’t know basic things like these.
      Fact is that a dog is first and foremost a product of its genetic makeup physically and mentally and this effects how difficult certain things will be to teach the dog. It’s a lot harder to train a Chihuahua not to bark than a spaniel same goes for house breaking Chihuahuas are known to be difficult when it comes to this because they have been used as a alert dog. It was their job to be like a alarm. When dealing with any pure breed of dog the genetics of the breed And the job the dog is designed for play a very large part in how the dog looks and acts. The American pitbull terrier is a pure breed of working dog that can trace bloodlines back a hundred years or more. They were used for bull and bear batting and when that became illegal they were used for dog fighting for many many years and now they are used for hunting.
      The American pitbull terrier has a long hard history that inordar to be successful at what was required of them. Breeders selectively chose dog’s with certain traits that are seen in the American pitbull terrier to this day. The traits in this list are more common than not and should be expected in the American pitbull terrier as a functioning working dog they have a high prey drive,high energy level, and determination, have a athletic build,
      With a high pain tallorance, eagerness to please,willingness to work, the need to be with people, some level of dog aggression, these traits are not problems
      Or bad behavior. They are saute after and essential for the breeds ability to do the work required of them. So if you want a dog that will be a couch potato and get along with most animals and other dogs. The American pitbull terrier isn’t the dog for this. Hunting dogs hunt, guardian dog’s guard, pointers point. And retrievers retrieve. You can’t train a chow into a bloodhound and you can’t train a doberman into a great pyrenees or a golden retriever into a American pitbull terrier.

    1. Someone that doesn’t want CPS called, who will then call the local animal control when they confirm a dog bite happened. With children involved, and halfway competent social workers/animal control, the dog could be seized and re-homed (best case scenario) or put down do to an attack on a human. Possibly put down just to ensure rabies isn’t a factor. Or, parents get in trouble/kids removed if something isn’t done about the animal.
      (This depends on S.S. and A.C., of course, and local laws. But these are really common occurrences)

    2. I had to dogsit a couple dogs, and the owners AND my boss forgot to tell me that their big german shepherd shows aggression towards children 🙂

    1. So far i’ve seen ONE episode total when the owners really did everything they could and were not at fault, just needed help because they ran out of options.

  4. So they not realise how dangerous not telling Victoria about his toy aggression could have been? She was crouched on the floor and he could have easily bit her face, be glad she’s so good at reading dog body language to react quickly.

  5. When he was attacking Victoria, they just stood there as if they weren’t even surprised or caring to help.

    1. They were scared to – he had been nipping them when they tried to – feebly – correct him, so he could have either escalated on Victoria or turned on them since they didn’t have his respect. (& he’s still showing some signs of disrespect – and they’re still allowing it – at the end of the clip… )

    2. Someone But Not Really

      Right I just commented that on somebody else’s comment it’s just beyond me how they could just stand there and not try to like react in any way towards getting their dog to stop like this lady is so checked out in every way possible.

  6. “does he bite?”
    “No not really”
    “Well there’s so many instances (of biting) I couldn’t think of anything specifically I didn’t mean to omit anything”

    So… Because he bites so much…. She forgot he bites? What?

    1. It wasn’t instances of biting, but of all sorts of things.
      I think it was a case of “the dog growls over the bone, but that is just common for dogs, right?”

    1. He wasn’t given a speaking role to play so he went the way of Richie Cunningham older brother. Ascended those stairs with a basketball never to be heard from again.

    1. @Paula Daniels Omg I have a German Shepherd make as well we wash and groom him ourselves tho and yes very big dogs, German German Shepherds are rlly big but I love it

  7. 7:54 THE AUDACITY. Honestly if that was me I would of walked out. Like she’s trying to help you, and they just had no consideration for her safety at all.

  8. “Till…one of us remembers to bring him back in!”
    The pause was her thinking of how to avoid giving Victoria a straight answer to her question.
    Older woman plain hates him, younger woman is too passive (notice how she’s petting him (which is reward and reinforcement) as he’s acting territorial towards the person at the door)). Dog isn’t getting what he needs from either of them. Older woman knows he needs to know about boundaries, but doesn’t know how to teach him other than yelling at him. Younger woman isn’t trying to teach him in the first place.

    1. she may have been trying to calm it down. People have to understand that animals are not humans. You cannot apply all of the same things on animals as you would on people. A pat on the back or a hug might help a human calm down, but for another animal, that could be interpreted as a form of aggression, or perhaps a positive reinforcement that leads the animal to believe its behavior at the moment is acceptable. However, the principles of the psychology of learning (positive/negative reinforcement for example) does work across the board (you’ll stop going to your job eventually if they stop paying you, right?) but, different things work for different organisms. People also have to remember that animals are not capable of the same complex cognition that we are. Some of the great apes and ceteceans have some of that higher thought process, dogs and cats have it to a limited degree, but, overall, they are not capable of “thinking” about their behavior like we can. That’s another erroneous assumption that leads to the kind of bad behavior we see in this dog.

  9. Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}

    Oh wow. Was legit taken back when he lunged at Victoria. Thank god she has quick reaction time.
    How on earth does he may bite just “slip your mind”? Especially when it’s happened to your child! Just wow.

  10. “I’ve asked you, had he bitten anyone?”
    “There are just so many instances I can think of.”

    What, there were too many to pick from so you told her none of them?

  11. The Channel That Can't Decide What To Do

    I feel like if Victoria and Jo Frost made a series of children and dog training that it would be incredible

    1. @not very civil mhm that would be interesting
      I know that Victoria would be a great Nana bc she also has a child
      It would be interesting to see what jo frost would be like with dogs

  12. *This **** is simple to follow and interesting. Currently using the techniques with our rescue puppy and it is working like a charm. The examples of the shelter dogs Brandon has worked with were relevant to the techniques shared. The writing style is specific yet humor is injected were appropriate. If you watch Lucky Dog and admire Brandon’s easy-going style in training dogs, this book is for you. His tips on patience, tone, etc are extremely useful.*

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