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Victoria Threatens Owner Who ‘Beat Up’ Their Dog with Legal Consequences | It’s Me or The Dog

Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell meets an owner with a worrying history, can she get to the bottom of this behaviour and turn the dog-owner relationship around, or will she make good on her threats and call for legal action?

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 4 Episode 7

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


86 thoughts on “Victoria Threatens Owner Who ‘Beat Up’ Their Dog with Legal Consequences | It’s Me or The Dog”

  1. The small children literally recoil when Victoria gets close to them or tries to touch them. This tells me the dogs are not the only one who get beat up.

    1. @Mr Beast fan I know they can show their emotions – but unfortunately they go unnoticed unless you observe it or know what you are looking at. Kids can actually tell you why they are scared verbally. If people don’t understand dog’s body language, they can either misread or misinterpret what is going on.

    1. It sounds like one of the lines from I choose you a song from that one movie that I forgot how to spell it’s name it’s about kids getting a new family

  2. The way that poor woman postures and fights a smile when she hears that her husband would get arrested. Makes me think he hits her too

    1. You saw how the girl backs up when Victoria tries to pet her head? like, gently and stuff? She just backed up and threw herself on the couch, she was trying to avoid Victoria… I’m sure those kids were beat up too… And I really hope they’re alright now… 🙁 Really hope he was arrested and the woman and her children in somewhere else…

  3. “There is nothing worse than someone who takes out all their frustration on vulnerable beings”

    So many people need to hear this…

  4. When the kid said brook is an embarrassment to society I immediately knew the dad talks down to her and about her.

    1. @John Smith I totally agree with you.. I don’t think he’s the villain everyone’s making him out to be either… He misses his first did they had to put to sleep.. I think he’s just trying to not get attached to them cause it’s hard on him to lose them.. But he’s 100% wrong for putting his hands on them like that.

    2. menace to society is actually pretty common amongst kids (from what I’ve heard/seen). I’ve heard plenty of kids say it- I even say it lol-

    1. @Michelle Baker agreed. I worked in child protective services as an investigator and only removed one child after they had withdrawals due to substance exposure; and that was a temporary arrangement so the parents could work on their drug use. For most of the job I only told them the truth of their situations and informed them I would be more invasive if they didn’t find ways to protect their children. No one picks reports and says “I’m going to ruin this family” like it’s some sort of game. A lot of families have generational problems that they would never notice because it had been normalized–no matter how destructive and terrible those habits and behaviors were. At the end of the day, we just want to make sure kids are safe, and that parents are doing what they can to protect them and help them be healthy mentally and physically.

    2. @Jacqui thank you for speaking on generational teachings, habits, and patterns. Sometimes a light goes on, in a parent once they are taught different perspectives and skills. Best option should be parents, but as a community we have a responsibility to keep children safe either way.

    3. @Angie Playz I guess it all depends on the county and specific family. Social services saved my life and the lives of my siblings.

    4. Social services destroys many families and childrens lives,I have been through it so if you haven’t you should keep quite. You seem like a “C” average person.

  5. The wife looks pleased and smiles when the dog trainer gives a little threatening to the husband about having him arrested if he hits the Dog again

  6. People really be abusing dogs and then wondering why the dog has behaviour issues. At the very least I’m glad he took Victoria’s words to heart and realised his problems.

    1. @Christian Szeman if you’re thinking about getting a dog look at rescues in your area. All my dogs have been rescues and they’ve been fantastic companions and I’m so glad I could give them a good life after what they went through. There are so many dogs out there that need a good home.

    2. When I was 23 years old a Young nurse asked me to keep an eye on her dog do you live downstairs because he wasn’t feeling well. When I went to check on him it look like he was dying and I didn’t have a car and I called her at work and told her and she started crying and said I can’t leave work. By the time she got home the dog was dead and I found out that her boyfriend kicked him in the ribs and he died from internal bleeding, he was only a young puppy. I’m starting to cry right now, He was beautiful

  7. This seems like a situation where the wife and kids hate the husband but he’s the only thing keeping them financially stable so they just have to put up with his terrible behavior because they can’t survive without him, the wife looks and sounds like she wants to leave so badly but I guess she can’t, what a terrible situation

    1. You just explained my current situation 😂. My parents can’t divorce because everything we own is under my dad’s name and we live in an very expensive city. My dad is an alcoholic and he probably wouldn’t survive without us. We love him but he refuses help.

    2. i’d rather be poor on the street with my mother than living with this man, i wish she’d realize she is enough for them

  8. Victoria hasn’t just saved the dogs, she’s probably saved those kids from a lifetime of psychological issues and violence EMBEDDED in their psyche. It’s incredible what patience, understanding and discipline can do ❤️

  9. “I have a high standard” says the guy with such a low standard of how he treats those around him. This dude tries to come across as tough and macho, but is clearly spineless.

  10. Kayy's - KPOP FF's - SubNewChannel

    Did anyone notice the smile on the wifes face when Victoria said to the husband “I’d have you arrested” she definitely wanted it to happen.

  11. This is also the family where the dad told the teenage son that he needed to “stop being so weak” about having seen someone shot and bleeding to death while walking the dog and having ptsd from it

  12. Victoria: “I would have you arrested”
    Wife: 😶😏
    Hahahaha she knows what her husband is doing ain’t right and she’s sick of it. That’s the I told you so look 😂

  13. That the son is so gentle with the dogs is very impressing considering a lot of parents violence gets “inherited” by their children

    1. Some of us just look at our dads and just actively decide “This is definitely not the person I want to be.”

      Also, outside role models help. My parents were indifferent with our pets, but my grandparents and my neighbor/ babysitter were incredibly respectful of animals, and I learned to find value in that.

    2. For now. Some children don’t mimic the behavior until they have families of their own and then they do what they saw growing up because it’s situational.

    3. The son also wanted that dog only to decide he didn’t want to shoulder the burden of raising it. The dad is likely burned out from his job and doesn’t want to burn himself out more on the dogs. I’ll bet any one of those family members spends more time at home than the dad yet they couldn’t come up with a way to make that pit bull behave.

  14. “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    1. This is so true

      My dad is a narcissist
      Once my dog ran out the gate and I had to run 21 blocks after him and when I got him back my dad threw him with crutches
      I got super mad and told my dad that his behavior wasn’t tolerable (I know I am the child but I hate seeing people hurt dogs) and we got into a huge argument
      Now the dog is always afraid of him and always comes to hide by me when my dad gets mad at something.
      I love this dog with my whole heart and I would stand up against anyone who treats him badly

    2. Just discard some humans which has that kind of behaviour, whether its a male or female. All animals or kids even can not report an adult to the Police for get any justice, so if an adult treated them badly its just shown how low quality of human and how cowards they are.

  15. Watch this vid, and THEN you watch the one where it’s revealed the oldest son suffered a HORRIFICALLY tragic event of someone BEING MURDERED whilst walking the dog Brooke. What does his father do? Belittle him, call him weak, etc. This dude is just FULL of toxic masculinity and clearly needs counseling for his issues….

    1. @Quorthun Sargeras never fails, always a person that gets offended by the term “toxic masculinity”, then writes paragraphs completely missing the point, all the while not even knowing what it means 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. I’m glad Victoria low key brought in a social worker as a “dog” specialist because this family needs one for a multitude of reasons.

    1. Yes that was an obvious and very positive way for therapists to help a family instead of come in blazing split the family put kids in state care and make their lives 10000% worse and probably vulnerable to grooming gangs and goodness knows what. Great call.

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