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The Amazing You 2020 – Newly Revamped – Apr 2020

The Amazing You 2020 – Newly Revamped – Apr 2020
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“In creating our own personality we sometimes need to look in the mirror and realise what our weaknesses are. Marion gives me a totally new perspective on how to find them.

In addition, she was able to point my attention on the right pathway leading to the goals of understanding what causes the weaknesses and in which situations I should have behave differently. I think we know all the answers; we just need the right person to show us where those answers are. Trust and responsibility in any advice no matter if I like or not is making Marion a real friend on whom I can relay.”

– Michal H.
Consular advisor at The Consulate General of Slovakia in New York

“…It is really a blessing to have worked with Marion. She is a great coach who really cares about her clients’ growth and success.”

– Ruth W.
Writer, published author, mompreneur and dream tide facilitator for moms at MomMe Circle

“… Because of all the new qualities that I have consciously empowered,
I was able to attain first-class honors [for my college degree]
which is a remarkable feat for me…

…Marion is an excellent listener and never failed to lend
a listening ear and guide me along the path of excellence.”

– Shamini Ras
MA (Counselling) student at Monash University,
Specialist Psychologist at Dyslexia Association of Singapore,
BA (Summa Cum Laude) Psychology,
University of Buffalo State University of New York

“Marion taught me… to trust in the talents
and strengths one [has] as a person….

To me, she will always be a strong testimony of
what it means to manage one’s life with integrity and honesty.”

– Eddie K.
BA (NUS), B SOc Sci Hons (NUS), PG Dip Ed (NIE/NTU),
M.Ed (Uni Melb) Teacher-Mentor, Raffles Institution (JC)

“Marion has helped me see my strengths and sharpened my focus on enhancing them…
The results were beyond what I even dare imagine.
I started winning international prizes,
one of which was awarded at the Houses of Parliament in London…

… Having Marion as my life and career coach remains one of my best life decisions…”

– Mr. Reuben N.
Ph.D. candidate at Yale University/ M.A University/ M.A. (NTU), M.Sc. with Distinction (Oxford)

“Marion helped me confront the real issues in my life that I was avoiding…

When I was ready to give up on myself, she would not give up on me…

… she made me believe in myself and want to help myself.

…The investment you will make in her is far surpassed by what
she invests in you and the wonderful things that will come of it.”

– Laura H.
BA. (Hops) UC Berkeley, Ed.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education,
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Massaoit Community College

“Marion has helped me to see a clearer,
realistic picture of my ideals, visions
and goals.

I have learned to plot my future and fine-tune my plans,
particularly in the areas of career, life transitions,
and financial planning. Knowing her has enriched my life.”

– Ms Emida Natalaray
Executive Producer and Director/ ARK Pictures Pte Ltd

“Not only is Marion encouraging, she is also inspiring. After knowing her, I learnt to speak up in class and not just hide away as I always do…

I also became more motivated to attain my goal of being a clinical psychologist… Marion’s advice constantly motivated me to achieve my dreams!”

– Lisa

“Marion helped me see that my career
situation and financial goals were not
congruent. Hence, I made the decision to switch careers through her
continuous guidance, coaching and encouragement.”

– Ms. Karen K.
Sales Account Manager, Logic Mills

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