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The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit 75% Commissions

The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit 75% Commissions
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Crappie Fisherman,

The story
I’m about to tell you contains the most important crappie fishing secret
you’ve ever heard… and it might even change your life:

the landmine exploded, and the shrapnel ripped into U.S. Marine (and master
crappie fisherman) Joel Adam’s legs… his life changed forever.

As he lay
broken and bleeding on the battle-torn ground of Grenada, he could only
think of friends and family… his long hard life of “surviving”,

Thousands Of Crappie He’d Caught Over 52 Years…

At that moment,
he would have given anything to be in his favorite fishing spot… hauling
in a “barn door sized” 3½ pound crappie with his buddies
— like he’d been doing his whole life.

You see,
Joel Adams was “born” with a crappie rod in his hand. I mean
this literally because…

Mom Gave Birth To Him While Fishing

Rock Creek Lake In Dallas, Texas!


the green play button

to hear Joel tell it)

a safe bet that any lady who goes into labor while she’s fishing, probably
teaches her son to catch fish before he can walk.

parents were die hard crappie fishermen.

they showed him every secret in their bag of tricks.

bag of tricks stuffed with old country crappie fishing techniques, strategies,
and secrets handed down through generations of survivalists and master

parents came from an inner crappie fishing brotherhood… and the
inside secrets they taught Joel made him a fishing “prodigy”
at a young age.

teaching Joel about fishing was about the only positive thing they did
for him.

He grew up in an abusive household, and…

Ran Away When He Was 13 To Escape

The Pain… And Live In The Wild!

the abuse got bad enough, he ran away. He decided he’d have a better chance
out in the wilderness… alone.


the green play button

to hear Joel tell it)

and that’s when his skill for catching monster crappie shot to another
level completely.

Survived On Self-Caught Crappie,

And A Little Help From His Friends…

you’re living in the wilderness at 13 years old… in a small tent…
scared and alone… and the only thing you really know how to do is catch
fish — you do it.

there’s one problem.

Fish Don’t Always Bite.

and when you’re not getting a single bite, you’ve gotta get “creative”
— especially when you’re getting hungry.

was forced to modify his techniques… doctor-up his baits… learn how
a crappie thinks.

discovered unique methods of triggering strikes, even when it seemed nothing
would work.

wasn’t an option. Joel went to any means necessary to catch his
next meal.

If It Meant Breaking The Law

I’m not saying he broke the law… I’m just saying that some of Joel’s
best techniques are so sneaky, so ruthless… and so effective for hauling
in huge crappie — that the department of fish and game doesn’t know enough
to shut them down.

guess is: if they knew about a few of his “dirtier” techniques,
they’d ban ’em immediately.

most of his stuff is just super sneaky, and perfectly legal. (But his
“dark side” crappie fishing tactics are here if you want them.
Use them at your own risk…)

his secrets work like gangbusters. Joel is living proof
of this because…


stayed alive in the bush for 3 years.

never took help from his grandmother, even when she offered to take him

she knew he couldn’t keep going like that. So she had her “friends”
pull some strings to get him into the Marine Corps a little “early”…
on Joel’s secret death wish.


the green play button

to hear Joel tell it)

was an emotionally damaged kid… and he dreamed of getting killed in
the military, so he could die a hero.

almost did when the landmine crippled him, but Joel defied the odds.

said he’d never walk again, but the same determination he used to survive
in the wild — even in the bleakest conditions — gave him the will and
strength to walk again.

even rejoined the military.

when his pure love of fishing took over and…

Joined The U.S. Navy So

He Could Fish All Over The World!

and fish he did!

Navy career took him fishing all across the United States — from east
to west, and all over the world — including the Mideast and Europe…
and even to the mighty Amazon River.

became a student of fishing again.
He made it his primary “R&R
mission” to seek out the local fishing gurus in every location he
visited… and get their inside secrets for catching the local species.

it swam in freshwater or saltwater, Joel caught it.

every time he got back to the U.S., he’d carefully tweak and test these
new techniques… on crappie!

knows all game fish are predators. Whether it’s a crappie, a bass, a carp,
a walleye, or a speckled trout… and all predators have certain tendencies
you can exploit.)

Transformed Into A Crappie Catching Scientist

fact, he created dozens of completely unique methods for catching
— simply by modifying the techniques and presentations
he discovered around the world.

he wasn’t done learning…

Loved Crappie Fishing To The Point Of Obsession

he wanted to take his skill to the next level.

he crawled deeper inside the mind of a crappie when studying for his Masters
Degree in Biology. (He used his G.I. bill to go to college…)

his research, he closely studied the behaviors of predator fish.

he used this knowledge to develop
new fishing methods that “trigger” different behaviors in crappie.

tested and fine-tuned these deadly techniques over years of fishing…
and he’s added them his massive arsenal of crappie catching tricks.

where you come in.

You Don’t Need A Biology Degree To

Blow Your Fishing Buddies Away

just need proven crappie catching secrets from someone who applies science
to his obsession…

someone who’s been a student of catching fish for over 52 years, all over
the world. (… and who’s focused all that knowledge on catching crappie
in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.)

someone who lived in the wilderness and had to catch crappie by any means
possible, or starve.

someone who was born into the “inside” crappie fishing brotherhood…

Who Received A Large Sum Of Cash (From Me!)

For Every Crappie Fishing Secret He Knows

My name is
Dan Eggertsen, and I’ve been in the fishing education business since 2004.

To prove
I know what I’m talking about, here’s a screen shot of what you’ll find
when searching for “Dan Eggertsen crappie fishing” in Google.

in red at the top of the page, you can
see there are 117,000 pages of results!

I don’t
show you this to boast or brag. I just want to offer some real proof
that when it comes to catching big crappie, I’ve got information that
will help you slam ’em at will.

see, I’m always on the hunt for new (and old) crappie fishing secrets…
straight from the mouths of guys hauling in boatloads of fish. (While
everyone stares in stunned silence, wondering how they do it.)

like Joel Adams.

And I Discovered Him By Freak Accident

was on the phone with a Georgia bait shop owner, and he mentioned an
old crappie fishing guru living in the Cohutta wilderness. (in Northern

was talking about Joel, and I was fascinated. So I pulled some strings
to get into contact with him… and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve
ever met.

became fast friends, and after digging a few crappie fishing “tricks”
out of him — I made a deal to pay money I couldn’t afford, for his
entire arsenal of secrets.

Joel revealed everything… in great detail.

Spilled His Guts… Along With Every

Crappie Fishing Secret He’d Ever Used

and it took me almost 6 full months to suck this mountain of information
out of his brain.

seeing his techniques work with my own eyes, I’m convinced these tactics
can transform any crappie fishermen (of any experience level) into a
local crappie catching master.

don’t take my word for it…

Caught More Crappie In A Single

Day Than I Ever Had Before.”


the green play button

to hear A.J. tell it)

Dan, this is A.J. Bellard calling about your Instant Crappie Catching

Joel’s crappie
fishing techniques are tried and tested… and it’s stuff many
people would keep secret if they knew them. He’s been at it a
long time, he’s tried so many things, and he is more than qualified
to teach.

His “trial
and error” techniques have minimized “dead time”
out on the water where I’m not catching anything.

For example,
I put some of his jigging techniques to the test, and I caught
more crappie in a single day than I ever had before.

I had never
caught more than just a few in a day… but with Joe’s techniques
I caught a mess of them.

I was also
impressed with his information on how climate and water conditions
change the game. He covered each situation in detail.

basically gives you a blueprint for how to adapt his techniques
for any area of the country, and almost any condition.

you so much Dan.

provided a wealth of information, and your integrity shines
through in all the interviews you conducted with the fishermen
in the course.

wanted to give you my thoughts.

a great day.”


Fayetteville, Arkansas

is A.J. with the first one he caught using

Joel’s techniques… the same day he broke his

personal record for number of crappie caught!

when you actually put them to the test…

Slam Your Limit Of Crappie Almost Every Time…

Even When Other Guys Are Struggling

Joel has seen and done it all when it comes to crappie fishing, and
he’s got an incredible arsenal of inside secrets for you.

Here are 3 quick examples of 164 different secrets he’ll show you for
catching 2, 3, and even 4 times the amount of crappie you’re catching
now. (And if you’re not catching any… this stuff will blast your
catch count past most fishermen in your area

Caught My Limit In Under 4 Hours!”


the green play button

to hear Elliot tell it)

this is Elliot Perkins calling to tell you my thoughts on your
Crappie Fishing Course.

I can’t tell
you how much time this is going to save me.

There are
techniques in here I can use to get bites, even when I know there
are crappie down there — but they’ve got a bad case of lock jaw.

His techniques
work like a charm.

example, I used one of his fish finder riggings with his
vertical jigging technique off the end of a dock.I caught
my limit in under 4 hours!

I really enjoyed Joel’s personality. He’s a great guy, and
I’d love to fish with him.

very impressed with his strategies and techniques.

for providing such an amazing resource for crappie fishermen

to you later.


Arlington, Texas”

crappie limit caught off a dock with Joel’s

fish finder riggings and vertical

jigging technique…

imagine the thrill these guys felt when they used Joel’s secrets, and
had some of their best crappie fishing trips ever.

nothing like the big “inside smile” you get when you’re the
guy ripping crappie out of the water like nobody else…
your buddies give you that jealous stare, before demanding to know what
your secret is.

and the the look on your wife’s face when you casually walk in the house
with the biggest stringer of crappie she’s ever seen.

here to tell you this can all happen, because…

He’s Got Crappie Catching Tricks For

Any Situation You’ll Find Yourself In…

all 4 seasons… whether you fish from a boat or from shore.

are just a few of the many secrets Joel will show you for each one of
these situations:

If You Swear Your Spots Are “Different”…

has fished for crappie from the East Coast to the West Coast, and almost
everywhere in between…

and he’s faced tons of “dead” spots where people were struggling
to get a bite.

it took Joel a few hours to “figure it out”. To reach way
back into his bag of tricks and find the perfect techniques to find
or attract them, put them in “attack mode”, and start triggering
strikes like crazy.

knows (as we all do) that a crappie is a crappie, no matter where
it is in North America.

Whether it’s winter or spring… whether the water is murky or clear,
hot or cold, deep or shallow…

Nature has wired ’em all a certain way. You just need the right techniques
and strategies for your specific situation… so you catch the daylights
out of them.

Joel has it all laid out so you don’t even really need to “think”.
You’ll have a secret weapon
for any situation, and any body of water.

used his jig and spinner approaches to fill a big wire basket
with crappie… in two hours.”


the green play button

to hear Bob tell it)

Dan, this is Bob Bell.

I’m impressed
with the crappie fishing course because it’s all encompassing.

It is also
very well written, and could only have been put together by someone
with extensive experience.

information included can save people a lot of time because it
lays out proven baits, riggings, and tackle for different locations
and times of the year.

Joel sounds
like a great guy. He’s believable, and a pleasure to listen to
and read.

used his jig and spinner approaches to fill a big wire basket
with crappie by myself in two hours. Of course it took me
twice as long, 4 hours, to fillet all of them.

wanted to give you some thoughts Dan.

is an excellent resource I’d recommend to anyone.



Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

action shot of Bob Bell on the water, the same

day he used Joel’s techniques to fill that

wire basket with crappie… in 2 hours!

Even Out-Catch Most Local Guys In

Waters You’ve Never Fished Before

taking a trip to a body of water you’ve never fished before.

you follow Joel’s simple guidelines to select the perfect presentation,
technique, and strategy for your current location and conditions.

because you’re using special techniques that tap into crappie’s inner
instincts… you start blowing everyone else off the water.

feel the excitement and pride that comes with catching ’em like clockwork…
and you’ll have the exact steps you need to find out what makes ’em

you’ll save a ton of time trying to find them… and trying to “guess”
what they’ll bite on.

caught a 3 pounder using his vertical jig fishing techniques with
his recommended

yellow and black feathered jig!”


the green play button

to hear Eddie tell it)

Dan, this
is Eddie Carlile calling.

I just wanted
to give you some feedback on your crappie course.

I’m very impressed
to say the least.

Joel’s got
a great personality and he’s very down to earth. Most importantly,
he held nothing back.

First of all,
Joel has included a set of instructions to find crappie in any
area, time of day, and season. There are also guidelines for exactly
what presentations to use in your most common situations.

No more aimless
searching for crappie. I know exactly where to go, what to look
for, and what to use.

Over the weekend
I used some of his night fishing techniques with jigs, and we
got more bites that usual… and caught a lot more crappie.

I also used
one of his jigging techniques to catch 30 in a single day… my
best day ever.

But the best
thing is… I caught a 3 pounder using his vertical jig fishing
techniques with his recommended yellow and black feathered jig!

This course
is so thorough that it leaves very little room for question. Other
books and courses I’ve seen may touch on something you know nothing
about, and leave you hanging without the details you need.

kit is very detailed with simple steps so you can understand everything,
and execute!

Thanks for
putting this together Dan.


Eddie Carlile

Abilene, Texas

Nothing Worse Than Sitting

For Hours Without A Single Bite…

after you’ve tried different spots… after you’ve tried every bait
you have… and you feel like you’re out there wasting your time.

some guys will tell you it’s OK if you don’t catch anything. That the
most important thing is “getting out into nature”… and it’s
not really about catching fish.

I agree
with the “getting out into nature” part.

if you’re like most fishermen, you go out to slam a motherload of crappie.
Not spend all day moving… waiting… moving… waiting… without
a single bite.

Joel has all the secrets you’ll ever need to catch your limit quickly.


and then after you’ve used these (and many more — you’ll see them below)…
and you’re sitting there with a pile of big crappie — then
you can sit and enjoy nature… OK?

: because you’ll be catching lots of crappie consistently…

Every Fisherman You Know Will Beg

To Go With You… Even The Kids!

When you
discover Joel’s inside strategies for keeping the bite going all day
long, your fishing partners will reap the rewards too.

It’s fun
as heck catching crappie, and you’ll be the guy everyone wants to fish
with — because they’ll catch more with you.

build tighter lifelong friendships, and the kids will beg to go fishing
with you constantly.

Now, it’s
already catch more crappie than you can handle. But…

You Want To Catch A Monster Crappie?

Do You Want To “Own” The Local Record?

If you
want to dramatically increase the average size crappie you’re catching…
if you want to feel the spine tingling thrill of hauling in a 3 pound
plus monster… Joel uses some sneaky tricks to find, attract, target,
and trigger an all out attack on your bait from only the
biggest crappies in your spot.

monster crappie catching secrets are “unique” to say the least…
and a few of them are downright “weird”.

And I never
imagined they’d work this well…

have used some of the recommended jigs and techniques outlined
in the course to catch our limit of crappie, many of which were
over 2 pounds!”


the green play button

to hear Deb tell it)

“Hi Dan,
this is Deb Lovin.

I wanted to
tell you about my experiences with your Instant Crappie Catching

My fishing
buddy and I have used some of the recommended jigs and techniques
outlined in the course to catch our limits of crappie, many of
which were over 2 pounds!

strategies and techniques in the course can be used by both
beginners and seasoned crappie fishermen to increase the
number and sizes of crappie they’ll catch.

experiences with the information prove this out.

for all this great information, and the many emails you’ve
sent me in the past. I believe you sincerely want to help
crappie fishermen catch more fish, and get more enjoyment
from every trip.

a good one, Dan.



Hickson, Tennessee

with a couple beauties she caught using

Joel’s jig recommendations and techniques…

the one on the left is well over 2 pounds!

used one of his recommended soft body swimbaits with a weedless
hook, and I caught a 3 pound crappie!”

“Hi Dan,
this is Ontario Palmer.

I got your
course, and it is excellent.

The information
is so good and easy to follow, I
feel like I’m fishing with a guide.

Joel has obviously
been fishing his whole life for crappie and other species all
over the world.

He knows their
habits inside and out. And his stories, personality, charm and
humor really keeps everything interesting.

In the past,
I used one of his recommended soft body swimbaits with a weedless
hook, and I caught a 3 pound crappie! At first I thought it was
a nice size bass… but once I got it in I realized it was a crappie,
and thought I had the state record!

It wasn’t
the record, but it was still huge!

had a limited amount of time to fish lately, but I did get
out to try more of his methods, and I caught 13 crappie
between a half pound to a pound and a half (and a 7 pound
bass) in less than two hours! That’s great for this area.

I’m impressed with you as a person because you’ve put together
this great course, and you truly want to help people. That
fact shines through in your interviews.

a good day and talk to you soon.”


Madisonville, Kentucky

with a stringer he caught using techniques from the kit…

less than 2 hours!

100 Crappie In A Single Day Is Impressive…

But Hauling In A Trophy-Sized Monster Is “Legendary”…

just something about the fight with that monster crappie… and how
he looks as you haul him up out of the water…

how you’re buddies’ jaws hit the deck when they lay eyes on your prize.

The biggest
crappie they (and you) have ever seen.

it’s yours.

who sees what you caught will talk about it for years.

And Joel’s
got the techniques that will help you feel that thrill. There’s really
nothing else like it.

just 3 of the dozens he’ll show you.

And you
can have every secret in Joel’s arsenal, right now…

2 Years Of Hard Work, Joel And I Have Completed

This Step-By-Step “Instant Crappie Catching Tricks” E-Kit…

“Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit” contains every secret
Joel Adams

used. You’ll receive 6 downloadable manuals, a checklist, and

5 audio interviews with other crappie fishing gurus…

and it’s unlike any crappie fishing resource I’ve ever seen.

crappie fishing books I’ve read are full of some good information…
but they’re boring, and it takes forever to read through pages and pages
of fluff.

Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit is completely different.

is a “no B.S.” type of guy from his years in the military…
and from page 1 he jam packs
it with hundreds of his best crappie fishing secrets.

fluff, no filler, “no B.S.”.

be sucked into his insider crappie fishing world immediately because
the information is completely unique…

You Won’t Find Most If It On The Internet

This is
because Joel’s had more crazy fishing experiences than almost anyone
out there.

(In fact,
I’ve never met anyone else who caught crappie for food while living
in the woods at age 13… then fished all around the world in the Navy…
then learned about scientific “predator triggers” as a biology
major — and used them to catch crappie!)

Plus, every
technique is beautifully illustrated and photographed with simple step-by-step
instructions, so they are “brain-dead easy” to execute.

everything you’ll get in just a few minutes:

1. The
Instant Crappie Catching Core Secrets Course Manual

121 page “Instant Crappie Catching Tricks Core Secrets” manual
contains step-by-step instructions

for unleashing Joel’s core secrets… including beautiful illustrations
and photographs of every

step, so you’ll know exactly how to catch more crappie the next time
you go fishing.

are the secrets you’ll discover inside:

sneaky system for catching 2 crappie at once with Joel’s brilliant
double fish finder rig… with a twist!
automatically targets the best depth in your spot with 2 baits that
appeal to different crappie mindsets… so you almost can’t miss!)
to combine 2 “small fry” baits into a presentation that
stimulates a crappies attack instinct… and gets nailed on sight!
crappie (and bait fish) only swarm to certain fish attracting rocks…
and how to locate these crappie “magnets” quickly and
(The best part is: once you find one, crappie will
attack almost anything you drop down!)
sneaky method for following bait fish feeding patterns to locate
schools of crappie locked in “predator mode”… and discover
exactly what they’re waiting to attack. (This makes it easy to find
loads of bait fish quickly… and wherever you find bait, you’ll
find throngs of crappie!)
to start a scientific chain reaction (and crappie feeding frenzy)
in any spot with materials you’ll find in your garage!

(Joel discovered this powerful strategy over 30 years ago when fishing
by a dam… and he’s figured out how to make it work anywhere.)
quick method for discovering what crappie species lives in your
spot… and the exact strategy you’ll use to catch the daylights
out of ’em! (Hint: There are only 3 species you’ll need to know
about… and Joel will give you a different strategy for each, so
you maximize your catches.) (Most guys don’t know what species of
crappie they’re fishing for… and now you’ll have the inside edge!)
to fire up the crappie bite any time it dies down with 2 awesome
strike stimulators that piss off crappie… and force them to attack!
to use each of Joel’s 4 minnow-hooking strategies to maximize your
number of crappie strikes per hour… and increase your number of
successful hook sets.
secret black crappie baits that trigger instant attacks!

(There’s a simple scientific reason black crappie have different
tendencies than white crappie… which is why these little-known
baits work so well.)
to use Joel’s unique “double fish finder rigging” to serve
2 deadly presentations that destroy crappie at night.

to make a “sure-fire strike indicator” using a guitar
string and a piece of duct tape, so you can instantly detect even
the smallest nibble… and catch him!

You’d be shocked how many crappie bites go
completely unnoticed by experienced crappie fishermen every
year. If the only thing you use in this course is Joel’s “guitar
string strike indicator”, you’ll catch a huge percentage
of crappie you would have missed… dramatically increasing
your catch count.
secret “supplement formula” that drastically increases
the size of crappie in any private pond. (Joel was in charge of
large stock ponds for 10 years on a large ranch in North Texas…
and this secret produces a constant supply of trophy crappie in
the 2-3 pound range!)
to use flies to trigger jaw-dropping “flying crappie attacks”
during the spawn… and get a huge advantage over your buddies.

(Joel will show you exactly what flies to use, how to rig them,
and how to fish them… for the most thrilling crappie fishing experience
of your life!)

to easily predict daily crappie movement patterns based on the
time of year… so you know exactly where they’ll be before they
get there. (Every body of water is different, but Joel will show
you his simple method for tracking and targeting crappie, so you’re
always on top of them… even when the other fishermen aren’t.)

simple steps for finding the perfect “PH level” that big
crappie love in your body of water… so you quickly hunt them down
while other guys are wandering around aimlessly.
fishermen don’t even know about using water PH levels to find the
big ones… and now you’ll have a huge inside edge!)

to “light line” small sinking crankbaits during the
pre-spawn so you slam crappie hand over fist… before the crowds
come! (You’ll follow Joel’s steps to work the crankbait from “shallow
to deep”, creating action crappie can’t resist…)

single biggest secret for catching monster-sized crappie during
the spawn…
(Hint: this has nothing to do with your bait,
tackle, or technique… and it’s a sneaky way to instantly increase
the average size crappie you catch by 50%!)
little-known scientific phenomenon that drives crappie into hidden
“honey holes” in the fall… and a simple strategy you
can use to locate and assault these areas with a system of deadly
amazing “multi-rod drift rigging system” that presents
a variety of specially selected baits (at different depths) to catch
crappie like clockwork.
(Warning: make sure this one is
legal in your area before you do it!)
simple “stained water” strategies for quickly discovering
the jig types and colors that rile crappie into bite mode. (Murky
water conditions dramatically change the effectiveness of every
presentation… and now you’ll have 2 systems for finding the big
“theory of irregularity” for finding crappie locked into
ambush mode… and exactly how to drift a helpless-looking bait
in front of their noses, so it gets slammed immediately!
to transfer the force of your “pole jerk” to the hook
in such a way that it stabs through the roof of a crappies mouth…
for a solid and inescapable hook set! (This fool-proof technique
completely bypasses a crappie’s paper thin lips, which are easily
deadly spinner baits that catch crappie like magic when using Joel’s
“drop skip” technique.
(These connect with subtle
changes in a crappie’s mind set after the water has reached its
high temperature for the year…)
using a bobber can completely kill the crappie bite… and a little
trick you’ll use to avoid this problem completely.
“covert operations” presentation that floats in under
a crappies defense mechanisms… triggering a strike the instant
they see it!
(This one pulls amazing results when crappie
are sluggish and easily spooked… as long as you’re using an ultra-light
only rod type you should ever use to catch crappie if you want to
reduce the number of fish you lose by half! (Getting this right
is extremely important because of crappie’s paper thin mouths, and
their tendency to “bite lazy”…)
step-by-step casting technique (for spinning reels) that eliminates
99% of the friction on your line… so your casts fire out like
a cannon shot — with pinpoint accuracy.
(Imagine watching
your casts consistently sailing 10 or 20 feet past your buddies…
right into a far away crappie hot zone!)

winter “bite zones” that hold small schools of crappie
wired to attack a specific jig type… as long as you use a slip
float. (Only the best crappie fishermen in the country know about
this one… and it’s deadly!)

to make Joel’s “garbage bag chum” that can attract crappie
from over 200 yards away… creating a feeding frenzy in your spot!

(You’ll combine a specific type of meat with other special ingredients
to quickly draw in hundreds of “ready-to-feed” crappie…)
simple steps for building a rod that “automatically” triggers
strikes in 5 feet of water or less. (This rod is easy to use, catches
crappie in dense cover, and it’s free!)
common outdoor item that can drive crappie away from your spot,
and kill the action
. (Most guys use this without even knowing…)
inexpensive item that gives you X-Ray vision through the water…
so you can see underwater structure, obstacles, and even crappie!
(This will give you a huge advantage for finding hidden crappie
ambush spots… without using an expensive fish finder.)
to send a crappie attracting “scent trail” from a doctored-up
jig that can out catch standard jigs almost 2-1!
to rig an auto-release sinker that saves your tackle, bait, and
any hooked crappie when you’re fishing heavy cover. (It will only
cost you a nickel, and it’s easy to setup.)
hot list of “weird” live baits that can out perform minnows
by double in certain situations.
steps for setting up an “automatic bite indicating bobber”
that instantly notifies you of the slightest nibble… and won’t
project unnatural line tension to crappie. (Most bobber setups increase
the odds of losing fish because they create unnatural tension on
your line… causing crappie to release and escape.)
“minnow scales” secret Joel uses to release hundreds of
sparkles into the water… triggering the “seek and destroy”
instinct wired into every crappies brain.
when a minnow is attacked, some of it’s scales fall off and attract
more crappie. Joel has figured out a simple method you can use to
“simulate” this phenomenon… and catch over 100 crappie
in a day!)
list of money-sucking fishing products that can also hurt your chances
of catching crappie.
to use a common catfish bait to drive crappie into a murderous rampage,
so they hammer your bait with a vengeance!
to use “dam currents” to quickly locate crappie holding
zones. (You’ll use Joel’s step-by-step system to find them, and
drift a “convulsing bait” through the area to trigger
quick strikes from the largest crappies in the school!)
“one size fits all” presentation that can catch huge slabs
of crappie in any body of water… in any weather.
: this works best around brush, trees, logs, weeds, and
man made structure.)
to get all the benefits of boat fishing – without any of the expense!
(Joel lays out a simple strategy to fish crappie hot beds only accessible
by boats… without owning one.) (Hint: you’ll also use
this strategy to move in on crappie in complete silence… and have
both hands free to fish while you move.)
“edge retrieval” trick that stimulates quick strikes when
everyone else is catching crappie, and you’re struggling.

(This one actually gives your bait a special “twist” that
attracts immediate interest from crappie.)
3 step system for stocking private ponds with crappie (and other
species) to create one of the most productive fishing holes in your
area. (Plus, you’ll get a simple chart that illustrates exactly
how to introduce each species, so you build a self sustaining environment
huge crappie thrive in for years!)
killer way to finesse any slider jig’s presentation so it attracts
crappie with a natural pattern of vibrations.
(These vibrations
imitate the struggle of a dying bait fish, “ringing the dinner
bell” for crappie.)
certain weedless jigs actually prevent crappie from latching on…
and a simple modification you must do to maximize the number of
crappie you catch with them!
to “attach” an unbeatable color combination to any Marabou
jig, for a wickedly effective presentation they can’t resist.
“dual-jig floatation” secret Joel discovered for catching
a quick limit of crappie in any river.
common bass presentation that drastically increases your odds of
catching trophy-sized crappie in sunny, clear water conditions.

(Hint: this works like a charm because of how natural light reflects
off of it underwater.)
to combine the crappie catching powers of inline and french spinners…
so you get your limit before some people catch their first fish!
secret night fishing formula that starts an instant crappie “bait
(Just drop your bait in the middle of the fray
to catch 1 crappie a minute for half an hour straight!)
“fly baits” that destroy crappie when fished under the
surface with a sinker and bobber! (Joel uses this method to “cheat”,
and catch all the crappie he can handle in shallow water situations.)
a bunch more!
2. The
Instant Crappie Catching Advanced Secrets Course Manual

The “Instant
Crappie Catching Tricks Advanced Secrets” course manual includes

Joel’s wildest, weirdest, and deadliest secrets… for crappie fishermen

willing to do almost anything to catch huge slabs of monsters.

WARNING: some of this stuff is not for the feint
of heart!

some of what you’ll discover:

weird “wobbling jig” that combines fluorescent coloring
with dramatic movements to excite crappie in low light conditions
— and trigger bites.
(These can even steal attention away
from other baits in the water.)
brilliant method for “doctoring” any worm so it triggers
crappie strikes like minnows… sometimes even better! (Joel will
also show you how to harvest over 1,000 worms in an evening too…)
“crack fishing” secrets for catching over 100 in a single
day during the fall.
(You’ll be thrilled when you’re catching
1 crappie every 90 seconds with these simple strategies!)
“quick rip” crappie fishing technique that destroys ’em
around lily pads. (This takes a little practice, but the “rapid
fire” catches you’ll get after a few tries are amazing!)
to use a secret combination of baits with Joel’s 4 rod spidering
system to catch an unlimited amount of crappie!
(This very
specific 4 bait combo clicks crappie into “instant feeding”
mode… but it’s only legal in some states.)
to attract instant attention from crappie over 2 pounds (and trigger
aggressive bites) with Joel’s custom “worm rigging”! (You’ll
follow 3 steps to make his “crappie worm threader” so
you rig ’em perfectly every time…)
amazing “crappie pulling” technique any serious fisherman
can use to almost guarantee a crappie limit — for everyone on the
(Joel got this from pro crappie fishing guru
Roger Gant… but you must be in a boat with at least 3 people for
it to work.)
critical things you must change about your fishing strategy to catch
huge crappie in the winter, and get your limit almost every time.
(Most people only change the obvious one… but if you do all 3
you’ll bang more winter crappie than almost anyone.)
simple steps for building a mass crappie attracting structure at
the bottom of any lake or river… so you have a secret crappie
hot spot you can milk for years!
(No, you won’t be dropping
down chum bags, christmas trees, or special bushes. Sure they work,
but this works 10 times better — and hardly anyone knows about
to create a crappie hot bed that produces spawn-like crappie action
in the fall… with tomato stakes!
unusual parasite that can drive a school of crappie into a wild
feeding frenzy!
(Joel will also show you how to breed them
by the hundreds with a glass jar, cereal, honey, some twigs… and
Joel’s secret ingredient.)
rare minnow breed crappie are hard-wired to attack on sight! (Joel
will tell you where to get ’em… and even show you how to “disguise”
common minnows so they trigger the same violent reaction…)
to use a secret military technology to locate crappie hot zones
in under 8 minutes… in any body of water, regardless of conditions.

(Plus, you’ll discover how to get this huge advantage without spending
an arm and a leg.)
“must have” night crappie fishing items that can blow
your catch count through the roof. (You can get ’em all for under
$15 total… and Joel will show you how to “systematize”
them to rip crappie out of the water hand over fist!)
to turn your bait bucket into an instant crappie attraction device!

(This can actually lure crappie out of crowded hot spots, and into
your location in about 15 minutes.)
tiny critter that can trigger crappie bites… when all else fails!
(This one actually works best when crappie aren’t in “feeding
mode”… and nothing else is getting results.)
to tip a specially modified jig head with a wax worm to spur sluggish
suspending crappie into action!
only maggot species that stimulates a crappie’s feeding instinct
the moment they see it. (These maggots are like “crappie candy”
because of their small size, unique color, and odd shape.) (Plus,
Joel will show you his 7-step super maggot growing system for an
unlimited supply!)
to use an aluminum can, rocks, and a secret ingredient to catch
“jawed leeches” crappie love to eat.
(These leeches
can actually propel through the water, and they’re the only ones
crappie bite on…)
horizontal swimming jigs that trigger a crappie’s “winter feeding
mode”… dramatically increasing your catch count.
awesome bass bait that works wonders if you follow Joel’s “3
step prep” to gear them for crappie fishing.
you’ll discover how to add a little “rattle” that kicks
the crappie bite into overdrive!)
to create a devastating drop shot rig that irritates the “crap”
out of crappie in ambush mode… triggering quick anger strikes!
much more…

3. The
Instant Crappie Catching Tricks Checklist

also included a simple checklist to make sure you hit all the best techniques
in the E-Kit.

was only after I put the finishing touches on the course that I realized
how many techniques, tactics, and secrets were included. The
checklist will be your guide.

follow it step-by-step to go through the information in the right order
so you “get” the simplest techniques first… before moving
on to the advanced tactics.

I’ve also prepared the following “surprise” bonus gifts for
anyone ordering today,

echo date(‘l, F j, Y’); ?>

Master Crappie Fishermen Secret Interviews Volume 1: Jerry “Quick
Draw” Watts

has been crappie fishing for almost 66 years… and during that time
he’s come up with some creative “quick crappie catching” techniques.

this 47 minute interview you’ll discover:

jig tipping strategies you can use to create “irresistible
attraction” to your presentations… drawing crappie away from
other baits in the area — to yours!
to make a secret “Red, White, and Blue” jig (with a wiggling
white tail) that mimics a desperate minnow trying to escape… practically
forcing crappie to chase, and attack!
secret device Jerry and his wife used to catch over 100 crappie
in under 6 hours during one of the hottest days of the year.

(Warning: this is a little expensive, but well worth it if you’re
a die hard crappie fisherman.)
to track the gradual pre-spawn crappie migration, so you target
tough-to-find crappie bite zones using a slip float. (This is an
easy way to catch your fill before the spawn… and the crowds.)
“easy pitch” system Jerry uses to slam a ton of crappie
around brush piles and standing timber.
(This makes it
super easy to flip your bait on top of crappie waiting to ambush…
with pinpoint accuracy!)
secret strategy Jerry uses to slaughter crappie a day before it
rains… (Hint: you’ll take advantage of a pre-storm crappie behavior
to “play” your bait right into their mouths.)

tiny bait fish that can catch more crappie than any minnow by
10 to 1… but only if it’s dead!
(Hint: you’ll trigger
frenzied crappie attacks by putting 2 or 3 of these poor little
guys on your hook after ripping their guts out.)


the green play button

to hear Jerry tell it)


“pitch, flip, glide” technique for triggering a strike
on almost every try during the spawn. (This takes spawn fishing
to another level completely because you’ll catch crappie more quickly
and consistently than with any other method.)
to instantly catch a higher percentage of crappie that bite your
bait with Jerry’s “float balancing” secret.
favorite fishing line that is strong as steel, 99% invisible under
the water, and so sensitive you’ll feel even the slightest nibble.
(Hint: it’s a certain type of braided line… and you’ll use his
special rigging to amplify these benefits, and catch crappie like
to unleash 2 super successful night fishing techniques at the same
time with two 7-foot rods!
(This combines the power of
both techniques so you catch huge crappie at will…)

to exploit wind and sunlight to put crappie at a huge disadvantage…
and catch them like crazy in 1 spot for almost 60 minutes.

sneaky strategy Jerry uses after the spawn to “follow the mind”
of a crappie as it adjusts to changing conditions. (This one will
keep the bite going strong for months after the spawn!)

systematic deep water fishing method that automatically discovers
the perfect combination of presentation, depth, and technique
for triggering the most strikes. (This automatically adapts to
a crappies’ state of mind based on the current conditions… and
it’s absolutely brilliant!)

secret crappie fishing system Jerry discovered in the early 1980’s
when he used a 9 foot fly fishing rod, a bobber, and a special
jig to catch dozens of crappie between 1 ½ to 3 pounds…
at will!
(He’ll show you how to adapt this strategy to
a standard crappie rod and trigger spin reel… so you fill your
stringer with monsters.)


the green play button

to hear Jerry tell it)

more “quick draw” crappie catching techniques…

Master Crappie Fishermen Secret Interviews Volume 2: Rob Knight

didn’t give Rob much… but he can catch crappie (and fix your plumbing)
like almost nobody else.


the green play button

to hear Rob tell it)

uncles were big time fishermen and taught him everything they knew
when he was a kid. And he’s been putting those skills to the test
for 51 years… constantly refining his techniques… coming up with
new ways to stimulate action when everyone says it’s dead.

got the uncanny ability to sit in a crowd and catch the daylights
out of them when nobody else can get a bite.


the green play button

to hear Rob tell it)

he’s gonna show you how to do it to with information like:

to use Rob’s “rapid fire crappie catching system” to
slam a boatload of crappie before your buddies catch 1!

(This is amazing… and all you need is a long fishing rod, a
boat, 25 feet of water and some cover to catch all the crappie
you can handle… without ever having to reel!)
“minnow skipping” secret you can use to trigger quick
strikes from crappie during the hottest days of the year. (This
one throws your minnow around like a rag doll… but it almost
always gets nailed in under 15 seconds!)

to give your minnows dramatic wiggling spasms so they get slammed
a few seconds after hitting the water… almost every time!


the green play button

to hear Rob tell it)

“hot list” of crappie attracting plants. (He’s found
certain plant types that attract more crappie than all the rest…
hands down! Now you’ll get the results of his extensive testing
so you can maximize the action in any spot.)

to build a floating crappie catching platform using a stick,
an inner tube, a piece of plywood, a wire, a broom handle, and
a piece of duct tape.
(This contraption automatically
attracts crappie, and can catch your limit for you.)

huge “technique mistake” almost every beginner makes
that opens an easy “door of escape” for crappie… and
can lower your catch count! (Hint: let the rod do the work…)
“pied piper” rigging secret that gently lures a whole
school of crappie to follow your bait!
(Then, you’ll
rig a tiny round bobber from your boat… and “pump it”
for quick bites.)
qualities your fishing net must have so it never scares crappie
away. (Most nets can kill the action in a spot when they touch
the water… but Rob will show you which ones to use, so you avoid
Rob accidentally caught 50 bass over a downed tree when he was
crappie fishing… and how you can reproduce this technique to
“accidentally” catch your bass limit too!
unique rigging that forces your minnow into the “crappie
bite zone” when fishing shallow cover. (This puts your bait
in an ambushing crappie’s face… triggering a strike.)
simple drag setting secret that gives you “perfect balance”
for fighting crappie every time your line hits the water.

(Fact: you can increase your catches by 15-20% just by getting
this right every time!)
to determine if your boat anchor is reducing the number of crappie
strikes you get… and 2 things you can do to make sure your anchor
is “crappie friendly”.
to modify certain jigs with a pair of needle-nosed pliers to attract
bites from big crappie during the summer.
(Hint: you’ll
remove part of the jig and add a “flashy hook” to attract
more strikes.)
to use 2 anchors and some 8 pound test line to catch a mess of
crappie around any dam… on autopilot. (Rob overheard an 85 year
old fisherman talk about this many years ago… and it works like
a charm!)

“pull and turn” technique that will free your tackle
from almost every snag… without having to break off and re-rig!

(All you need is Rob’s simple 3 step technique, and a pair of
needle nosed pliers.)

to use a bar of Coast soap to keep the crappie bite going strong
in any hot spot… for hours!

Rob and his best friend used pin floats and small jig heads
to catch 27 huge crappie… one of which was almost 4 pounds!

(They discovered this by complete accident, and he’ll show you
to use it to catch the biggest crappie in your spot within 30
minutes .)


the green play button

to hear Rob tell it)

a bunch more…

Master Crappie Fishermen Secret Interviews Volume 3: Ron Kalasoski

got over 50 years of crappie catching action under his belt… and
he’s only 51 years old!

guy was practically born with a crappie rod in his hand, and he’s
gonna tell you everything he knows, like:

Master Crappie Fishermen Secret Interviews Volume 4: Jim Rice

is just an old country boy who’s been a crappies’ worst enemy since
he was 6 years old.

he’s always been willing to do whatever it takes to catch his limit
no matter how difficult the conditions are.


the green play button

to hear Jim tell it)

In his
1 hour 6 minute interview, you’ll discover:

#1 mistake almost every beginner crappie fisherman makes that
scares the “crap” out of crappie… instantly shutting
the bite down.
(Even if you’ve been fishing for a few
years, there’s a chance you’re making this mistake without realizing
it… )
substances Jim uses as “jig dip” that transforms ordinary
jigs into crappie attracting magnets!
(If you ever wanted
to get an inside edge, try “dipping” all your jigs with
these the night before…)
“pole switching” tactic that can increase your crappie
catch count by over 30%!
create the illusion your presentation is a mortally wounded baitfish
struggling to survive, with a simple jig hook modification. (This
instantly increases your bites, and it only takes a few seconds
to setup.)
to catch a whole school of crappie in under 60 minutes by combining
5 deadly presentations!
(WARNING: before you follow
Jim’s simple instructions, make sure this is legal in your area
because you’ll fish 5 poles at once…)
to discover (and follow) hidden “pathways” crappie use
to move between forage areas throughout the day… so you have
“go to” trolling zones you can hit all day long.
“jig stuffing” secret that stimulates 3 different crappie
senses at the same time… so they tear it to shreds, and end
up on your hook!
(This is designed for soft hollow body
jigs… tripling their effectiveness.)
pink curly tailed grub (with silver sparkles) that can catch a
limit of crappie almost anywhere.
common deer hunting tactic Jim “modified” for hunting
crappie in murky water… to catch them at will.
to change colors on a Charlie Brewer Slider grub to catch crappie
2-to-1 over almost any “out of the box” jig. (Plus,
Jim will show you how to rig these killer grubs to pull through
heavy cover with ease… so you never get hung up and waste time

Jim caught a 2 ¼ pound crappie while he was asleep…
with his toe!
(He’s going to show you what he did,
and how you can reproduce his success to catch 1 monster on
almost every trip!)


the green play button

to hear Jim tell it)

secret “dot modification” that instantly turns any inline
spinner into one of the most deadly crappie fishing baits you’ll
ever use.

“bait stacking” system for rigging a single line with
multiple “super baits” crappie will destroy!

(You’ll also use Jim’s bait discovery system to fine tune your
presentations… and drive crappie crazy.)

genius method for rigging any kid’s balloon to “magically”
float over the biggest school of crappie in the water… and follow
them all day long! (75% of crappie fishing is about finding the
fish, and this amazing discovery does it for you… automatically!)
long-lost bait Jim’s father used to become the local crappie fishing
legend… and how you can modify any chicken feathered jig to
re-create it’s crappie catching “magic”.
one works best if you rig it 12 inches above a live minnow…)
steps for modifying a “shiney hiney” jig to catch the
largest crappie in your spot… (It’s modified in such a way that
it attracts all the attention from the big boys… so you’re the
guy hauling them in!)
little-known crappie bait you’ll find in almost any road ditch
(on rainy days) that catches ’em like dynamite!

big mistake Jim made to lose a 3 pound “wall hanger”
crappie he hooked… (Too many guys make this big blunder…
and Jim will show you how to avoid it, so you don’t lose your
next trophy catch.)


the green play button

to hear Jim tell it)

perfectly legal “crappie trap” that automatically hooks
’em, and reels ’em in for you!
(Jim sets out a bunch
of these to catch a quick limit while he takes a nap… and you
can get everything you need for under $2.)

to setup any curly tailed grub so it does a natural “wiggle
dance” that draws crappie in… forcing involuntary attacks.

Jim’s old fishing buddy out caught him 3 crappie to 1 with a
hollow body jig, an ultralight rod, and a weird (but effective)
(Jim forced his buddy to show him the
secret, and he’s used it ever since!)


the green play button

to hear Jim tell it)

little “candy baits” all species of freshwater game
fish hammer with reckless abandon… especially crappie! (If you
haven’t tested these against minnows in your spots, you could
be missing out on a huge advantage… and Jim will show you how
to get them for free!)
more deadly crappie catching strategies…

Master Crappie Fishermen Secret Interviews Volume 5: Joel Adams

Joel is one of the most interesting guys I’ve ever met, I want you
to get to know him through this special interview I did with him recently.

it he tells the amazing story of his life, including: his childhood,
his military career, and most of his wildest adventures and fishing

love it.

what he’ll tell you:

he got chased off the Egyptian Pyramids while in the Marines during
Operation Blast Furnace.
(Hint: this has to do with a
popular children’s toy, the “Slinky”.)
he survived falling overboard into a huge school of feeding piranha…
without getting a single bite. (He was fishing with a guide service
in South America when a huge fish he hooked suddenly turned and
pulled him out of the boat.)
he escaped torture by a band of angry Bedouins in Alexandria,
Egypt… and why they let him go after burning his tongue with
a hot spoon!
he successfully received 3 scholastic degrees: a PhD in Theology,
a Doctorate in Naturopathy, and a Masters Degree in Biology. (It’s
the Masters in Biology Joel credits for his uncanny ability to
catch crappie like almost nobody else…)
only technique (and bait) Joel would use if he had to catch 100
crappie in a single day.. or die!
(This one actually
combines a secret “tied fly” with a marabou jig and
a spinning rod… and it’s Joel’s “go to” method in
almost any situation.)
he narrowly escaped attack by 3 hammerhead sharks that knocked
him to the ground on the beach when he was fishing for speckled
he mastered 12 different musical instruments…including guitar.

(His favorite music includes oldies rock ‘n roll, old country,
and bluegrass.)
(and why) Joel got into the Marine Corps under age. (He ran away
from home at 13 years old to escape an abusive household… and
he lived in the woods for 3 years.)
he brings hope to millions with his good work at the American
Cancer Society, the U.S. Forestry Service, the March of Dimes,
and the local prisons.

a small idea transformed into an amazing A-to-Z crappie fishing
course filled with Joel’s unique secrets.


the green play button

to hear Joel tell it)

single reason Joel was able to catch crappie from the east coast,
to the west coast… and everywhere in between.

he saved 35 people from death by the time he turned 18. (He did
it all in a 5 year period in the Civil Air Patrol… and he got
5 prestigious civil defense awards.)
key role Joel played when he helped retrieve a U.S. destroyer
that was captured by the North Koreans.
(This all happened
when he was in the 5th Marine, 3rd recon battalion.)

military adventures in Grenada, Beirut, and Operation Eagle
Claw in 1980.

he caught a 35 pound carp with a kite string, a hook, and a
piece of bread.
(He was only 4 years old, and the thing
nearly pulled him into the water!


the green play button

to hear Joel tell it)


Joel ended up in a small town with a population of 20. (He still
lives there, and it’s only connected to the rest of the world
by a small dirt road…)

full story of how Joel stepped on a landmine in Grenada and was
told he’d never walk again.
(He proved them all wrong…
and even went back on active duty.)
Joel shattered his knee and hip in 1999 and was told he’d be a
cripple… and how he proved them all wrong… again.
more wild and crazy stories…

Master Crappie Fishermen Interview Transcripts And Workbook

manual contains full transcripts of all 5 interviews, so you can read
everything you heard.

This way you won’t miss a thing, and you’ll easily absorb all the
techniques these crappie masters reveal.

there’s a workbook included that asks questions about the major techniques
revealed in each interview.

fill in the blanks to make sure you “get” each secret.


Simple Step-By-Step Solutions For The Most Frustrating Crappie
Fishing Problems Q&A Manual

manual contains solutions to 34 of the most common crappie fishing
problems and mistakes.

been keeping a log (over the last 5 years) of the major crappie catching
“sticking points” and “slip ups” being made over
and over again. Things that prevent people from catching lots of crappie.

addresses each problem area and presents a solution for each… complete
with detailed steps and illustrations.

follow the information in this manual to remove unknown barriers that
may be hurting your ability to catch crappie.

what you’ll discover:

Quick And Delicious Crappie Recipes Of A Gourmet Chef

graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona, interned
at K-Pauls in New Orleans, and owned his own restaurant in Key West,

bottom line is: he’s a gourmet chef, and he’s put 30 of his best crappie
recipes into this cooking manual titled, “The Quick and Delicious
Crappie Recipes of a Gourmet Chef”.

just a couple of these delicious
meals (using crappie you caught with his techniques) can more than
pay for the course.

some of the delicious recipes included are:

that’s a lot of stuff.

the main course (including all 8 bonuses) will be yours today for
a low price that may surprise you.

The Instant Crappie Catching E-Kit Is

Not $149.95 Today… And Why It’s Way Less…

plan for this course has always been to print and bind it into 5 manuals
and workbooks, along with 5 physical CD’s.

before I pay thousands of dollars to have 100 courses printed (the
printing company has a 100 unit minimum), I had to make sure there
was demand for this information.

I put the entire course into files you can download to your computer
quickly and easily.

way I won’t have to pay any printing costs (for now)… and you
can get the whole course for the low price of $39.95
Plus you can start using the techniques immediately.

you’ll get immediate access to the entire Instant Crappie Catching
Tricks E-Kit in it’s digital form. It includes:

these 8 free bonus gifts:


$339.50 of value when you add it up.

when the physical version of the kit is ready for shipping, I’ll give
my customers a discounted price of $149.95 + $19.95 shipping and handling.

today, you’ll only pay $39.95
because you’ll download everything.
(there are no physical printing costs… and you won’t pay any
shipping and handling.

response to this offer from crappie fishermen (and women!) of all
experience levels is making my head spin… not only because hundreds
of fishermen are ordering, but because of the amazing feedback I’m

caught over 100 crappie each after

the small ones back.”


the green play button

to hear Tip tell it)

Hello Dan,
this is Tip Quillin calling you about your new crappie kit.

It’s a great
resource for many reasons. First, because it gets into the actual
nuts and bolts of “how to” do things.

Most books
and magazines don’t break things down into easy to follow steps.

Second the
course gives you all the tools you need to be prepared for almost
any situation that comes along.
It gives you multiple”plan
B’s to add to your arsenal.

I also think
Joel has a great personality, and he’s so likeable it makes
it easy to go through the course. He’s a natural born teacher.

I actually
used one of his jig baiting strategies to get the bite going
again after we thought it had died completely.

Both of
us caught our limits after we started using the technique.

To be honest, we caught over 100 crappie EACH after throwing
all the small ones back.

just wanted to tell you what I thought of the course Dan.
It is exactly what you say it is.

a lot, and have a nice day.


Mountain View, California

“prepping” in his “office” the night

before a crappie fishing trip

Of The Crappies Was

The Biggest I’d Ever Caught…”