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The Complete Debt Relief Manual

The Complete Debt Relief Manual
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  • Are you worried about your debt?
  • Struggling to make all your payments?
  • Tempted to hire a debt relief company to help you?
  • Considering Bankruptcy?
  • Facing a lawsuit from a collector?
  • Late on your payments?
  • Concerned about your credit score?

The Fastest Way to Eliminate Credit Card Debt – Guaranteed.

have a confession to make.

 I was a slave to debt for decades. I made every mistake with
handling money you could imagine.  It got to the point where I was
down and hopeless in debt, with no retirement savings (cashed out), no
tens of thousands in credit card debt, and not enough income to pay my
mortgage, bills, and monthly payments.
I had to do something.

began a painful, confusing, and expensive journey through the maze of
debt relief options and consequences.  After making several costly
mistakes and spending hundreds of hours of intense research I became, through first-hand experience,
an expert on debt elimination and credit repair.  I have captured
all of the best strategies and precautions available and have created a
map to get you through the mine-field of serious debt problems safely.

This book is a treasure map, a jailbreak plan, a WAR PLAN.
Every war that has ever been won was won because of a superior and well
thought out war plan. This is your chance to discover proven, safe, and
FAST methods to win your war with debt and completely eliminate the
mountain of debt you’re under.

I wish I had known this stuff before I got into
debt in the first place. Knowing what I know, and being where I’ve been, I will never get into
debt again, and my passion is helping people eliminate credit card debt
(and ALL debt).

The Complete Debt Relief Manual is your blueprint for keeping your money in your pocket and getting debt free, FAST, and then repairing your credit, by yourself, FOR FREE.
 Don’t waste a penny on “professional help”.  The only reason
those companies exist is because most people don’t know how to quickly
solve serious debt or credit repair issues on their own.  They
don’t have The Complete Debt Relief Manual!  But you, my friend, can change that right now.

Discover the well-hidden secrets the credit card companies, credit card debt settlement services, collection agencies, the IRS, and the attorneys, DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

thousands of dollars, stop the harassment, eliminate your debt, avoid bankruptcy, and repair your credit rating.
 Step-by-step procedures can be yours today.

Need to get out of debt fast? Are you tempted to call the (800) number for one of the credit card debt reduction or credit repair services you heard on
the radio? Are you considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Then You Need This Book Now!

The Complete Debt Relief Manual

By: John Oswald

Revised EditionStep-By-Step Procedures for:

Budgeting, Paying Off Debt, Negotiating Credit Card and IRS Debt Settlements,

Avoiding Bankruptcy, Dealing with Collectors and Lawsuits,

and Credit Repair – Without Debt Settlement Companies

Don’t get scammed by a Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, or Credit Repair

You can do everything they want you to pay them to do.  You can do
it FASTER.  And for FREE.  In fact, some things they promise
to do for you can only be done by YOU.

If you’re battling debt problems, wondering how to eliminate your debts
or repair your credit quickly, and you don’t want to spend a fortune
for “help”, learn to do it yourself. I will teach you:

  • The fastest way to achieve total credit card debt elimination
  • How to deal with creditors, collectors, attorneys, and the IRS
  • Why credit card debt settlement services are a SCAM and how you can do their job yourself without spending a dime
  • How to negotiate credit card debt settlements
  • How to write a credit card debt settlement letter that gets results
  • How to avoid bankruptcy
  • How to declare Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (if you have to)
  • How to rebuild bad credit
  • How to create a budget
  • How to decide which approach to take
  • Why credit card debt consolidation is NOT a good idea
  • Budgeting Tips
  • The insider secrets to Tax Debt Relief
  • How to write a powerful and effective Cease and Desist Letter
  • and much more…

Here’s what others have to say about this book:

I bought “The Complete Debt Relief Manual
for my e-reader. It contains excellent advice. If you’re in a financial
jam, aren’t sure where to turn, trust me this book will lead you
through the difficult steps. It’ll save you the frustration of seeking
help from folks who promise you help but do nothing. They only take
your money. Follow the author’s advice. It’s working for me. It’ll work for you.

– Arthur in Los Angeles

read the book…it’s what we’re talking about right now in our
financial management class.  It’s just good, practical, advice.
can share your own personal mistakes and lessons, like we do
with our children, and hopefully they will listen and not make the
same mistakes.  This should really help people.  Hopefully
they can get it before they get taken in by a debt relief company.

– Pastor Daryl in West Palm Beach

The Complete Debt Relief Manual 

the best source of credit card debt elimination information you can
find. It covers all aspects, in meticulous detail, of getting out of
any form of debt, repairing your credit report, and rebuilding your
credit. It even gives you step-by-step plans for dealing with
creditors, collectors, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and the IRS.  The
wisdom in this book cost me several thousand dollars to acquire, not to
mention the hundreds of hours spent researching, reading, consulting
with accountants and attorneys, writing, and editing.  Please let
me save you both the time and money you would spend learning this
treasure of information the hard way.

I hope you haven’t already been scammed by a credit card debt consolidation company. If you’re paying one right now, STOP!
You can get out of the contract and break free any time. If I hadn’t
figured out their “game”, I would have spent over six-thousand dollars
on their “service”. You have to hear my story (it’s in the book).

They promise to negotiate settlements with your creditors, and
to deal with them directly so the creditors aren’t ringing your phone
off the hook, for a huge fee. They lead you to believe you can’t do this
Before I figured out the scam and told them to take a hike, I paid them
That was money I could have used to pay off debt.  Had
I followed their program to the end,
I would have ended up paying them

I wish I had a copy of this book back then. I would have saved
$$$ thousands $$$ and lots of heartache

book is a complete, step-by-step guide to debt freedom, from any
angle. It should be used as a college text book. Creditors, collectors,
credit card and IRS debt settlement companies and attorneys don’t want
people to know this stuff – it would
put them out of business!

If you use the information in this book, you will save money.
If you’re deep in debt like I was, and you use this credit card debt
elimination information, you will save yourself a TON of money. For some,
this book could be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Buy the book and get started today. As you progress, email me with questions or for encouragement.

You can get out of debt, fast, doing it all yourself. Let this book be your guide.

Free Consultation Offer

As an owner of The Complete Debt Relief Manual you will be entitled to a free telephone consultation with me…

Just email me at to schedule the call and you can spend up to 60
minutes on the phone with me discussing any questions you have about
any aspect of implementing the procedures in The Complete Debt Relief Manual. (My hourly consultation rate is at least $150.)

Take my advice. Do yourself a favor and get this book and FREE GIFT today for yourself or someone you love, and GET OUT OF DEBT!

You will also receive a copy of my own family budget spreadsheet (Value: $75). It will save
you many hours of set up and formatting. How much is 10 hours of your
time worth? How about 20 hours? You can easily customize it to fit your
situation.  If you don’t use Microsoft Excel™, you can easily set
up the same budget sheet in your own spreadsheet software, or just
print it out and use it by hand.

The Complete Debt Relief Manual
is a professionally formatted, searchable e-book in .pdf format. You will receive the
book and free gift by instant download. Print out the checklists so you
can stay organized and track your progress, and get started NOW.

Buy it today and get on the fast track to debt freedom!

There are proven, effective, lightning fast and virtually unknown ways
to get the credit card debt relief you need. This book lays out
workable AND foolproof plans to:

  • Create a simple budget
  • Decide the best way to eliminate your debt
  • Eliminate your debt in the fastest way possible
  • Handle the creditors
  • Avoid (or deal with) lawsuits
  • Avoid (or declare, if you must) bankruptcy
  • Negotiate with the IRS
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Save your money
  • Stay out of debt
Here is what the book contains:

Chapter 1 – The Problem: Slavery to Debt

  • Types of Debt
  • Good News – you can get out of debt and stay out

Chapter 2 – The Secrets

  • Credit Card Company Secrets
  • Debt Settlement Company Secrets
  • Collection Agency Secrets
  • IRS Secrets
  • Debt Collection Attorney Secrets

Chapter 3 – Which Debt Elimination Strategy Should You Use?

  • Making Minimum Payments
  • Consolidation
  • Roll up
  • Settlement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Endless Collections and Lawsuits
  • Debt Elimination Strategy Decision Tool

Chapter 4 – The Almighty Budget

  • Discretionary spending
  • Saving an Emergency Fund

Chapter 5 – How to Create a Budget

  • Example Budget Spreadsheet

Chapter 6 – How to Cut Up Your Credit Cards

Chapter 7 – How to Eliminate Debt by Roll Up

Chapter 8 – How to Eliminate Debt by Settlement

  • Example Settlement Offer From Creditor
  • Example Letter for Settlement Offer
  • Example Letter for Countering a Creditor’s Settlement Offer
  • Example Letter for Acceptance of Settlement (conditional)
  • Example Letter for Acceptance of Settlement

Chapter 9 – How I Eliminated My Debt by Bankruptcy (without an

Chapter 10 – How to Eliminate IRS Debt

  • Options for Repaying the IRS

Chapter 11 – How to Deal with Creditors and Collection Agencies

  • Example Cease and Desist Letter
  • Example Cease and Desist AND Debt Validation Letter to Collection Agency
  • Example Debt Validation Letter to Collection Agency

Chapter 12 – How I Dealt with a Creditor Lawsuit (without an Attorney)

  • Copy of Letter Threatening a Lawsuit
  • Copy of Lawsuit Filed Against Me
  • How I Would Answer a Lawsuit Today
  • Copy of Creditor’s Reply to My Bogus (original) Affirmative Defenses
  • Statute of Limitations by State (years)

Chapter 13 – How to Repair Your Credit Report

  • Example Letter to Collector to Remove Inquiries
  • Example Letter to Credit Bureau to Remove Inquiries
  • Example Letter to Credit Bureau (or Collector) to Request Correction to Credit Report

Chapter 14 – How to Rebuild Your Credit

Chapter 15 – To Your Freedom (Staying out of Debt)

Chapter 16 – The Checklists


Recommended Reading

Are You a Slave to Debt?

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the
lender’s slave
–King Solomon – Proverbs 22:7

Being debt free is so awesome; I’m so excited about this and can’t want to share that freedom and that feeling with you!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Guarantee

you’re not completely satisfied, and you request a refund within 90
days, I will happily refund the price of the book. I am that confident
that you will be delighted with and benefit from the simple, powerful, and effective information and
little-known procedures in this book.

The book
also contains links to all the essential reading – IRS publications,
bankruptcy information and forms, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,
and many other helpful documents.

Your Small One-Time Investment in this book Today will save you a ton of money and time…

Here’s what you get when you buy the book:

ready! In just a few minutes you will be the owner of THE definitive
manual on how to get out of debt, recover your credit rating, and stay
out of debt FOREVER.

“The Complete Debt Relief Manual will change your life.”

All the best from your partner in debt-free living,

John Oswald

P.S. – Why Is This Different Than Anything Else Out There?

There are tons of books that deal with any one of the problems
you’re dealing with – Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation,  Budgeting, Credit Repair,
IRS Debt, Bankruptcy, etc.  To get the information I’m offering in
The Complete Debt Relief Manual, you would have to stack those other books up a foot high.

book has it all, boiled down to the must-know, must-do procedures to
solve your entire debt problem, start to finish.  My book is
zero-fluff, zero hype, no wasted words.  You will be able to
instantly find your starting point based on your situation, decide on your strategy, print out
the checklist, and get on your fast track to getting out of debt, all the way to a shiny new credit score,
and avoid all the pitfalls along the way.

And remember, there are
hordes of debt settlement, debt consolidation, and IRS debt relief
companies and attorneys out there ready to take your money.  My
book is more than enough to avoid all those scams and keep your money.
 After all, your money is YOURS, right?  You’re darn right it
is.  Get this book right now and keep your money in your pocket.

This book lays out
workable AND foolproof plans to:

  • Create a simple budget
  • Decide the best way to eliminate your debt
  • Eliminate your debt in the fastest way possible
  • Handle the creditors
  • Avoid (or deal with) lawsuits
  • Avoid (or declare, if you must) bankruptcy
  • Negotiate with the IRS
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Save your money
  • Stay out of debt

Don’t wait another minute!  Order it here Right Now!

P.P.S. – You’ve got a whole lot to gain and nothing to lose with my three-month Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.
Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this book and you’ll
save more money and time demolishing your debt than you ever would
using a paid debt relief service or scouring through bits and pieces of
half-answers on the Web or a stack of fluffy books. Once you use this
book to help you eliminate your first balance, you’ll cover the cost of
the book and then some. So do yourself a favor and order it now before you pour any more money down the drain! 

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