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What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

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43 thoughts on “What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls”

  1. 5 reasons why pit bulls are the “worst”
    1.They’ll steal your bed
    2.They’ll lick you too much
    3.They’ll make you too happy
    4.They’ll will love you too much
    5.They are too cute
    I have a pit and she is amazing and loving

    1. @Faithfulkid 49 It’s probably harder to take a life than he thinks. Even if the life he’s talking about is labeled as dangerous, it’s still against human morals.

    1. Because police are not around much where I live, I’ve been roaming around, and shooting pit bulls when I see them. It’s part of a plan to eliminate them at a high rate. So far, I myself, am at 109 eliminated in just over 4 months. I have a friend who is well over 400 since the start of last year. We will make our streets safe again! 🙏🙌

    2. @Brandon Harting You are a hero we don’t deserve. You probably saved a dozen lives by your acts of kindness. Bless your heart. May all pit bulls go extinct so children can play freely and the elderly can go for walks on the streets without getting mauled.

    1. All Pitbulls should be destroyed. I’ll be happy to put a fucking bullet in your pitbull’s face for free. That’s what they deserve

    2. He’s scared of the right things. A piece of plastic that might end up polluting a lake or something. Your pit probably cares about the environment, dude!

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I’m not sure why but I have been terribly afraid of dogs for most of my life. The idea of being around a dog, especially one with a reputation like a pit bull, terrified me. Owning one was nowhere on my radar! No way, no how! I had fallen prey to the media stereotype without knowing it was false. Funny how things change. Recently, after nearly two weeks of seeing her around our neighborhood and searching high and low for her owner, we rescued an abandoned pit mix. Believe it or not, she is the only dog I have ever met that I am not scared of! It was an instant connection! She is the most loving, loyal, obedient, and playful dog I have ever met. She is even an inside dog…something I never thought I’d be comfortable with. I find that so many people have preconceived ideas about her when they find out her breed. Even when they meet her and see that she is such a sweetheart, they still feel that she could turn on them at any time. Videos like yours are helping to change that negative mindset, so, thank you again!

  3. My amstaff Isabell is our go to pup to socialize our fosters, easiest dog I’ve ever trained. Super easy to trail train as well, very motivated to please.

  4. I got my pitbull from a shelter, she was 4 years old at the time. 5 years later and she’s still the best dog I’ve ever had.

  5. Paul americanfreedom

    Had a pit run toward me in a parking lot had gotten out of her owners car. The three guys I was with ran, I sat there she came right to me and rubbed up against me to be pet. Wasn’t scared, they are friendly they just get a bad rep because some owners make them mean. You can make any dog mean. I worry more about a chihuahuas than a pit biting me.

    1. @italiic // Dear *PATHETIC* pitbull-worshiping cultist, it does not matter whether or not ALL pitbulls murder children and elderly. What your small pathetic cultist brain needs to understand is that pitbulls brutally murder more children and elderly than ALL the 160+ dog breeds on the planet combined AND they’ve been doing it for more than 50 years straight every single year. The suffering of innocent children and elderly does NOT grant you any magical powers. Stop being a total POS, you *PATHETIC pitbull-worshiping CULTIST.*

    2. @Ryan Alungal bro, calm tf down. it does matter because you claimed that all pitbulls would go after a child or elderly person, i proved that was not the case. accept you were wrong and move on. this is completely pointless because you won’t listen to a word i say, you just want to call people a pit bull cultist when in reality they’re just pointing out a fact. you were wrong, get over it and stop responding.

    3. ​@italiic // Look at you. A stereotypical pitbull-worshiping cultist. So pathetic. Getting all defensive when your arguments are completely shutdown. Just like any other blind cultist when they’re proven wrong. “Facts”. Yeah, right. Let’s see how many kids and elderly get brutally murdered by pit bulls this year. I’d bet it will again be 30+ and obviously more than the victims of all the 160+ dog breeds combined. But, just like last year, you won’t have the courage to face the facts and say things like, “Back in 2010, there was a pit bull who chased away a squirrel from a guy’s lawn and saved his nuts so all the murders are worth it. Herp derp, I’m a stupid pitbull-worshiping twerp. 🤪” No use talking to brain-dead pitbull cultists like you. Go watch some snuff films. Stop wasting my time.

  6. Love this video ! Pitts are really the best breed I’ve ever owned and I’ve had a lot of different breeds in my family ❤️

  7. Having several different pitbulls throughout my life I can say that the one big issue all of them had in common is that they saw themselves as small lap dogs

    1. @King Trawal the pitbull is the dog most abused, the most abandoned and makes up 60% of dog shelter in the US. Thats one of the reasons a lot are wild

  8. I’m so glad there’s vids like these!! I know 5 different families that have always had pit bulls & raised their babies, kids & other animals around them. Always good dogs!!

  9. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

  10. Yeah i owned a bully, shes very smart. Ive been travelling arounf country for a couple of years and have left her with my,parents. I regret leaving her but it aches my heart knowing shes still there unconditionally loving me and being affectionate to me after me having neglected her for a while. I planned to get her adopted but the whole week of preapring to send her to a friend, i was crying so i cancelled. Im back in the house again and decided i bring her with me whereve i go. I will never leave her again. Its so healing to know you have a baby and a protector all in one and they never learn to hate. They just love with all their heart and theyre angels from heaven. I love my bully so much. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I has a friend who had a very very sweet pit bull,until the day she-without provocation-lunged at a toddler and nearly took off his arm. my niece, generally a pit bull defender, has an old english bulldog who was mauled by the neighbor”s pit bull who was off-leash again random without provocation. I am a pediatrician, 30% of serious human bites or other injuries are from pit bulls/mixes in NYC although they are less than 10% of dogs. they are profoundly more likely to attack randomly as opposed to other dogs who attack usually to mistakenly protect their owners, they have been bred to fight over generations and have big heavy duty jaws, Sorry, in this case you are just plain wrong. Not sure I would outlaw them—but be careful careful careful.ak: about this you are wrong, sorry.

  12. Sir, you are extremely good at what you do. Additionally, Pitbull breeds are very loving dogs. Point of interest…. decades ago they were noted as the “babysitter” dog as per there love and protection of children. Check into it.

  13. Had my pitty for 11 years and counting he’s the sweetest most loving loyal submissive cuddle bugg absolute blessing of a dog

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