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The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With A Puppy Biting Problem

If you have a puppy-biting problem that you're dealing with right now, it's likely that you feel like you've tried everything. The problem is that the puppy still seems to WANT to bite you. Did you know that there are some things that you're doing that actually encourage that behavior? Lots of puppy owners make the same mistakes with their puppies and it ends up taking so much longer to actually fix the problem. In this video, you'll learn about 5 common things that people do when they have a puppy biting problem, and the steps you need to take to avoid them.

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52 thoughts on “The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With A Puppy Biting Problem”

    1. I did this with my lab puppy and at 10 weeks now she will not even put her mouth on me anymore. Every time she would put her mouth on me I would just not play with her and ignore her

  1. THANK YOU! This is so valuable, we’ll be bringing our girl home in a few weeks and I’m binge watching training videos. Thank you also for recording this in a proper home setting. It really gives genuine perspective.

  2. I really appreciate your channel!!! We have a 12 week old blue healer puppy – and it feels like we have a new baby!!! Your tips and tricks are helping so much – thank you ♥

  3. This was interseting to learn. My dog feels that he will play nip when we try to stop him from pulling the fluff out of our comforters. I would love to know the best way to go about stopping the play nip and fluff tearing. And the funny thing is he does it more to me then my fiance. Is that because I am more calm and as some would say strict(basically teaching him right from wrong so to speak) I mean we both get excited to play with our dog but he does more nip/bite along with fluff tearing to me. Would love input to this please and thank you

  4. Albie The Blue Rhône Cocker Spaniel

    As always it’s about training the human and not the dog. Puppy teeth are very sharp and I look like a self Harmer as Albie our puppy is going through teething. We managed to calm him and we “deflect” an awful lot as it helps him to teeth and nip on other things such as his toys. He’s also now understanding the “gentle” command and his bite control at 5 months is much better.
    I still managed to fall over him at puppy training last week and break a rib so he’s managed to succeed in doing what the cats have been trying to do for 5 years now.

  5. We got a puppy from another family that said he was too aggressive to keep around their kids. I’m guessing they were talking about him being super playful. And biting when he plays. But the first thing I did when we got him was watch videos on training and he’s doing really well. I think they just didn’t have the patience to train him. These videos have been super helpful.

    1. The 1999 – congratulations! You are 100% correct and you’ve had the patience and consistency that many lack…. People see dog shows + videos and think a trainer can come in and can fix a dog as they would a computer error and as long as you do the same ‘instructions/use same words’ the dog program will run the same way…. Never seen it happen myself! So HUGE respect and we all wish the world had more people like you.❤.

    2. @instagram Live unfortunately my family doesn’t enforce training so he’s not where I’d like him to be but he is a lot better

  6. The blue bar on the bottom of the screen is a super cool feature to let us know when the next tip will come! More creators should incorporate this in their videos

  7. We got an Aussie pup (adopted) 16 years ago. He used to try to herd everybody! He finally stopped when he got a few years older. Guess he decided we weren’t trainable! Now as I’m writing this he’s laying on the ottoman, with his graying fur, his diaper on but he’s still beautiful!

    1. @Justin Emo Howlingwolf 2.0 Koolie is an Australian dog breed. Different than Aussies. Google Koolie. Sheep herding dog. High energy

  8. Thanks for the advice, I have a 7 month old Jack russel, shes a bit difficult to train, very smart and learned quickly but is very energetic and chases anything that moves, training is coming along but biting has been a big problem, shes playing but is overly aggressive and very demanding

  9. Can I just say that your videos are the most helpful videos out there in training. With utmost gratitude for sharing your knowledge in training. I have waited soo so long to get a pup, and now that I have adopted, I am able to train her.

  10. I am enjoying your videos! Question though, our new puppy, about 10 weeks old now, is NOT food motivated yet!!! Training, like yours, looks so much easier if the dog is food motivated! Looking forward to her getting older ad then maybe food motivated.

    1. My puppy is motivated with obedience to a ball more then food. It works well for me. I can get her to sit and come just by having a ball in my hand.

  11. My 12 week old hound mix gets REALLY crazy out of the blue sometimes. My arm has bites and scratches from my hand to my elbow. Hitting just seems wrong, and I think I’ve been going about positive reinforcement the wrong way. I’ll try these with my fam and update them every week to see how she does, these seem really helpful,thank you!

  12. I taught my puppy “drop it” while we played tug of war. He’s a black lab/German Shepard mix and he’s only 7 weeks old. If you have a treat motivated puppy who is a smart breed, they catch on SO fast. The younger you can teach them to calm down and to not be aggressive (ie nipping, biting, and to let go of something) the better!

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