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Truth About Hypnosis

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Truth About Hypnosis
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us 1 hour per week and we’ll force the world’s top hypnotists to give up their most powerful, most covert, and most effective mind control secrets for creating the life of YOUR dreams”

-Jim Katsoulis


you join The Truth About Hypnosis™ you’ll learn powerful Hypnosis secrets like…

  • Joe Vitale teaches you instant hypnotic tricks that allow you to double your motivation and create permanent change,

    any willpower…
  • Wendi Friesen explains how hypnosis can be used to naturally eliminate addictions and reveals the ONE power induction used by Master Hypnotists you can use to easily put your friends into a trance…
  • Bill Harris teaches the secret technique used to meditate like a monk and that can instantly solve 99% of all weight loss, smoking and stress reduction problems out there…

  • Steve G Jones, M.Ed. reveals the exact hypnotic methods he uses on his celebrity clients in Hollywood and how you can use hypnosis to covertly influence people around you…
  • Marc Savage unveils the ONE hypnotic suggestion that no one in the history of civilization has ever NOT obeyed…
  • Adam Eason exposes

    the mistake that 97% of the public makes when it comes to changing habits and the one hypnotic technique that will change your entire life…

  • Keith Livingston uncovers the most common and powerful forms of every day hypnotic language patterns being used on us and
    how we can protect ourselves form them…

  • Michael Lovitch debunks some of the most common misconceptions about hypnosis and shares the key factors you must consider when choosing an effective hypnotist…
  • Tom Nicoli spills his guts and reveals the exact weight loss hypnosis techniques he used to successfully help his contestant shed 40 pounds on Dateline NBC’s Ultimate Diet Challenge…

  • And much,

    much more sent straight to your inbox… 

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