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Taxidermy Made Easy

Taxidermy Made Easy
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So tell me…what’s the cost for this complete resource?

First, let’s do some comparing.

Many people decide to learn taxidermy by paying for a class or course. I had a look online for some of these courses and the top 3 sites I could find had prices of $300, $600 and $400.

So how much should I charge for Taxidermy Made Easy? Well the average of these 3 classes comes out at about $400. So if I were to charge only half of that amount, then the price of Taxidermy Made Easy would be $200.

But I’m not even thinking about anywhere near that amount! In fact I’m only asking for nearly a tenth of this price when you can invest in Taxidermy Made Easy for just $27!

How can I offer this so cheaply? Because simply put, times have changed. Authors used to have to give a massive cut to a middle man (sometimes over 80%), but this is no longer the case thanks to the internet, and this allows both of us to take advantage of this situation.

And when you read my book you can go at your own speed so you won’t fall behind in class, and if you’re a quick learner you can just zoom straight ahead. And you won’t need to waste time and money transporting yourself to the taxidermy classes.

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