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Undisputed Results – Betting Picks!

Undisputed Results – Betting Picks!
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This PROVEN system is the most realistic way for “regular bettors” to turn tiny 3 or 4-figure bankrolls… into 6 or 7-figure FORTUNES.

For the first time EVER, you’re getting a chance to see this system in action… and actually USE it to MULTIPLY YOUR BANKROLL!

So make sure you read EVERY word of this letter… 

before this special limited time opportunity vanishes FOREVER!

A Special Message From Tyler Smith, The REIGNING DraftKings National Sports Betting Champion:

Picture this…

215 of the smartest sports bettors in the country…

ALL willing to put $10,000.00 of their own money on the line…

Then… battle it out over a wild weekend… to see which one of us was the KING.

Well… this all actually happened just two weeks ago…

And your boy walked away with the crown.

Plus… $1,169,747.17 in prize money.

That’s me at the top right there.

TUS0323… as in Tyler Smith… born on March 23.

And not to sound cocky about it all…

But even though this tournament was supposed to be “super competitive…”

I didn’t just “win” the damn thing.

I RAN AWAY with it.

Now… don’t worry. 

I’m NOT here to brag about how great I am.

I already HAD my victory lap after that BIG score.

(There screaming and fist pumping)

The reason I’m writing THIS letter…

Is to tell you HOW I dominated this “tournament of sharps.”

Because the truth is… I had an UNFAIR advantage.

Today… for the first time EVER… 

I’m actually going to reveal HOW that system works.

And more importantly…

How YOU can use the SAME system that won me the Sports Betting National Championship…

In fact…

I’m FULLY confident in saying:

This system…

(Which I adapted from some of the world’s top cryptocurrency traders)

Is the MOST realistic way for regular guys — who don’t already have giant bankrolls— to make a full-time income betting sports.

Because this system routinely goes on runs

Where you’re able to trigger “parabolic growth streaks…”

So you can 5X, 10X or even 20X your bankroll… in a matter of days!

(Sometimes… in a SINGLE day. And I’ll PROVE it to you.)

And the best part is…

This system is so mathematically sound

It doesn’t even require you to maintain some unrealistic winning percentage in order to make BANK. 

(We all know the more ACCURATE bettors in the world are happy to win just 55% of their wagers.)

Because even if you just won 50… or 40… or even 30% of your bets… you’d still end up enormously profitable.

And that seems WAY more doable, doesn’t it?

I mean, most bettors could pick 3 out of 10, right?

Well, that’s ALL this system requires you to do.

But this system is capable of much, MUCH more.

And I PROVED that during the DraftKings National Sportsbetting Championship…

Where I placed 6 bets…

And ended up going 4-2… for an 67% success rate…

Which took my starting bankroll of $5,000.00… and grew it to over $169,747.11… in just TWO short days.

Like… “The Vegas Ringer” Dave Miller… who’s become MORE than just a trusted betting resource to me…

Because he’s actually become one of my best friends.

And it’s ALSO the type of move that’ll allow YOU to turn an anorexic-looking bankroll into a


mountain of money. 

Because when it comes to winning big at sports… THIS is my specialty.

My superpower.

The one thing I consider myself the BEST in the world at.

And it’s the reason you can hand me the EXACT same “winner” as other bettors… 

Yet in the long run, I’ll make WAY more money than they can. Even if we started with the same bankroll.

So in this game…

We had Nebraska… a team of tough, hard-nosed grinders…

Taking on the #2 ranked Ohio State…

The offensive juggernaut that’s been hanging 50+ plus points on everyone they faced.

The “normal” move here… on a “Fade the Public” type of play like this… 

Would be to just take the +14 on Nebraska.

And “hope” to get lucky… however the game happened to play out

But that didn’t make sense to me.

Because I KNEW for the fact… there was only a certain TYPE of game that the Huskers would be able to win.

If this game turned into a shootout, they were DEAD IN THE WATER anyway.

The ONLY chance they had at competing here… was if they slowed down that Ohio State offensive freight train.

So instead of just laying the -110 on Nebraska +14…

I PARLAYED the +14 with the Under 67.5… at +300.

Because in my mind, there were only


possible outcomes here:

Either Nebraska would slow Ohio State down enough to cover the spread.

OR… I’d be wrong and they’d get blown out.

But I had absolute conviction the Huskers D’ would show up…

Never in doubt.

We beat the line by 5 FULL touchdowns!

And as I scrolled up the leaderboard to see where this win put me…

Like I mentioned earlier…

I’m typically a contrarian/ “Fade the Public” kind of bettor…

And there’s NO bigger public team in sports… than the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys were riding into Sunday on a 6 game win streak.

They were clicking on all cylinders.

And they were playing the Broncos… who had just lost 4 out of 5.

So the public was ALL over the Cowboys, betting them up to 10 point favorites.

But I knew the Broncos defense was gonna be able to slow them down.

Especially early.

So my favorite play on the board… was to lock in Broncos first half +6.5 as the first leg of my parlay.

And the 14.5 point underdog Jaguars actually


the Bills OUTRIGHT…

In a game that came in 34 points under the total.

It doesn’t GET much easier than that.

There I was…

With over a million dollars potentially on the line…

ALL IN on one of my 3-leg Moonshot parlays…

And I literally didn’t even break a sweat.

(Plus… the $169,747.17 I won 

during the tournament!)



6 figures of winners right there… in around 2 weeks of action.

And the reason I was able to GET to that point is because.

1. I have a RELIABLE method for identifying high-percentage winners.

(Plus The Betting Brain Trust… a collective of world-class bettors who work together WITH me… like my brother Micah Smith & Dave Miller.)

2. Once I IDENTIFY a winner… I use my MOONSHOT BETTING SYSTEM to make the MOST amount of money from EACH win.

Remember… the key here is to EXPLOIT narratives.

Teams (especially underdogs) generally have NARROW paths to victory.

So by ISOLATING their likely path of victory… and betting that specific outcome… you get MUCH better odds.

You still ONLY have to “be right” once… yet you can get paid 2X, 3X, or even 5X as much!

(Which means you need to win LESS often… in order to make a major profit.)

This is where my Moonshot betting system



This is where it becomes a LIFE-CHANGER for you.

This is how you grow your bankroll… FASTER than EVER before.

Because I’m NOT just going to pick winners…

I’m going to pinpoint SPECIFIC NARRATIVES in these games…

And show you how to win 2X, 3X or even 5X MORE money from most of the picks I give you.

Because I don’t want to waste YEARS trying to “grind up” to a reasonable bankroll.

I want to shortcut the process FOR you.

So once we start STACKING a few wins… and put you comfortably in the profits…

We’re going to turn your entire betting life into one big FREEROLL…

And step on the gas… using Correlated Native Plays to make you WAY more money than you’ve EVER made before.

Remember: betting this way is actually SAFER.

Since our average payouts are HIGHER, we don’t even have to win AS OFTEN… in order to make BIG profit.

But when we get hot?

Look out.

Which means:

If you’re a $100 bettor right now…

I can quickly get you to the point… where you’re winning THOUSANDS of dollars per game.

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