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Vertical Jump Training Program

Vertical Jump Training Program
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The Day It ALL Changed…

After High School I headed off to college and played rec ball.

I found a guy whose athleticism was crazy.

I am taking about two handed reverse dunks, head up by the rim type stuff.

I HAD to know what he did for training…

He told me he was a bit of a science geek…

The type of guy that studied scientific studies and “fitness hacks.”

He told me that after hours and hours of research he had put together a training regime…

Specifically designed to increase vertical jump and explosiveness…

And had stumbled upon a formula that got incredible results.

It went against everything taught in the mainstream and his results spoke for themselves.

I told him about my experience and how I gave up basketball my junior year.

How frustrated I was with my lack of results.

He had a similar background, never the most athletic kid but he trained like crazy…

Only to see miniscule results.

That is, of course, until he took matters into his own hands.

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