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Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 4 Simple Steps!

One common challenge that dog owners have is that their dog LOVES to jump up on everything. This can be especially difficult if your dog loves jumping up on people! This 4-step training plan will teach your dog to stop jumping up and it will allow you to start rewarding them sooner! Not being worried about them jumping up is a huge relief when it comes to meeting people and going to more places with your dog!

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56 thoughts on “Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 4 Simple Steps!”

  1. The desire of the dog to please and co operate is just so lovely to watch. Dogs are such wonderful creatures

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to train my dog not to jump since over 4 weeks now but nothing seemed to work. Your method helped in teaching her in less than 2 minutes! I now will continue to reinforce this behaviour till it comes naturally to her!

  3. Just tried this with my 9 month old rescue pup after a few jump ups on strangers. She got the idea in 2 minutes! Going to start in the house and build up slowly. Thank you!

    1. Train the family first. They all speak a common language, I’m sure it’ll be possible. Might still take longer than training the dog though!

    2. @gorb oh my god. Im soo so sorry for you. My parents always did that with my cat and i had to always go looking for her even at 2-3am at night. I got lucky thankfully. I hope you get the best dog ever and that the other dog is doing well.

    3. Same goes for me :/ my family wants him to stop but they aren’t doing anything about it, meanwhile here I am trying to train him while my family just sits down and watches electronics.

  4. So often trainers make videos with smart, relatively attentive dogs that are eager to learn/please. We have always had that kind of dog, so dog training came easy for us. A dear friend has recently asked me to occasionally dog sit, in my home, a dog that is so hyper, frantic really, that she seems to have zero attention span the moment the lead is released. Seems like she’s on the extreme end of the bell curve for hyperactivity – too frantic to readily make connections between her behavior and consequences. It would be helpful to see trainers work this this kind of dog, one that really challenges the trainer.

    1. @The Great Escape omg, if I have to put up with his behaviour for another year or two, it will not end well for me 🥺
      I’m already mentally at the breaking point.
      I live alone, we don’t have any visitors at all so that’s not a problem. Now he’s pooping inside as soon as we come in from a walk. It’s absolutely disgusting. I can’t leave him on his own even for a minute unless I put him in the cage. He’ll destroy stuff. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING of the trainings I got for him have worked. This might sound horrible, but I almost feel like I hate him. I never in my life felt like this towards a dog and I had many dogs in my lifetime. I loved and cared for them all as they are my family, but this one is a Satan himself! 🤦🥺

    2. I too have the same problem with my god who is hyperactive. Very difficult to get her attention unless bullied with a treat. That’s the only time she will listen.

    3. @Sandy Joao yea, same, but once I take mine outside, he completely loses any interest in all kinds of foods or treats. He just wants to run and the pulling on the leash is on and the joy of walking my dog is gone. 😔

  5. Great tips! I have an 85 pound bully and we struggle with him jumping on people . There are some people who don’t help of course by instigating him to jump . Then there are the people who stand and freeze in horror as he does it to them lol. He’s a great dog just very editable. I really appreciate these tips , Thank you!!

  6. Thank you for these tips. I just adopted a puppy and I’ve been having issues with her jumping not only on me, but more often, other people. I really think these will help her (Dahlia) learn that jumping in inappropriate! She is incredibly intelligent and has already learned many other commands…she just is sticky still about jumping.

    1. @Hadassah Joseph it did a little bit but I ended up buying a training collar with a beeping feature and it helped. It has a vibrate/shock feature but for distracting her to teach her not to jump the beeping worked wonders.

  7. Tried this with my dog, he learned he’s faster than me and started running away and barreling at me, then run away and barrel at me. Turned into a fantastic game for him. Not so much for me given that he’s 75lbs.

    1. Yeah I hear you. I have a Doberman that jumps a lot and I don’t think this leash trick is going to work for me. He likes to jump on me right when I get out of bed because he is excited to start the day. My dog does not always have his leash on, I certainly can’t put it on while he is jumping, and according to this guy, I shouldn’t push him down either. What to do lol. I love my dog by the way, he’s just a crazy puppy

  8. That’s a new idea! I have never thought of stepping on the leash. My dog gets crazy excited everytime she sees my mom and we have tried every technique. Next time we will get her to stand on the leash and see what happens.

    1. Hoping this will work for our 18 month old Frenchie we just got 3 days ago…He was gifted to us from some really great people for free…for a companion dog while battling late 4th stage non alcoholic liver cancer…he knows how to sit when I have his toy and won’t even blink until I say good boy and toss the toy…the only big issue we have is when on the couch he tends to lovingly jump pretty hard onto my gutt…which has a 9 inch tumor on my liver…this pup is wonderful and sweet…and loving…but sometimes his loving comes to rough housing…he likes to lunge at your face to give slobber kisses and loves…but it’s a strong lunge and could scare or frighten any guests or children..tommorow is his apt to get nuetered ….so hoping that will calm him down a notch…we live in apts…that don’t have a back yard ..but he gets plenty of exercise when we go to the park across the street to have walks and play…any help would be a huge blessing.

    2. So Am I supposed to leave a leash on her every day inside the house? I don’t get it. She jumps on us constantly, and I don’t get how this is suppose to work on day to day living. I have an out of control Golden and I’m almost ready to find another family for her. I’m about to lose it.

  9. I tried this today with our two jumping Labradors, ages 1 and 2 years. I couldn’t believe how quickly they caught on!!! You have seriously changed our lives with this video. Thank you.

    1. People often tell us this… Maybe we should stop calling ourselves Professional Dog Trainers and start calling ourselves Professional Life Changers! 😂 We are so glad you enjoyed the video and it helped! We have hundreds of AMAZING videos on this channel, and publish new content every week. Come check out our LIVESTREAM October 21st at 7:30 EST on Youtube, I know you will LOVE IT!

      Thanks for watching and commenting!
      Happy Training!


  10. Cute how he makes this look easier than it really is. This would NOT be that easy with our dog. Signed owner of stubborn German shepherd.

  11. worked..i have issues with people, myself included letting their big dogs jump on people..i don’t want my dog acting rude to people..i believe training them to be polite and thoughtful. Thank you for the tips 😊

  12. Starting this in the morning after my 1 year old CAS puppy gave me a bloody lip trying to greet me when I got home from work. Thank you for the clear and easy to follow video! These kinds of simple commands are important for any dog, but especially for large breeds!

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