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The 24 Hour Book System + 2 Upsells For Amazon Book Publishing

The 24 Hour Book System + 2 Upsells For Amazon Book Publishing
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11 high-quality, step-by-step videos explaining to you in an entertaining way the entire process of writing a book in less than 24 hours.

My effective 10-step method that works like a charm and is used consistently by me and hundreds of other authors.

It will work for basically ANYONE as I created a dead-simple method to become an effective writer in record time.

The books that you will be able to write can be easily published on Amazon or even be sold as a PDF on your own website! On Amazon, you can publish your book as a Kindle e-book or paperback book.

If you’re lost about what topic you should write about, don’t worry – I will show you exactly how you can come up with hot topics (I will also even show you how to conduct the proper research).

How to come up with and write killer titles that will create excitement in people who are checking out your book.

If you’re not rushed to write the book, you can also use this step-by-step method in a weekend or over several days if you want. You get to choose how fast you want to go…

This method will help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before… so you can productively achieve your goals faster.

And much more!

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