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Teach Your Puppy To Calm Down With This 7 Minute Exercise

One of the biggest struggles you may face with your puppy training is trying to teach your puppy to calm down when you need them to. Puppies can have SO much energy and while it's really important that we make the most of that time, working on skills where they can focus that energy, there will be times that you will want them to just pick a spot nearby and hang out quietly. In this video, Instructor Carol will show you how you can "jackpot" reward your puppy so they feel rewarded when they CHOOSE to calm down.

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41 thoughts on “Teach Your Puppy To Calm Down With This 7 Minute Exercise”

  1. This is perfect for our guide dog puppies in training since they have to learn, “Place” command. This was so well done. Broken down beautifully. Guide dogs need to know this command hands down. Thanks! 👍👍

  2. I LOVE this trainer! I love seeing the puppy’s transformation step by step in pretty much real time!!! I’ve learned so much from this short video! Thanks!!

  3. Great advice again guys ! This is one of those essential “life skills” I teach every client. I add a cue – “easy” and proof it like any other training exercise. Having the ability to ask for relaxation on cue is a game changer for most owners. Some dogs need lots of massage and other relaxation techniques before they can access true relaxation – just like teaching anything new, it takes patience and practice to get good at it.

    1. Handling is such an important part of that, Tesla Nick! It’s so nice to have a dog that is comfortable with someone having their hands on them. There will be so many times that they will need to be handled (by a vet, groomer, nail trimming etc.) over their lives. Making that a less stressful experience and teaching them relax is quite helpful. Thanks for watching ~Ken

    1. I use kibble. I think the trainer actually references kibble. They are small, tasty and smell strongly. I’ve had success with kibble only so far.

    1. Once you’ve had one, that’s it. I saved for and bought my first Border Collie when in Junior High in 1980 and have had one or more ever since except my few short years in the Army. Currently have an 11 month old, my first smooth coat Border Collie. He’s beautiful and hope we have a little less shedding to keep up with. We’ll see, but he’s definitely another smart sweetie!

  4. We taught our dog to lay on a mat as well and did so very early on (maybe 4-5 months old or so?). Something else we started doing about a month or 2 ago (dog is now 1.25 yrs old) is reinforcing natural settles by just waiting for moments where she lays down (can be anywhere, floor, couch, w/e) we just walk up, place a treat in front of them and walk away. No clicker, no marker outside of an occasional calm “good girl”, just place it in front of them.

    Been working wonders at encouraging our energetic havanese to choose to calm down when she’s tired as opposed to getting tired and subsequently getting fussy like a toddler that needs a nap.

    1. EXACTLY!! I do too! And I appreciate seeing the trainer and or puppy make mistakes so that I can know that my mistakes or my puppy’s mistakes is okay too. It keeps me from getting discouraged and in the process we make great progress and I’m learning so much!

  5. This is the best calming instruction I’ve seen so far! Worked really well with my 10 weeks old Hovawart.


      I keep watching videos but I’m like ‘…the puppy in this video is not the same kind of puppy I’m dealing with!’ lolll 😅

  6. Thank you for this video! I’m guessing you also use a crate? So do you have to teach lying on a bed and going/staying in a crate separately or can they be linked somehow?

  7. I have a new 9 week old Aussie pup, and this is very helpful. I’ve been working a lot with her, and she’s doing great.

  8. I’m picking up my new puppy in under a month and this was really helpful! Even though, from pictures and videos – as well as being theirs personally – the puppy I’m getting seems to be much more relaxed in comparison to his siblings😁 but this is REALLY helpful as it’s training from scratch and not from a puppy who already gets the gist 😄

  9. This is great! I have a 9 year old Border Collie that has separation anxiety. I will utilize this tool to help calm her down in my home office. This is great! Thank you!

  10. I love this. Thanks a million. Just tried it for the first time with my 11 month old giant schnoodle who was running rampant this morning. Took a few minutes and now he won’t come out his crate even for his favourite toy. I love that it’s his choice and no luring is involved. Brilliant !! This will help hopefully when he goes to the horses with me, also, once he is vaccinated.
    Thanks dor showing it on an untrained puppy. Best way to learn and see what is a normal progression.

  11. Love this, and thanks. We’re going thru this right now with a 12 week Boston. He’s so wired. ☦️👩🏻‍🦳🇺🇸‼️

  12. Brittney Berlin Souzer

    I keep doing this with my pup when we’re in the room and I’m doing it with her crate. It really gets her mind off whatever anxiety she has and makes her focus like ohh I’m supposed to relax now.

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